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Abu Simbel in the Morning

Somethings are worth getting up for at 6:45 am. Abu Simbel from my balcony on the Omar El Khayam. Cruising north toward Aswan on Lake Nasser.


Abu Simbel 

Built by Ramses the Great, Abu Simbel was disassembeled and raised above the water levels when the Aswan High Dam was built inthe 1960s. There are two temples, one for Ramses, the other for his wife Nefertari. 16 more words


Aswan and Abu Simbel - Egypt

In the space of 24 hours I caught a train from Luxor to Aswan, saw the temples of Abu Simbel located near the Sudanese border, browsed the Aswan Souq, sailed a felucca on the Nile, hiked up the western bank of the river for a view over the city and caught the train back to Luxor. 844 more words


Trying new routes into and out of Egypt

We’re neither pioneering voyagers nor daredevil globetrotters but perhaps you could describe us as cautiously adventurous wanderers. We enjoy experimenting a little, whether it’s being part of one of the first crossings of Myanmar in recent times, or the first to cross from Turkana into Ethiopia after border crossing problems for other overlanders, exploring routes that are not recorded anywhere in Mongolia, and generally going off the beaten track. 1,260 more words


The "Belzoni Day" between Archeology and Music

Last Thursday, October 19th,”The Belzoni’s Day” took place at the Italian Cultural Institute in Cairo, as I announced on the column of this newspaper.

In the morning, several speakers have illustrated the life and works of the great Italian explorer and in the evening, an exhibition of original works by Giovanni Battista Belzoni and other artists of the 1800s on the theme of “Abu Simbel” was inaugurated. 1,493 more words

The Laughing Diplomat

Abu Simbel in a Day? Tricky but possible

Who isn’t interested in ancient Egypt?

Probably very few people could deny any fascination with what remains of the Seven Wonders of the world, hieroglyphs and monumental temples. 1,588 more words


Water, War and Loss

What is lost when a great monument is moved to make way for a reservoir? Anne Michaels‘ second novel The Winter Vault, starts in the Nubian desert. 876 more words