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Studio 365: Day 87

Palette 27.3.15

The palette may be ephemeral but once cleaned…

…its digital record becomes the source for…

Abstract 28.3.15


Storyboard or Abstraction?

Carrying on from my abstract illustration experiments, i decided to make an artists book in response to a sea poem. The poem i chose talked about how the poet missed the sea whilst living in the city. 121 more words

Abstraction experiment

This series of images is a visual narrative of the thoughts i have been having about abstract art place in illustration (also about what actually is abstract illustration). 172 more words

Semi-Abstract Illustration

With this piece i have attempted to illustrated A sea poem. What separates this from my other work is that i have introduced abstraction into my work. 57 more words

Robert Szot Relentlessly Pursues the Seduction of Lyrical Abstract Painting

For fourteen years, Robert Szot has been a constant in the fluctuating Brooklyn art scene. The artist, who arrived in New York from Texas as a twenty-five year old and has since felt the pressures of New York’s stage, embodies honesty in his work. 2,283 more words

Installation Concept Notes For A Future and Not Yet Fully Realized Exhibition.

Installation view of a painting in progress and a sculpture in progress in my studio.

Peter’s Way. Oil, watercolour, collage, on Arches 500gsm CP. 75 x 55cm. 19 more words


Order Interrupted

Primary colors are pleasing. Look: red, blue and yellow. Plus two secondaries, orange and green. Plus black and white. This is a pleasing painting. The colors are luminous and the composition is stable and orderly. 206 more words

Technique And Demo