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'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass are, above all, concerned with the problem of meaning. A seven year old girl tumbles underground through a rabbit hole where she meets querulous creatures who deploy nit-picking logic and idle philosophical banter; she runs a race, fails to drink tea, is danced in a qaudrille, plays croquet, gives evidence in court and negotiates a fiendish chess game (where the living pieces are ignorant of the game’s plan). 844 more words


If you ever feel depressed

If you ever feel depressed,
read a book or take a rest.
Get this feeling off your chest
before it plants a seed or nest. 112 more words


Crisp air seeping through

soothing in each breath

Azure fading as amber tinted

Clouds float beyond the


As morning rises

displacing the


As its baby blue eye


Its dream coated sights

Yvonne Craig in a winter hat and a bikini licking a paper icecream

Yvonne Craig (born 1937): ex-ballerina, turned actress, retired in 1979, returned for an episode of Fantasy Isand (TV 1983), retired again, appeared in the straight-to-video comedy flop… 30 more words


Love is avant-garde freeform jazz

The word love and its lovers are a soft sound turning the spiritual essence of deep and dear connectivity away from the blunt and hollow nature of “let’s just fuck” 324 more words

Alphonse Returns!

Alphonse Allais (1854-1905) was France’s greatest humorist. His elegance, scientific curiosity, preoccupation with language and logic, wordplay and flashes of cruelty inspired Alfred Jarry, as well as succeeding generations of Surrealists, Pataphysicians, and Oulipians. 110 more words


The Clown Says "Hey

An elephant walks into a clown
at the grocery store.
The clown says “Hey Donnie,
ya just broke a rib.”
The elephant says “No, I’m fine. 9 more words