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A New City

The dream: I was in Bombay – also called the city of dreams in India – for some project which I don’t remember of now. I meet these popular comedians on the local bus. 585 more words


New Kala word

teku – /tɛːku/ – underestimate; underrate; undervalue

Taken from: dīgū

fodder for pharaohs

we’re sniffing fried rainbows and snacking on tadpoles while contemplating underground balloons
can we stop for a moment?
there might be worthy topics that haven’t been flatulent yet… 42 more words

The Beast and the White Crocodile

The Dream: I am going to get married day after tomorrow and I am not okay with it. It is an arranged marriage with someone I played with in my childhood. 519 more words


THE KAFKIAN LEVITICUS (The Book of the Kafkaesque Law)

an excerpt from The Kafkian Leviticus

1. If the defendant chooses to defend him/herself with silence, and is intoxicated, he/she shall drink until he/she regurgitates and begins summoning his/her mother. 695 more words


They Burned down Their Lives Around Them

Image: Aarneus

Mac the Simpleton watched the leaves fall, shaking themselves loose from the trees. But it was actually the wind, he thought. Leaves can’t shake. 184 more words