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Photos and Realism

Perhaps the reason that I love photography so much is its inherent realism. Unlike a painting or a sculpture, photography isn’t exactly imitation in the same respect; every photograph from your senior portrait to outlandish abstractions was created when the camera captured what was in front of it, although this is not to devalue the worth of other fine arts. 287 more words

Where Creativity Works

Black Dot Anthropocentrism

This is the first stage of a painting.  Notice that it repeats the same V-shape over and over.

In the next stage, a black shape was added (1). 375 more words

Technique And Demo

Abstraction Barriers : Boundaries Giving Base To Data Abstraction

You can read about data abstraction in my previous post ,in this blog I’ll talk about the abstraction barriers.When we represent a rational numbers in terms of pair with operations like make-rat and selectors like numer and denom .Basic idea behind… 308 more words

Procedural Abstraction

Definition of ‘Abstraction’ : the quality of dealing with ideas rather than events.

You can read about Abstraction and data abstraction in my previous blog post… 270 more words

Structural And Interpretation Of Computer Programs

Data Abstraction

We are here gonna talk about a key feature of all programming languages, building abstractions by combining simple data objects to form compound data. Same as defining procedures gives us means to think at a higher level, building compound data lets us operate on complex forms of data without having to think of the underlying complexity. 249 more words