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The Fire Station

Road to the firestation, Doha, Qatar

The Fire Station (www.firestation.org.qa) is really the rebirth of the old firstation in Doha into an artist residence with a gallery. 116 more words

Arts & Architecture

Thrill Seeker

For me, the thrill in photography is chasing that unusual subject, composing it in the viewfinder, and pressing the shutter. I also get excitement from first seeing my images on the monitor, as I did in the past with film, seeing my prints come to life in the darkroom. 31 more words



“Adventures into the great unknown.
Featuring undoubted will,
starring stubborn determination.”



Imagine dancing faces on a row of teeth.

syntax is your enemy,
Liquor is your destiny,
This rat on your face an epiphany.
Like a biscuit built out of rotten strawberry.


Space Cadet

Hand-cut brass ring

Size 7 brass band, 1.5″x1″


Project 0.2 Drawing in short and long bursts

This exercise was both much larger than the previous exercises and I worked standing up which made it more physical. Working in short bursts to design the “interior” of the picture was quite fluid and I liked working across the paper to make a geometric shape with areas of more intense lines. 70 more words