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PHOTO: Frozen Waves

They seem frozen liquid.

They are from this world, but also from other horizons.

Waiting to be discovered.

Still, it’s just the human-machine collaboration. My photo camera has become my prosthesis. 27 more words


Photo: Dancing in the Rain

The fast-food tables were deserted. It was raining cats and dogs.

I saw a solitary ashtray collecting raindrops, and its chipped saucer struggling to navigate those ephemeral rivers.


The Kingdom of H2O

Dancing in the rain.

With an umbrella.

And some cobwebs.

What an experience! 17 more words


Bending Straight Lines

Photography is not just serious stuff like framing, angles, perspectives and (in)correct exposure. It’s more!

It’s that child curiosity: WHAT IF?!

It’s about knowing rules to break them… 31 more words


Circus in town!

Crowded… people laughing, screaming… hot air in the circus tent… and me, with a small camera.

Changing a few manual settings… ready… steady… shoot!

Canon Powershot A60



Long exposure [4]

Big Ben in a nutshell :))

Indoor lamp with fiber optics.

Canon Powershot A720IS

Long exposure: 1 second