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Realism Versus Escapism Versus Absurdism

When we first start writing fiction, we do it because it’s fun, because we enjoy it, because it allows us to create and exist in worlds and amongst people that we are unlikely to ever encounter in our real lives. 929 more words

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The Adulterous Woman by Albert Camus: A Book Review

“ She was waiting, but she didn’t know for what. She was aware only of her solitude, and of the penetrating cold, and of the greater weight in the region of her heart.” 938 more words



and the Ultimate Quest for More Shit We Don’t Need

(The Absurdist Edition)


by Joe Buonfiglio

“Happy Thanksgiving,” I said with the joy of the season in my heart. 1,142 more words

To take all things as they are

To take all things as they are
and adjust my life to what must be.
Then in this world I’ll go far
beyond what any eyes can see. 127 more words

Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXX

Errol feeds plants

Is that a week of crap or re-crap?

10 cunts cunt-cut men’s denim

A howler from outta bollocks is as naked as the boss… 463 more words


Last Year At Marienbad

Last Year at Marienbad is a film that is kind of hard to explain but I’ll do my best. The plot revolves mainly around 3 people in a hotel: A man, a woman, and a man who may or may not be her husband. 166 more words

The Lion King Jr. and Absurdism

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing The Lion King Jr. at the Marion Civic Center. Until that show, I never realized how many tenets of absurdism it follows. 142 more words