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Discussion Post on The Bad Sleep Well/悪い奴ほどよく眠る (1960)

Upon reflecting on this film, I cannot help but think of the phrase “Dead Men Tell No Tales.” We have two (or three) men who could be called “dead” by the conclusion of the film. 489 more words


Hating that

I would like to address all of the “that” haters in our land. Does that mean you? That depends. Take this little test: when you read the… 672 more words


Small Press, Big Plans: My Views on the Small Press Experience


Evidently, this article dates back to the time when my hair was blue, black and purple and I resembled Philip Oakey. Ah, those were the days! 3,012 more words


Forever Blue

Mumpung sedang gabut.

Kalau kata orang cowok tuh belum jadi “laki” kalau gak pernah main bola.

Kalau kata orang lagi nih, cewek yang suka bola tuh katanya “tomboi” 1,798 more words


Now You can Learn Your Actual Name!

I love those charts that reveal your Pirate Name or Mythical Hero Name, etc. So I made up the ultimate one! Now you can learn your  44 more words