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Kala phrase

아태 난구 모근고
atlai nankua mokunko
/aˈtɬaɪ naˈᵑkʷa moˈkuᵑko:/
Soon we will all be sleeping…

finding the labyrinth

I decided to take the metro a bit further today. To get away, I suppose. I was so slow getting of bed this morning, though, that it almost seemed pointless as the day was rapidly looking greyer for every minute. 581 more words


Heads On Spikes Appear Atop HBO Headquarters

7:09 – Sir Fury

It appears that HBO has made an unexpected move against video piracy by mounting what appears to be heads atop their Headquarters in New York City.  203 more words

Political Correctness in 2015: NGO Not Negro

Check this out. Notice anything bizarre?

The box label on this shoe sold by Payless states the shoe’s color in three languages. Make that two languages: English and French. 70 more words


Hair Grows If You Yell Enough

If Anime is telling the truth, then I’m only 30 minutes away from my former hairdo.

There was no comic yesterday because my mom, gramma and neice were visiting. 13 more words

apakah kamu siap menerima kejutan?

Looks Like My Diary . .

Rich man's crackers

Devil’s Advocate is currently reading through the recipe collection for the Artist’s Survival cookbook. He held his hand up for the task as he couldn’t contribute a recipe, despite his love for food. 571 more words