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How thin is too thin?

I recently had a conversation with a coworker about where the logic belonged in a piece of code.  I felt that his dao* (data access object) layer had too much logic.   441 more words

Code Quality


This is the fourth principle of  object oriented programming. Abstraction is a concept related to polymorphism. Abstraction in programming means declaring the methods that will be defined in derived class. 363 more words


The Inexpressible

Painting is a thing that precludes language. To experience a painting is to allow oneself to let go of the need to grasp at knowledge, disarming the informational matrix in the face of the painting’s happening. 232 more words


Metal Hut in Ma Wan Village | 馬灣鐵皮屋

2016 | mixed media on canvas 混合媒介布本 | 70 x 90 cm 公分

People in Ma Wan used to form their house with woods and pieces of metals. 46 more words


“The writer is his own fate.”  Andre d’Aquino