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Squeeze, Part 2. Of 3. Or of 4. Whatever.

That’s right…”Squeeze” is starting to turn into a magnum opus or something. Anyway this is part 2 (of 3 parts…I think. It might turn into 4. 141 more words


Trains are raining frogs on sluggish fields
Between recyclable lampposts. Cars
Become merry watermelons with seeds on fire.
They smile afterwards like invented children
Retired gods forbid you to discover.


Words of Advice

Mothers don’t coddle your children
And send them off early to bed
With a sure solid thump
On the back of the rump
And for good measure one round the head… 136 more words


It Is Plain for All to See: A closer look at gender

by Robert Lutz

“I see the lack of gender justice in our world as a real tragedy. I have written several stern ‘think pieces… 167 more words


What do you mean?

“Hang on,” said Nitpicker to Sunny “did you really mean what you said yesterday?”

“What would that be?” asked Sunny who could barely remember what he had for breakfast yesterday, let alone what he said. 198 more words


It's their turn...

More shenanigans from the political front…

Time to diss the Dems, it seems…

Of course, with a guy like Trump, it kinda always devolves back to him. 19 more words


Is it Worth ?

Malam ini tampak tenang, aku tidak tau apakah diluar bintang terlihat atau bulan tampak. Seharian ini aku hanya mengurung diri di dalam kamar kecil ini. Malam ini, sesekali terdengar deru kendaraan lalu lalang di jalan raya. 275 more words

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