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Confronting the Absurd: A Stream of Consciousness

I try not to think about how everything is meaningless and every effort is futile and understanding the Universe amounts to understanding an amalgamation of random chances and how the Universe doesn’t care about you because you are not even a blip on its radar, you’re dust, less than dust, and you just happen to be here but it doesn’t mean anything that you are here; you’ve no purpose, there is no master plan, there’s no “supposed to” about how things happen, they just happen and you have to deal with it because by curse or blessing you exist and you’ve got this life and it doesn’t matter what you do with it but you’ve got to do something because even doing nothing is doing something and you just have to pretend that something has meaning in your random chance of an existence because if you don’t you’ll just be bitter and heartbroken and you might as well kill yourself but that would also fail to have meaning but at least then you wouldn’t have to deal with the hopelessness and meaningless that was your random existence which is not fair but that’s Life because Chance isn’t fair, it’s just Chance. 248 more words

5.28.17 dream haiku

She deals me a hand
of blank cards, then


A Tale Told by an Idiot

Through my very humble readings of literary criticism, I came to understand that literature, as a complete body of human production, can have three major types of characters: tragic, comic and ironic. 1,213 more words

This one's not so bad.

This one’s not so bad, Officer Prill thought. Curious thing with the jumpers; either they would explode on impact, or just bounce of the ground and look fine. 1,583 more words


When You are Happily Absurd

There is an idea that happiness is found in absurdity, which is the thin line of realization that a man is apart from and together with the world. 679 more words