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Urgent Flare at Mount Sinai in the Rain

From inside the window of the Urgent Care center, looking out. 7 more words



I saw this through a stairwell window outside the first Paula Cooper Gallery’s Pfeiffer installation.


The Serpent's Birth Canal

A few steps down the block from the Pfeiffer installation I saw Ernesto Netos’ installation, The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth to Humanity.


Ecriture: Black and White

Across the street from Gagosian, at the Tina Kim Gallery, Park Seo-Bo had a series of interesting Black and White (and Grey) paintings. There were no prices on any of the items or in the catalog. 40 more words


Night Lights

An apartment window on Central Park West. I shot this in auto-aperture mode with my new Fuji 14mm f2.8 lens. It was while shooting it that I noticed the lens was defaulting to f7.1 (and boosting the ISO to compensate). 40 more words


nice light...

sometimes is good to practice in home.