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Ancestors and Existence

There’s something that’s bothered me for a little while now about how we talk about ancestors.

There is an implicit assumption that it is Good that we are here; that it is Good that our predecessors did things such that we came about. 631 more words


For thousand years I wait and wait

For thousand years I wait and wait
and spin in vain my prayer wheel.
Is this my life, is this my fate?
For thousand years I wait and wait. 34 more words

My Philosophy for Life

The word ‘philosophy’ I will take from here on in to mean ‘a belief system or way of thinking.’ I believe that a philosophy for life… 1,567 more words


[Fiction] Rise of the Pastriarchy

Before you ask, yes — this is a terrible pun. But I refuse to apologize! This story was based around the title and it’s a (somewhat silly) exploration of feminism where everyone is a baked good. 970 more words


What Is Absurdism?

In of itself, the term absurd is a synonym for ridiculous or preposterous. In the past I have also seen it described as anything, whether a thought process or a physical action, which is inconsistent with reason or common sense. 1,047 more words


Absurd feelings

I feel like a stranger in the world; like a fig tree in the desert, a bird in a cave, a mole on the mountain peak, a lion in the Pacific. 42 more words


For a minute there, I lost myself

Too many thoughts, too many stories to interpret, not enough space, not enough words.

I got my official score report from the GRE; I suppose I did okay by normal standards but I didn’t do all that well by my own personal standards… Whatever, though. 274 more words