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Studio diary: 20/02

Painting offers a way of working through an idea. Especially when working through a monochromatic palette without the distraction of colour. Even mindless painting without a clear agenda or goal insight will often generate something poignant or worthy of further exploration. 644 more words


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From Vogue

“I think the best word is abstract,” Eggleston said. “Bach was not trying to tell a story with his music. And that’s attractive to me. I don’t know why.”

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Book of Excavations: #27 Butterfly

2016  17″X 22″   Collage, acrylic, ink, pencil, pastel,metallic paint, tape, mica and glitter.on paper


Studio day

Since Christmas I’ve been working on a series of drawings that merge elements of geometry with the more chaotic side of nature. Nature, you could say is being checked and controlled by hard edges being imposed on it. 30 more words

Artist a Day Challenge (17): Mindfulness and Modernism with Jennie C. Jones

Many years ago I took up the practice of Yoga during three important periods of my life.  When I first moved away from home for college, when I moved to Los Angeles 2001 and when I moved out of west L.A. 480 more words