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Spearing the Spectator

I was playing guitar with my eyes closed, lulled by the steady vibration of amp and bass drum. Before we hit the chorus, I was torn from the music and locked inside a den of contemplation. 303 more words


An Absurd Introduction

When you read the words existential or existentialism you probably think “crisis” next. “Brooding.” “Bleak.” “Not for me!” “When will someone invent a larger ketchup packet?” I understand the thought process. 1,011 more words


Wikipedia Poem, No. 128

up smoking mouths project Georgia 
where discreet means muttering a sense of 
release up screes from a touch-screen listing
hickory from a Germaic noun used in western 
French Canada Australia New York; cree 
as in “creening his eyes” perhaps recording 
and that of the flesh see creep (v.) flashing 
look up split-screen (adj.) look up cree 

in the unIndian world, cold-water (n.) "unsteady" 
back-formation from Proto-Germanic kreupan 
to crook up screeds here in England discreet
12th century past a creel and saw the rivercity streets 
generally "grass or drafts, especially grass” 
or Ojibwe otchewan; look, see

Overhead: A Short Story

I’m happy to say that I’ve just posted my first work to Amazon’s Kindle store. It’s a piece of short fiction called Overhead, and it’s a 15-minute read with a big dose of absurdist fun. 27 more words


"Party!!!!!" by Richard F. Yates

It was a party like no other! Nobody came. There was no music or snacks, and when Jerry went to clean up afterwards, he was stabbed to death by an empty pizza box. 10 more words


Unknown Illustrations

In the days leading up to and back down from Christmas (Christmas is a hill), I set time aside (one hour each day) from work-drawing to produce a set of ten… what? 108 more words