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Pet Peeve #257

The name of this character….

….is The Creature.

(Actually, he was unnamed but referred to as “the creature” …)


Suddenly, Mother Theresa: Writing Religion with Comedic Insight

Part of our 18 days of Tesseracts, “Mom and Mother Theresa” by Candas Jane Dorsey was published in Tesseracts 9 and plays with religion in a comedic–and yet still poignant–way.   2,559 more words


Surprisingly Slick

Space the Johnny Bill Landscaping Company,
we have no need for such expenditures
at this time anyway. Just leave them
on the curb, someone will pick them up eventually. 25 more words


Attention Hogs

Twittering smitters
done tapped out
onto my tarmac

while I had
the marbles cooling
and the pink daffodils
yearning for something
like the Sun (though… 48 more words


Un bancor...

Un bancor es un om cual presta a tu se parapluve cuando la sol brilia ma el vole lo a retro en la momento ce la pluve comensa. 27 more words

Smelling the end zone

Baseball season has ended with a melancholy whiff, and football season is upon us like a grand piano falling eight floors onto a poodle. Let’s see that again Bob. 582 more words


[Surprise] Lay Birthday

Zhang Yixing, EXO Member, Surprise cast
‘Ooh, hari ini ulangtahun ku? 1,453 more words