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One Thousand Word Challenge 14: Plants and Something About Slapping a Marlin Before Going to Sleep.

Here I sit, wondering why I start this with “Here I sit”, as it’s something I’ve probably used far too many times at this point, almost as a force of habit, or lack of better ideas in what to start a post with, because for some reason, even though I crave some sort 0of originality, I just don’t end up trying to do something new when I start writing, although, to be fair, I don’t think I’ve started enough of the things I write with “here I sit”, therefore not quite making it a heavy use of repetition as of yet, but I should really look into what else I can do to start one of these lengthy, pointless bits of writing that I do so often so I have a bit more variety happening. 936 more words


New Kala Word

tanua – chat; converse; dialogue; talk

Taken from: だんわ

Sabtu Pagi di Sebuah Percakapan

Isi kepala melirik isi perut,
Wah, perutmu kosong, pantas saja aku susah mikir. Kenapa kau tidak makan saja dulu, banyak hal yang harus diselesaikan dan aku butuh konsentrasi. 647 more words


Goodnight Robicheaux

The low, thick, gray, woolen sky reached down to the murky waters of the Willamette, shrinking the world, making night in the middle of the afternoon. 557 more words


A Strange Tale of Seasons

“Careful!” she heard.

What!? No!” she seemed hurt. “Not all fabrics feel the same on your skin.

Wide-eyed, the former, stared at her. 210 more words


Seperti Terlahir Kembali

Ahhh.. Mmhhh.. Ahh..

Ya, itulah sensasi ku setelah beberapa bulan gak posting di dunia internet yang penuh dengan inspirasi ini. Hmm.. Agak aneh pake kata aku-kamu-kita, mau pake…

243 more words

a cold yawn

it is truly the coldest grey before the dawn
you will have your oldest day before the yawn

pause not in the field
the goblins wait for you to yield… 16 more words