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Day 51 - Aswan and the Falucca

4am starts are never enjoyable, but when its the only way to get to the temple Abu Simbel you just deal with it. We left with a security detail and a lot of other buses on our way to the famous temple. 157 more words

Deluxe lake Nasser Cruise

Deluxe lake Nasser Cruise

   Allow yourself to be pampered at Deluxe lake Nasser Cruise in lake Nasser Cruise with Ibis Egypt Tours, wake up on the sound of nature and chirping birds, soak up the sun and scout around the gleaming landmarks like Temple of Amada, stare at Abu Simbel Temple, then walkthrough Wadi el Sebua and more with… 451 more words

Letters from the Past: Back to School in Ancient Egypt

Hi, I’m Rahmose, and like many of you, I’ll be starting school soon. I’m nine now, which means that I have three more years to go before I can be a scribe for the pharaoh. 495 more words



My dream of visiting Egypt finally became a reality. This trip was meant to happen many years ago, but had to be postponed. But anyway, it finally happened! 900 more words


God Kings and Crocodile Gods: Egypt’s Abu Simbel and Kom Ombo

16-17 October 2015. In 1813 in the land of Nubia a boy living on the banks of the Nile showed Jean-Louis Burckhardt, the Swiss explorer, some colossal rock heads protruding from the sand. 1,603 more words


Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel, Egypt 1998. One year after the terrorist attack, I decided to visit Egypt. I was young, and the trip was cheap. But the best was that most of the time all archeological places were closely empty. 58 more words



“Not possible,” the soldier said.

I set my bags down at the gate and faced the Egyptian soldier. “Nothing is impossible.”

“Where is your bus?” 2,518 more words

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