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Wile E. Coyote watches secretly from a window.

Wile E. Coyote was spotted this morning peering secretly from a window in downtown San Diego. Dressed in business attire, which was almost certainly a clever disguise, the patient cartoon character seemed to be waiting for his breakfast: The Road Runner. 114 more words

Rivers of Blood Orange Sorbet

It wasn’t always like this, a veritable haven for the micro-biotic Mafioso of the lower East End. A few years ago there was no such thing as a man’s legging, now it has its own abbreviation and slew of balding diminutive models. 1,630 more words


It gets worse

“Hang on,”  said Monkey, who had just arrived at the scene. ” Did you say, you disappeared? We thought you had been taken hostage!” 86 more words


Not my fault

Foxy Lady hung her head and mumbled “you can’t reason with Top Dog.”

“We all know that,” said Benevolent King, “he just makes up stories as he pleases. 44 more words


A Special Room

they should have
a special room
in life for people like me

a room
for people who wonder
am i crazy
or are they

a sign on the door could say… 35 more words


Humans of My Brain 10.0

Above is a file photo of Mr. Lick My Tooth.

Him: Hey man!

Me: I told you I’m not going to lick your fucking tooth. Go away. 130 more words