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Hip! Hip! Allais! He Never Ages!

Alphonse Allais (1854-1905) was France’s greatest humorist. His elegance, scientific curiosity, preoccupation with language and logic, wordplay and flashes of cruelty inspired Alfred Jarry, as well as succeeding generations of Surrealists, Pataphysicians, and Oulipians. 46 more words

Doug Skinner

Whatever Happened to Interracial Love? Book Review

In the introduction to her 1983 collection of interviews with black women writers, Claudia Tate explained the difference between the black hero’s and the black heroine’s quest for self-affirmation and identity. 910 more words

Black Women Writers

TASTY TIDBITS #71: "The REASON (A Simple, Clear and Unambiguous Examination of the MEANING OF LIFE)" (by KPKeelan)


> This strange comic monologue, was part of both hair-cutting ceremonies I produced: the rites of passage WAKE (a Zen/Punk Ritual) in 1980, and WAKE II (a Rebirth) in 1996. 2,430 more words

Kevin Keelan


Discover a world of ostensibly human specimens behaving in peculiar and unpredictable ways. However, they are often recognizable in a manner we dare not admit. 92 more words


The Fractured Farmer

Electric static crackling

Birds crowing loud at dawn

Sonic booms of bass,

Move the silent dew

I rise from a warm bed

Step onto chilly hardwood… 98 more words


Conversational Miss Herrings Part XXXV

You act as if butter, wood and melon stand back as the train evaporates into the platform

He’s a stinky, stinky dog friend of anti-bee coffee who uses egg and shoulders… 418 more words


Fragment of Lecture from Uni. of Arkultuhlan, circa. 2016

“…this was before they started pulling bones from their faces to implement in their structures. You can see in these carvings that their jowls have a more rounded look, unlike the carvings from the last few years in which the figures depicted look as if they have the distended jaws of a snake at supper time. 100 more words

Goathead Buckley