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They Burned down Their Lives Around Them

Image: Aarneus

Mac the Simpleton watched the leaves fall, shaking themselves loose from the trees. But it was actually the wind, he thought. Leaves can’t shake. 184 more words


Look into the Abyss and You will find Yourself

Once upon a time there was a man who was so vain it became a mental condition, eventually causing his demise. He was a man who thought he was better than anyone else, whose deeds he greatly exaggerated, and who felt he was so unique that he did not deserve to die. 1,221 more words



Tangible truths and vague expressions

Rational ramblings and apprehensive fears

She was free of all in her hallucinations

Rising for dignity, she knew animals don’t bite but humans do… 37 more words


New Kala word

muhi – /muːɦi/ – environment; surrounding area; ecology

Taken from: محيط

When We Ask "Why?"

Kids are always asking the “why” question. “Why should I eat my vegetables” or “why can’t I watch T.V”? As we get older, we tend to adopt the more popular mantra of “just do this” or “it’s for your own good”. 224 more words


A Villain

Astrologers bode he would be a leper
He grew up to be an excruciatingly callous embodiment
Full of fissures and scars
He would give wince to whoever saw him… 61 more words

The Drunk Pancake by Blair Gaulton 

The Drunk Pancake
Drunk pancake falls;
arrested for littering
‘n’ illegal parking.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)​Mar 2017