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The Stranger (L'Etranger)

Written by: Albert Camus
Translated by: Matthew Ward

Original release date: 1942
Number of pages: 159
Genre: Philosophical Fiction
Readability: Medium
Link to book: The Stranger… 248 more words

Book Review

eat, piet

Late in autumn Piet was working on a landscape in the forest.

It was getting dark, which is just what Piet needed, for he set out to produce a night landscape. 492 more words


needle and thread

Piet Mondrian liked to scratch his stomach while thinking about new ideas for compositions. But today he had an important meeting ahead of him and it made him a little nervous. 601 more words


No Time For Place

No time for argument.
No time for hate.

All the things past
are written off as fate.

When poison seeps into
every pore in the skin, 36 more words


The Philosophy of "The Outsider"

In The Outsider Albert Camus succeeds in condensing the heart’s nuanced sentiments into blocks of text. Emboldening malleable philosophies that deal in the immaterial by cementing them in lines of carefully constructed letters. 616 more words

Weekend Includes WG Prompt Session

Monday, a new week, but after a weekend that saw some action.  Saturday was my “SCIFI” Writers Group critique session, always fun for the socializing whether or not for the actual comments.  248 more words



he sailed to Mars
in a chocolate bubble
with Captain Nemo
and Willy Wonka at
the helm

they berthed somewhere
close to Valles Marineris
and proceeded… 15 more words