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Therapy: A Monologue

A Therapists Office.

‘Good afternoon Mr. Leaning.’

‘Good afternoon.’

‘So… any breakthroughs, have you made progress, how was your holiday by the way Mr. Leaning and the wife?’ 170 more words


Therapy: A Breakthrough

A Therapists Office.

‘I’m afraid I sense, rather strongly, that you are sexually attracted to me Mrs. Paris.’


‘There’s no need to apologise’

‘I’m not-’ 253 more words



don’t be tied
to foolish pride

the ego must hide
in the nide

look inside
where she sighed

never break stride
ignore the snide


Kala Phrase

하 거 서느 하요 바토허
ha ke senu hayo patlohe
3s O hair 3s.GEN brush-NEC
She needs to brush her hair.


Amal Phrase

האדאך כאניעשוך אשרשבויאשוא
ܗܐܕܐܟ ܟܘܢܝܥܫܘܟ ܐܫܪܫܒܘܝܐܫܘܐ

hadak kanyeshuk ashreshbuyashwa
accident-COM burn-PST-1pl roast-PPP-flesh-ACC
We accidentally burned the steak.

I’ve been experimenting with using the Hebrew alphabet for Amal. 15 more words