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In my photo slide show called Lips, you’ll see my modern abstract photo titled “Lips” that has red matting and a blue frame. You’ll also see a photo of the back of the frame and three other photos that represent “Lips” in different modern abstract forms that I thought you might enjoy viewing. 175 more words

Baker City


Thought I would take a break from the gritty realism I have been posting and try something different. This image was originally from a 35mm film print taken on my Minolta X-700 (vintage 1987).


First post! A little abstract piece in watercolour and ink

I had a lot of fun with this one. I always lay down the colour first, and then use the natural contours and boundaries between colours to guide the linework.


Hope is Near

Is abstract form mixed with oil pastels and pencil colours as a combination.



+ Stereo Support on all modules.

+ Record to file functionality.

+ Preset Support.

+ Stereo Output.

+ Stereo Buffers.

+ Customisable EQ Filters.


Sun & Skies

An Airplane contrail bisects the setting sun.