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“The Mighty Have Fallen” by Randy Long

“The Mighty Have Fallen” by Randy Long

Dilly’s Demise:

The floating ghost seen in front of the house was actually Dilly. Dilly and Billy were fighting on the high wire, far above the road outside the main house. 598 more words


Imagine the imaginary absurdology of Michael Cheval

This work is dedicated to John Lennon, the main character of the painting who sits oh the mosaic floor of ” Strawberry Fields” in Central Park, New York.

1,286 more words

“The Floating Cow” by Dr. Ugg (The Educated Caveman)

The cow floated approximately six feet off the ground, chewing absently and apparently unconcerned as it progressed down Henson Street.

“Damn it, Bessie! Get your ass back to the barn,” Jed yelled, then spit a gooey mass of brown liquid into the gutter. 112 more words


I am lonely and I am fabulous vol.II: Bui Vien and the delusion of happiness

“How you doing tonight sir? Would you like some Cocaine?”
“I think I am good, thanks”

He was just trying to be polite while walking around Bui Vien. 424 more words

Finding Meaning in our Suffering: The Alternative to Escaping Suffering

(A Philosophical Musing)

All of us suffer. However, the degree and duration of suffering vary. Some people suffer only for a short time while others are trapped in the prison of suffering, literally or figuratively. 1,507 more words

(one of)te dmembest porm(s?) i ebver wrtoe

(pic unrelated) this is a brilliant picture and i want to share it tonight.




ye ol’ cap’n steamin’, dread
momentum/sense of relievement… 197 more words