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Hai, Lia!

First of all, thanks buat Tata (truwita) yang udah nge-tag. Thanks juga buat Kak Put yang udah jadi pionir game ini :)

  1. What kind of insect is Lia most annoyed of?
  2. 541 more words

I am ... Velocity


It means nothing.  It means nothing precisely because it happens constantly.  And more constantly than ever before, if that makes any sense.  Hear me out.   68 more words


On the verge

your insipid inequities infect the very air
they linger on our souls as manure does our boots
you quarrel and you gripe, moan and groan… 54 more words

Review: The Stranger by Camus

This was my first attempt to read something from Camus and to be quite honest it wasn’t an afflicted experience.

One of the first thing that the entire story suggest is the existentialism as Meursault is questioning his life at some point but also not. 257 more words


Kenapa Satu Belas?

Yah walaupun gak ada yang baca *nangisss* ane sesekali harus posting disini biar gak mubadzir. 148 more words


An optimist and a pessimist meet in the middle of a post apocalyptic wasteland.

‘You said you were heading east towards the mountains.’


‘Why?’ 259 more words



Two art critics are looking at a blank canvas. They have strange looks on their faces and pose like intellectuals.

‘I absolutely just love the aesthetic charm.’ 201 more words