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Snowpiercer - Film Review

When several angry passengers in third class get tired of the food, Captain America tries to upgrade them to first class, but Ed Harris sends Tilda Swinton, an army of axe-wielding henchmen and one unlucky fish to stop them while a post-apocalyptic ice age rages outside. 22 more words


Seriously Could You Get Something Done!

I was excited about the Bosa signing (well the idea he was singing with the Chargers) but I am tired of listening to the speculation, will he sign, the idiotic wannabe news reporters giving there teams a chance or glimmer of hope to trade for him and every moronic comment from people who have no clue what is going on. 676 more words

Dia, Si Tanpa Nama

Jadi, begini.

Ada yang harus diungkapkan, beragam pikiran yang sudah lama ada dibenak. Terpendam, terkungkung, kupaksa diam. Hingga akhirnya, saat ini tak terbendung lagi.

Pusing aku dibuatnya. 589 more words


Tak Seperti Yang Diharapkan

Assalamualaikum wr.wb

Konbanwa minnaaa…

Udah lama ya gak nulis di blog lagi.. Sudah berjaring laba-laba sepertinya.. Wkwkwk. Setelah semua keinginan gw dari lulus un dan mendapat PTN gagal gw sempat sedikit frustasi atas apa yang terjadi tahun 2016 ini.. 418 more words


On the move

The movement never stops,
the trees and the crops,
they continue to grow,
even with all we know.

British Airways, Will You Marry Me?

British Airways (“BA”) you are one of a kind. Not many people are fans of the airlines these days, but you are special. Your beautiful spirit has captured my heart  (to the extent possible when one is crammed into a tiny seat with no legroom for 10 hours). 450 more words


This Overvalued Idea.

Muppet babies:
They make your dreams come true.

So says the legend.
But is it true?

This is like a voodoo doll-
But for benevolent ends. 643 more words