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Kaleidoscopic Brain Vomit

“Welcome to the future.”

He held up what appeared to be a bullet.

“Don’t look too quickly, now. What you see may appear to be a number of things, but what this is…is a spaceship. 188 more words

Flash Fiction

Poems of a Young Man: "Rubber Diamond Chicken" (© KPKeelan)



To live this life so out of place,

an anachronism to take the proverbial cake.

Heigh-ho! I’m the rubber chicken.

Ha-Ha! I’m the whoopee cushion! 89 more words

Kevin Keelan

4joey(3(/??)) S L U D G E L I F E

so fuckin hot but i wanna b hotter
searing ambition slowly descaling
while i turn the dial up to the highest setting
n my vision distorts and i begin to melt… 452 more words


"The Flooch Joke" by Charlie Centipede

Questioner: “How many flooches does it take to flooch the National Flooch Store?”

Interlocutor: “I don’t know. How many flooches DOES it take to flooch the National Flooch Store?” 12 more words


4joey (1(?))

tears streaming down my face and out my mouth
i’m a child of regret – i’m embarrassment
cousin o’ shame, i’m a talking point
and i’m naked in mindset, and you can see my lame pants… 89 more words