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A Colorful Divorce: A Short Romance

Like the rest of us, Antoine married Jordyn on a whim. And also like the rest of us, he had brought an entire history along with him into their marriage. 3,631 more words


A bird in the hand...

A few lexical changes…The word for “bird” was tsikua, and had onomatopoeic qualities that I did not like. I borrowed it from Cherokee tsisqua and it was a nice word. 171 more words

You ever arrive somewhere and don't remember the drive at all, as if you were on autopilot? That's what a CNN viewer's whole life is like.

The only way to battle nonsense is with absurdity. That’s why I wear an empty gumball machine bowl for a helmet when I battle @CNN…

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Star Trek Discovery vs The Orville

This is the new Star Trek Discovery trailer. And as exciting as it is, I’m uneasy about much of the aesthetic choices, most especially the Klingons. 379 more words

Embrace The Mora Inside A Gibberish Scream

Who was the concept,
Meandered to find
Posing as gravel.


When the concept becomes
Those who left
Then I become… 105 more words

What's next...?

Felony convictions for bringing up his own voting history?

Hard labor for voting against those currently in power?

The death penalty for daring to breath any of… 19 more words