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Beautiful Stallion

A magnificent piece of art of a beautiful stallion whilst the sun sets.

I was working on another MS Paint masterpiece when a friend made a suggestion. 31 more words



To indicate specific places where either something happens, or something resides there are a few affixes which modify both verbs and nouns.

-mo = place , from mo – location; place; site… 177 more words

Kala Phrase

ta nye kohumpo ke’e atsu ke yotsatepe pukuhe
2SG because fog-bad so.much thick O face-shield wear-should
The smog is so thick that you’d better wear a respirator. 15 more words

New Kala Word

tloho – fall behind; lag; backward; retrogress

Taken from: 落後

Smart Rules: the Miata Rule

Never trust a man driving a Miata. Dunno why that is, just that every man I’ve ever come across who drove a Miata was shady.


#Black Protest

I may not say anything new in comparison to what has already been said in regards to the new abortion legislation project prepared by the government in Poland. 1,016 more words


Humans of my Brain 5.0 

Me: Do you find it comfortable to be a woman in your position?

Her: Hey! What do you mean? Just because I’m a woman, I can’t live in difficult conditions? 143 more words