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Kala Phrase

ke tsaka na’amyo nya nusuko tanyaye ma yena na’amyo uasiye
O house 1PL.EXCL.POSS by steal-AG break-PST and money 1PL.EXCL.POSS take-PST
Bandits broke into our house and stole our money. 15 more words

Rules of thumb

So often we hear about a person of supreme talent who squanders a golden opportunity because of a problem with opioids, steroids or Sigmund Freud’s slip. 635 more words


The Fairies made me do it

Seventy miles an hour, signs say fifty but fuck it, who’s going to see, it’s the middle of the afternoon, it’s raining and fuck it. John was running late, he said to his client that’d he’d be there for two, little did he account for the grid system of Milton Keynes being congested on account of the equal rights for goats parade taking place that afternoon. 1,536 more words


Humans of My Brain 6.0

Me: How old are you now?

Her: 21

Me: And since when have you been smoking cigarettes?

Her: Since ninth grade. My first cigarette was really memorable because that was also the day I lost my last tooth. 200 more words


Kala Phrase

ya tsaya | na ke yalem nayo kayopua
VOC damn | 1SG O key-PL 1SG.POSS lose-PFV
Oh no, I’ve lost my key!

impa’a malahaye
PROX-film bad-AUG-PST
This movie was awful.

Beautiful Stallion

A magnificent piece of art of a beautiful stallion whilst the sun sets.

I was working on another MS Paint masterpiece when a friend made a suggestion. 31 more words



To indicate specific places where either something happens, or something resides there are a few affixes which modify both verbs and nouns.

-mo = place , from mo – location; place; site… 177 more words