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Why I Don't Believe In An Immortal Soul

I was recently talking about reincarnation with someone, and it inspired me to make a post about why I don’t believe in an immortal soul. If you’re not familiar with the general argument for the existence of an immortal soul, the basic premise is that our body is full of energy that cannot be destroyed, thus this energy must go somewhere – so we must transform into either a spiritual being or some other type of life form. 321 more words


Why You Should Debate People

Anyone who knows me knows that I question just about everything. If someone makes a statement around me, there is a good chance that I will question what they said. 528 more words


What were they thinking???

Beautiful wooden salad serving utensils as public restroom keyholders–

  1. I sure hope that this is their full-time job
  2. in case the toilet flush mechanism is out of order…
  3. 7 more words