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The Melody of Philosophy

Music created
The world I live in
A strange place
Of every possibility

Spiritual 45 more words


Girl talk

Philosopher is right” said Deutsch Fraulein dreamingly. “All I need is a warm little house with a vege garden and my personal peace, and then I will simply watch the world go by.” 44 more words


New Kala Word

tese – endure; to suffer; hardships

Taken from: teseka

They Did 9-11, I Promise

You don’t often hear stories

About giant sea cucumbers

Who dabble in intrigue

And paint by numbers.

You don’t hear the stories

Of the cukes of the night, 13 more words


Kala Phrase

ota na’amyo motloko
father 1PL.EXCL.POSS machine-AG
Our father is a mechanical engineer.

ikotse ke motlo nya panonke tsusu
PROX-factory O machine for woven.fabric-NEG focus
This factory specializes in producing unwoven fabric machines.

Philosopher's thoughts

Foreign Correspondent has been looking for Philosopher all week. He wanted to find out what he thought about the political shift we currently see the world over. 46 more words


Fate and it's games

​” How diabolic is your game fate?

How unfair the games you play?

I traded my soul for the ink

Yet every story ends the same way.” 199 more words