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Love note: Eat puke!

Love to me is
when I said I’d feed off anyone’s hand
and I didn’t mean yours
So I say I love you because I think… 98 more words


Song of the Picker-pock

Out on a walk, a Picker-pock
Was searching high and low
For mischief he did alway seek
When out about he’d go.

This day was different; Picker-pock… 85 more words


Blog, Oh Blog Post


I’m your blog post. Allow me to take you on a fantasy ride.

Or perhaps you were hoping for a soft conversational bit of self-help…- wait don’t click away! 73 more words


Bigger Hair

This is a collaboration with Tom Rogers, who composed and performed the Bigger Hair track featured. I love the way things emerge from collaborations that wouldn’t have happened with either of us working alone.

A week alone.

In the forest by the river lived a welder who was bitter. Bitterly shaming, bitterly gaming on a PS4. The welding game was surprising but lame, and his coffee was getting cold. 202 more words


Mati Muda

Bagaimana ini, aku-
kehilangan tapi bukan…

Bagaimana ini, aku-
kehabisan tapi bukan…

Bagaimana ini, aku-
keresahan tapi bukan…

Bagaimana ini, aku-
aku telah tertinggal oleh abad-abad lampau… 18 more words



  1. Refiction is when an author rewrites another author’s writing to elaborate into something different but not plagiarize.
  • You can take any piece of writing and paraphrase it into your own, by substituting the terminology with a different vocabulary, reimagining the narrative context altogether, manipulating the structure of events, and leaving only what was more prominent than what you could do justice for.
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