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I really don’t want to argue. Early rough drafts from: ‘The Nude Absurdist.’

“You really make me happy!”
“That’s beautiful, I’m glad.”
“No, you really do, babe.” 949 more words


Log IV: Swarm

Criticism flows in from all directions,

but is directionless.

The swarm moves like

a nitrogen bubble waiting to be popped

(tailing the pressure gradient

created by the presence of a will) 131 more words

A Glass of Water

When the train stopped on a railway platform,  a boy, who was selling water, passed by.

A man sitting by a window called him, “Come here boy.” 199 more words

Celebrate the evil habit

Celebrate the evil habit
blowing bubbles in the dark.
Look at them and admit
that life contains no inner spark.

Celebrate the wicked deed
setting gods on blazing fire. 77 more words