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Where in the world....

am I?

this crazy planet is amazing.

A swim in the the Gulf of Oman had me looking ahead to Afghanistan, right to India and down to the Maldives as I swam in luke warm tender waters. 60 more words


Such Adventures

Driving along the deserted beach road, our eyes were drawn by a massive flock of birds on the skyline.   We followed them and found a scene which, were it not for the truck, could have been taking place 2000 years ago. 169 more words


My cup runneth over

and so, still marveling at the amazing sardines we had seen, we wandered further, alone, no one in sight, but a dot in the ocean. Our eyes adapted, finding it hard to comprehend what they saw. 164 more words


So what's next?

Wondering what the next adventure would be, I put myself into the care of dear dear friends (whose value to me is far greater than the riches that created the land they now call home) and waited to see where that led. 379 more words


Rainy Days

It’s been raining like crazy the past few days and also today. Thankfully I’m off and one of the reason I’m lazy to get out of the house. 240 more words

Thoughts In My Head

Lady in Red in the Desert

Me in the Desert of Abu Dhabi. We went on a Jeeptour on our last trip to the VAE.

The Dress , the Sandals and the Jewelry is from H&M(Old)


Top 10 Moments from GIP: Economic Growth in the UAE

It’s hard to believe our trip to the UAE has come and gone so quickly. Our whirlwind week brought us from soaring skyscrapers to desert safaris, sovereign wealth funds to night clubs, man-made islands to mosques. 900 more words