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Kremlin: Trump associates’ peace plan for Ukraine ‘absurd’

WASHINGTON — The Kremlin said Monday that the Russian government does not know anything about a Ukraine peace plan crafted by an opposition Ukrainian lawmaker and two of President Donald Trump’s associates. 318 more words

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Kala Phrase

ke kema hayo ma’a yenamo uekunko
O employment 3sg.POSS with money-place review-PROG
His employment with the bank is under review.

naha tsemaye
river overflow-PST
The river overflowed. 20 more words

New Kala word

uye – from time to time; now and then; occasionally

Taken from: ǒuyī

Snowpiercer - Film Review

When several angry passengers in third class get tired of the food, Captain America tries to upgrade them to first class, but Ed Harris sends Tilda Swinton, an army of axe-wielding henchmen and one unlucky fish to stop them while a post-apocalyptic ice age rages outside. 22 more words


Fundamentalist Nihilism

This is probably going to be a long one: brace yourself.

Seventh-Day Adventism, the religious system of my formative years, is a little oddball. Perhaps not quite as oddball as Mennonites, who are unmistakable even to an untrained eye. 1,941 more words



What did you just say?

I thought

I heard, you

utter a word or two, but

then I fell asleep, not having

the option of remaining in your… 210 more words


Kala Phrase

na ke nam nya yomatli opuapane tlapua
1sg O 1pl for tomorrow finish-ABIL-SUG reckon
I reckon we should be able to finish tomorrow.

itlapua tomen… 21 more words