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A thousand paper cranes.

Shades of colours:
yellows, blues, greens, and pinks;
on a string they dangle.
One by one,
they fill the room.
These one thousand
paper cranes. 22 more words

The Abstractions.


Inside paddocks where boxes haven’t been invented

With skies dancing around, clouds becoming blue from mixing with shade

Arms holding still hearts as ideas connect… 168 more words


Art by Fran McNamara: National Art Exhibit (USA)

Artist Portfolio Magazine

National Art Exhibit

Fran McNamara

My paintings are abstract expressions that explore a sense of depth and atmosphere in organic elements. I have always studied nature and am inspired not just by reading about it, but by having my own encounters in the wild. 188 more words


New Zealand: Like something by Salvador Dalí

You know those Surrealist paintings by Salvador Dalí with melting watches and other strange shapes? Well, that’s what I’m reminded of here with this type of hard orange-brown seaweed that I encountered on beaches along various parts of New Zealand’s shoreline. 122 more words


Familar Quilts

Fought for comfort and spilt the cup

Didn’t work out because pillow plus fire is equal to ash

Sick over here but a blooming flower a few kilometres away… 106 more words