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How American Exceptionalism Invites Anti-Americanism.


Good many conservatives promote the idea of American Exceptionalism as a hallmark of what America is all about. Our nation is supposed to be a ‘City on a Hill’ and a beacon of freedom to all other peoples around the world. 2,029 more words

Reality is a bitch

Wait, we’re going to pretend we didn’t know about the torture?

Abu Gharib ring any bells? Anybody high level prosecuted there?

The water-boarding that John Kirakou went to jail for revealing….only the whistle-blower went to jail. 283 more words

Putin Sanctions Abu Ghraib Soldiers and Guantanamo Officials

Moscow has retaliated against Obama in an awfully odd way – by sanctioning the abusive soldiers of Abu Ghraib and the officials in charge of the prison at Guantanamo Bay. 530 more words

Thumbprint by Joe Hill

“Evil leaves a thumbprint.”

This graphic novel is definitely graphic, at least in this humble reviewer’s opinion although it is a fantastic and worthwhile read. The story is of a soldier named Mallory who was at Abu Gharib and was one of the women who posed in the dehumanizing photos of the captives. 185 more words


Choices: What really defines Evil?


Reality is relative. Perceptions are absolute. Life is all about the little moments.

To put it all in perspective, the changes made in those moments based on the perceptions… 803 more words


My Congressional Race and 9/11

I ran for Congress back in 2006 because I was furious at the lies surrounding 9/11 and the Iraq War. I remember watching Bush lying through the teeth at the 2006 State of the Union address and looked up to the heavens and screamed, ” … 751 more words


Britain awakes in surprise to find world has not stopped spinning

A news event, yesterday. 

Millions of Britons today have woken in surprise to find that, despite events of the past 48 hours, the world has continued to turn and major news events have been playing out around the globe. 310 more words