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I killed my wife but my son never questioned about it….

One day, he asked, “Why does mom always sit on your back?”



Kata Pertama

Entah sudah berapa kali aku menulis di blog—bukan blog ini yang aku maksud, tentunya—tapi entah kenapa aku selalu dibingungkan dengan kata pertama yang harus aku pakai sebagai sambutan dalam sebuah post. 397 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 242: The Cat Sat on the Mat

The day is where the rain has falling in time with the hat on the cat that sat on the mat one time, although the mat was actually a boiling death pit of lava and the cat that was on the mat that was not actually a mat very slowly and dramatically sunk to its death as lava is hot and the only, proper way to die in a boiling death pit of lava is to sink slowly and dramatically, as there is no other way to die when you die in a boiling lava pit of death. 435 more words


Play Own Part

Silence is the reward
For not speaking up
When it mattered 102 more words



careful being so bold
while your words are sold
better to wisely hold
your tongue in the cold
and keep from seeming cantankerously old

There's Nothing to See Here

To the astonishment of everyone around, there’s nothing to see here. Go back to what you were doing. Sure, it wasn’t that important, but more important than a non-existent  270 more words