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Kala Phrase

nye ta taye uene pako tsumpatlehye tleki ka
reason 2sg concerning boat new buy-REL-REC boast Q
Why are you boasting about the new boat you just bought? 35 more words

Absurd Rain on Concrete

Absurd Rain

When absurd rain falls, it falls on concrete like
discrete drops of isolated tears and pitter-splatter,
not discreet in its surd surly washes and cries

— Douglas Gilbert

Douglas Gilbert

You won't understand!

“How are you?”


“Just good?”

“Yup, good”

“You know; you could say more about your life”

“No, I am fine”

There is so much I want to say but no words form – I am speechless. 567 more words


New Kala word

kamya – stun; shock; bewilder

Taken from: 깜짝

My first holiday in college life

Kombanwaaaa hollaaa.. Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Hei blog,long time no see.. Sekarang gw lagi libur kuliah menuju semester 2.. Dengan ipk semester 1 sebanyak 3.22.. Alhamdulillah.. Dan gw dijatahin sama kampus max. 244 more words


Snowpiercer - Film Review

When several angry passengers in third class get tired of the food, Captain America tries to upgrade them to first class, but Ed Harris sends Tilda Swinton, an army of axe-wielding henchmen and one unlucky fish to stop them while a post-apocalyptic ice age rages outside. 22 more words


From the mouth of the prophet Jagger and other 100 word vignettes

From the mouth of the prophet Jagger

A cleaner who saw and ate

The leftovers from a rock star’s banquet

Was told by another

The food he ate was the rock star’s own… 586 more words