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Give yourself the chance to escape from the stress of life and find your inner peace in amazing holidays in Egypt, as Flying Carpet Tours is offering reasonable prices vacations to Egypt such as the fancy  1,116 more words

Abu Simbel 


Having arrived in Aswan late last night we were up again at 0300 to leaves at 0315 to drive to Abu Simbel which was a few hours drive south, nearly on the Sudanese border. 502 more words


Abu Simbel: the great temple of Egypt

In his day, Ramses II built entire cities in Egypt, but nothing would have been as awe-inspiring as the Great Temple which was stumbled across in the depths of the Egyptian desert near the border of Nubia, buried under centuries of sand. 585 more words

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Temple of Isis in Madrid

The Ptolemic pharaohs of Egypt walked under the two arches that you see in the featured photo and into the temple of Isis (photo below). So did the Roman emperors Augustus and Tiberius. 352 more words


Abu Simbel, Aswan

Aswan is known for its warm beautiful weather, kind people, and great temples, but Abu Simbel is one of the most popular temples in Aswan………Read more

Nefertari: Queen of Egypt

Queen Nefertari was Ramesses II’s first and favorite wife. Archeologists know that she was not born a princess, but this wouldn’t have bothered Ramesses since his father Seti I became pharaoh after his birth. 494 more words


Abu Simbel

Abu Simbel – Ton of Ancient Temples, Monuments & Archaeology!

Abu Simbel – Ton of Ancient Temples, Monuments & Archaeoloqgy! If you have been looking for hidden gems to go spend your vacation, then Abu Simbel is one of those holiday destinations that worth a trip to. 39 more words