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Embrace the absurd (PART II)

I finished watching the popular TV show Bojack Horseman at 10 pm. It is 12:30 am right now. I spent the last two and a half hours agonising over the… 691 more words


Embrace the absurd (PART I)

Something very odd just happened to me. I just finished watching the finale of one of the most heartbreaking TV shows – Bojack Horseman – and I am both crying and feeling unbelievably calm. 270 more words


I Lost My Brother!

Mother! Mother!

I think I lost my brother,

I wished you not to bother

So we marched together,

Up the hill, down the lane,

Crossed the bridge, 72 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 236: How Cement was Invented

Cement is a wonderful thing that is based off of itself, for cement was created naturally through the random chaos of the world.

Alright, so there was a tornado that was on a beach. 519 more words


Waiting To Die

Consider this: You’re facing death (total annihilation), its reflection is staring you in the face. In other words; you are about to enter into the after-life. 630 more words

A cheap novel

Friends, I am finding it difficult, if not impossible, to attempt to be funny or silly (don’t even think funny and silly) at such a deadly, unfunny period in our American experience. 662 more words