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Memorial Day

"Unnoticed, he blends into the grey park bench,
eyes clouded and watering,
permanent tears for friends lost in a trench
not quite enough of a life-time ago. 219 more words

Bold problems for bold people.

“As some of the smartest people look at where to focus their energies next, they’re now attracted to the biggest problems facing humanity.” ~ Elon Musk. 782 more words


Why we need to Ask

During my Tarot reading/meditation this morning, I asked my cards about the next “manifestation project” that I’ve been nurturing into fruition lately. I was given the Emperor card. 462 more words


Never Give Up

Have you ever seen a young child give up trying to walk because he fell down too many times?    And how many is TOO many?   A young child is determined to walk no matter what.   549 more words


Starseed and Indigo, Welcome!


I. Divine Will is “Service to Other’s” orientation and is the New Plan and Law for the Changing of the Guard being positioned now. 383 more words

He that does thus he achieves knowledge

He that does thus he achieves knowledge and with knowledge he takes form of life and once that form of life is complete, thus he is born and if he is born alive, thus he will be recognized into the world through the very knowledge that he brought into the world. 133 more words


“You give them something to eat” – Priesthood that makes a difference

This week we celebrate the body and blood of Christ (corpus Christi). Traditionally this has been a time to talk about Eucharist and priesthood. I had almost finished writing this blog when I was fortunate to experience the ministry of a community of women theologians who also shared food that each had prepared. 1,156 more words