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Kala Phrase

ke yotsam hayo ma’a elila nala
O cheek-PL 3sg.POSS with pinkness glow
Her cheeks have a rosy glow and pinkish hue.

imisape amye ma uayompa… 26 more words

Fears of Twilight

Image: Pixabay

A friend once told me, when you hear the Mondo speak, run.

For they always come, clittering on claws, and pawing at your feet, with velvet pads of beguiling softness. 130 more words


The syllable sequence “p-(n)t-“

* pata – tile; brick
* pato – duck; male prostitute (slang)
* panta – marsh; swamp; wetlands; glade
* panto – tomato
* peta – map; chart; draft; cartographic… 122 more words

Absurd Is The Word

I’m still sick so here is some freestyle (read: terrible) rap…which I suppose is just poetry since it’s typed out.



Laying on the couch… 101 more words


Foc, Rodrigo y Gabriela, en vive

It seems the simplest forms of expression tend to be the most powerful.

Another Pinewood Men Film

So here’s the latest film endeavor from Pinewood Men. I think it’s our best to date.

I present…Dog Prison.

Dog Prison from Pete Barry on Vimeo.


New Kala word

tiku – extract; withdraw; pick-up

Taken from: tíqǔ