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cookies for dogies

apple cookies baked for my dog. Did she like it? of course. but how did she know that these cookies are for her?


bells and machine

A dozen of bells are watching you….you look at them and you are wondering – are they going to fall?

this is the belly of a old clock . 39 more words


sunny and bright. zen.

this is my favourite combinations of colours.


The Woods

After viewing all the sterile, minimalist work inside Dia:Beacon I could do no better than to create my own minimalist photographic work outside in their garden.


Famous Cream Song

Robert Ryman

The principal concern of Robert Ryman’s painting can be illuminated by an observation the artist made in the late 1960s, that “there is never a question of what to paint, but only how to paint.” For Ryman, this “how” of painting has always been about what he has described as “getting the paint across”—meaning, literally, getting the paint across the surface, but also, more idiomatically, getting the idea of the painting across to the viewer. 30 more words