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“Getting familiar with the energies that we co-create with can bring deeper levels of awareness to your everyday experience. Everything that is interpreted IS YOU. Learn to BE the energies to co-create responsibly.”


“Everything is energy, including money. Embrace your abundance by changing your language. Every purchase is an INVESTMENT.”



“You are the best computer on the market and with the right programming you can shift your entire reality. An affirmation is a program. It is a special code that releases you from old systems of thought/belief, speaking, and action. 12 more words


Sunday's Saying

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears.”  Anthony Robbins

Single Mom

JOURNAL ENTRY: Sunday 24 July 2016

As days go, this one has been OK.

As I write this now, I have a sense of serenity, calm, peace and completeness.

I have also felt like I have spent the day at one notch above boring, and you know what, that is OK. 542 more words


How to Effectively Use Positive Affirmations...Without Feeling Like a Liar

“I believe in myself and my abilities.”

“My future is completely under my control.”

“Every day of my life is an opportunity to get closer to the dreams I desire.” 987 more words

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