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.whenever  i  look back

there’s always a stranger

instincts  with crocodile teeth

indulge my obscurity

there’s always . always a stranger

.queer isn’tit howe getalong… 88 more words

Kala phrase

뷰 바나 마 브나 사우 거 토하 냐 자미 언거하
pue pana ma puna saua ke tloha nya tsami enkeha
/pʷe paːna ma puːna saːwa kɛ t͡ɬoːha ɲa t͡saːmi eᵑkeːɦa/ 24 more words

Scaramanders Ahoy!

Image: fotoerich (pixabay)

The night was fraught with tension, as young Bucks and old Cents streamed through the Iron Pass, seeking a better home away from Wallet. 251 more words


National Tooth Fairy Day – August 22, 2017

How to Celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

Ask yourself why we lie to children. Is it to soften the eventual realization that life is full of pain and sorrow? 348 more words

Questionable Advice & Information

Four guys with Uzis

Q. Hello. Ray, here, at Paranoia Check where we say to the unzipped, the unglued, the madly awry, your crackers, your nuts, your bananas deep-fried: “If you see something, say something.” And remember: … 637 more words


Tloko glyph

pana – /paːna/ – rain

reminiscent of Han Character 雨

The glyph on the left is the ‘epigraphic’ version, the middle is the ‘text’, and the right is the ‘handwritten’. 12 more words

game, set, match

it is starting to begin
the sun is hiding again
I feel it move across my skin
the clouds become thin
let the fireflies in… 13 more words