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Salt Spray and Low-Hanging Fruit

Don’t sever all ties
with the teeter totter land
we used to call home,
we may need to return
at some point and beg
to have our jobs back. 123 more words


Your Life's Comfort

Half off everything in the store
is what you told me, and that’s
what I expect from this event.

Either you don’t understand me
or you want me to do something… 90 more words


Politically Correct Time

I’m tethered to this
tomato-making harlequin,
as though I deserve
this form of punishment.

I didn’t even do anything
other than invent
my own form of potato masher. 75 more words


Gliding in Surrender

I dealt with the beltway
on my own terms, and it took
to the sky as does
a bird of grand proportions

(though not so grand as to… 28 more words


Under the Roots

Never get an arrogant person
in your headlights, or you’ll
be looking at some mean times
ahead of you. Scarcity and heavy
lumbering grizzly bears will find you… 49 more words


Absurd Thought of the Day Oct 7th 2015 by Blair Gaulton

Absurd Thought of the Day Oct 7th 2015
Convincing a butterfly to compose a symphony for a kazoo while doing a stunt with downhill skis.
(C)BJG(Blair Gaulton)Oct 2015


Jawaban dari Semua Pertanyaan Kalian

Selamat hari Rabu semuanya, kali ini kita akan seru – seruan dikit di blog. Gue sendiri juga bingung dapat ide cicingan kayak gini, tapi demi menghibur kalian para manusia – manusia sok tegar. 1,520 more words