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Dear Academic: I Want Society’s Money Back

Recently, I came across something horrifying: Buffy studies. Remember Joss Whedon’s cult show from 1997–2003, Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I do. I watched it and enjoyed it (as well as the spinoff, … 943 more words


An Absurd Question by Blair Gaulton

An Absurd Question
Do you know anyone
whose dream it is; to be a jellyfish
that can juggle bowling balls?
Me neither.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Oct 2015


Three Throws Over

So I’m standing over on first base after taking my base on balls, and the pitcher just keeps eyeballing me from the mound. He’s looking over at the leadoff I’m taking for at least fifteen seconds before the umpire has to call time and remind the pitcher that the man on first base is not supposed to get into his head. 151 more words



Clouds of gun powder fill the air.
Knees covered in bruises. And arms with cuts.
A battle to find a good book to read.
I’ll just have a seat.



… or is it?


by Joe Buonfiglio

“You know you have narcolepsy, right?” she says as casually as one might go over the potential movie options for viewing on TV as the smell of burnt popcorn from the microwave oven slowly fills the air. 1,047 more words

Afraid Knot

everything is
unravelling and I’m at
the end of my rope

© Robin Hodge 2015


Designed to Pop

There’s a spring down under the tunnel
made of some metal alloy, designed
to pop under pressure and relieve
the night watchmen of their duties… 90 more words