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Black and White period

Today I have a geometric work of my past work of 2015 that was done almost exclusively in black and white. So for the next few days I’ll show you what I think are the best of these. They are non-objective. Here goes:


Cold Spring Morning On The Lake

The car windows and grass were covered in frost and the sunrise failed to deliver an array of color, but the first time out in the kayak this year offered many delights on the cold spring morning.   18 more words


Finding Momentas

It was a moment of clarity. A moment where you understood the entire scheme of things going on around in the nearby of your thoughts. It tells you all about the big and the tiny details that you were thinking about the few hours before this moment. 690 more words


700. North Street, loft conversions

Sometimes collaborations really work well, and this beauty between Decay and John D’oh is quite a beauty. Half way along North Street, I first saw it during Upfest (it was a weekend and the shutters were down) although I don’t think it was sprayed for the festival. 54 more words



“Painting the wall red, that’s all I recall of my pappy.” The traumatised patient told the therapist, holding back tears.

The therapist gave a stiff nod, 25 more words