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Parousia: Narrator's Reproach

I told you I’d come again, so don’t act surprised.  I save you to save me, so if you think this a selfless deed, you are outrageously mistaken.  460 more words


The Sky Bound Grounds

Suspended from the earth and soil above, the sky lays infinite at the unprotected feet of citizens. Luckily they have their platforms to keep them from plummeting into the endless alleged abyss. 655 more words


Absurd: Comradeship and War

I feel ties of comradeship weigh down upon my chest. Buried under the crushing weight of my wounded horse, I lie in a battlefield, facing skywards. 109 more words


Kala Phrase

ha ke hoyona hayo pue tala te hanyauaye tlinaye
3sg O friend-FEM 3sg.POSS after return GEN country-away cease-PST
After coming back from abroad she ditched her girlfriend. 39 more words

it begins

failing all society
stomping on propriety
grin and take
not real but fake
forgoing the norm
but for his own sake

New Kala word

totsi – investment; to invest

Taken from: 投資