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it begins

failing all society
stomping on propriety
grin and take
not real but fake
forgoing the norm
but for his own sake

New Kala word

totsi – investment; to invest

Taken from: 投資

Meh, Duh

Have you ever wondered if people like you? Because, they don’t seem to. Cheer up, though. This could be life’s way of telling you to forget about those peckerwoods and check out that new bunch of people down the road. 598 more words



There is so much I
Want to say.

I do want to.

So I do.

But, damn.

Double dayymmn.

Wants ain’t important.
Needs are.
They know that- 89 more words


Skitter Skitter Bang bang

Image: Pixabay

They were speaking, in different languages.

They were mumbling, murmuring, rumbling.

I merely skittered around on the floor, trying to avoid the thunder of tree trunks falling everywhere, to the pulse of ambient sound. 114 more words


Kala Phrase

ha nya tohyo ke hoyom hayo pinta
3sg BEN choose O friend-PL 3sg.POSS discreet
She is discreet in choosing her friends.

tsuasisu kyotanko ma totsiko tsumunko… 36 more words