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Life of Lise Zai – Part 9 – On Board the Zheng He, a Name Which is Definitely Not Related to Any Real Life Historical Subject and is Not a Reflection of How I am Running Out of Fake Name Ideas

Alaric never did find anyone in Brenttstrom that went by two names initialed L.Z. Most thought he was insane to ask such a thing. Alaric tried the library, quite close to… 877 more words


The people who still...

… call this is a “Christian” act tend to drive those who think it a reprehensible appropriation of religion for selfish and immoral purposes somewhat insane… 17 more words


The syllable sequence "tl-(n)k-"

* tlaka / -ta – male; man
* tlakan – virile; manly
* tlaki – unimpeded; at ease; free from worry; fluent
* tlako – dither; hesitate; pace back and forth; irresolute… 139 more words


Aberdeen Abdullah, Ghost P.I.

Sometimes to earn a living, you have to go the way of the dead.

If you’d asked Aberdeen what he wanted to be when he was an grownup, he’d give you none of the boring answers. 1,130 more words


Life is absurd...Life is short!

Life is absurd…Life is short!

(The following is an adaptation of a recent speech I gave at a symposium about “life”, there isn’t as much about climbing/nature as you might expect, but there is a bit of climbing, and if you stick around long enough, there is a story about me getting peed on. 1,465 more words

Puerto Rico

There have barely been whispers about PR since the news of the hurricane covered the papers, web, and cable. However, anyone who pays attention knows that there was recently a studied published by Harvard that suggests over 4500 people died as a result of the Maria, and the aftermath. 137 more words


The Epiphany of her Mother’s Transformation

Not many people in this world would ever see their mothers as she did. She used to wake up every morning around six and put in the microwave a jar of that green jelly smoothie that they used to call “mommy’s pudding”. 474 more words