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huruf besar Vs HURUF KECIL

*mari awali tulisan ini dengan cengiran*

Teman-teman BEC mungkin ngeh kalau saya pernah diingetin sama mbak2 mentor BEC waktu ada sesi review tulisan. bahwa tulisan saya udah LUMAYAN BAGUS, cuman gak OKnya itu karena saya gak pake huruf besar (huruf kapital) di awal kalimat dan beberapa kata lain. 279 more words

Random Stuffs

Two's Company

Some days pass like cut limes. Churned centres pop capsules enter fists. Surmount entropies conquer fear.

Polar expeditions run into clockwork trouble with porches. Swings meet sledges in a set-to of a moderate portion. 260 more words


It's 6 of 1

Scrotal resonance.

Excuse me my quiche just fell.

White Grapefruit Scent wafts through warm pine.

Scratch and snuff.

He fell from the chairless elevator, hard, onto a patterned ground. 78 more words



Crust forms white of mouth.

Dulcet tones spring forth, frothing blossom stench drags.

Children play in a disused cesspit.

Par-can pops can-can legs from here to POINT A. 117 more words


Do You Have The Time?

Grandfather cadaver chimes clock o’clock. Corner sluice clogged – human juice. Tears in his pockets leech certain oaths. Given, a noun pronounces it.

Burglary of a vein. 207 more words


Apocalypse Cake

The night before last, it was the Apocalypse: Disease-Edition.  My mother, brother and I had contracted the virus that was wiping out the entire human race.   221 more words


a study of futility

In the first life he has landed.
In the second weight has sprained all his knuckles
he bobs in her hands.

In the third life he thrashes into flight. 64 more words