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The Sunny Absurd

Albert Camus’ Stranger (1942) has one protagonist, the first person narrator called Meursault, and one antagonist: the sun. The book is originally in French; I quote from a translation by Stuart Gilbert.  906 more words

Literary Quote

New Kala word

tsite – /t͡ʃiːte/ – deserve; be worthy of; merit

Taken from: 值得


It’s not the tongue.

Never was.

It’s them damned,

Yes, them dammed words.

So literal we are.

We think that

Harelip holds just the tongue… 256 more words


chews like a cow.

I have a very vivid memory of the day I verbalized one of my pet peeves. Mom, Janine, and I were sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast (I’m pretty sure it was cereal). 215 more words


Kala Phrase

어하 더 가봄 히갸 하요 바그부
eha te kapom hikya hayo pakupua
/ɛːɦa te kaːpom ɦiːkʲa haːjo pakuːpʷa/
P.3s from relationship-PL old 3s.GEN cudgel-PFV
She was battered about from her previous relationships.

New Kala word

neha – /nɛːɦa/ – butcher; slaughter; massacre

Taken from: nex and náʼáʼah

The Psychedelic cabbage shirt or how a Warthog turned out to be rather tasty

It has no beginning. Looking back it was and looking forward it is. Suppose one has to give it a name. How about Ingnoth. That will do. 2,127 more words