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Future climate stimulates population out-breaks by relaxing constraints on reproduction

When conditions are stressful, reproduction and population growth are reduced, but when favourable, reproduction and population size can boom. Theory suggests climate change is an increasingly stressful environment, predicting extinctions or decreased abundances. 191 more words



I stand gazing into the eyes that are looking back at me in the mirror. I see clearly the passion of my soul. I am eye to eye with my own soul! 255 more words

Daily IN-spiration

What I Do With All That Garlic!

Here in the Arizona Desert; we plant garlic in October.

Though we can harvest some of the green part of the plant throughout the growing season; we do not harvest the bulbs until May of the following year. 707 more words


Only our Abba can rebuild the destruction with a renewal in abundance...

Destruction is all around us, and as time goes by, we see it intensifying. However, despite the rising existence of destruction, our Abba rebuilds it with renewal. 258 more words

A Deeper Fellowship

Raising your Vibrations to the MAX!

My previous posts were about the subconscious mind, its importance and affirmations as well as gratitude so I thought this would nicely fit into raising your vibrations on a daily basis. 361 more words


Finally you are a king αΎ¨

In a day how many times your brain takes you to negativity? An honest answer will help you.

I am sure after reading this you will be the happiest and richest person of the world.I am sure you are feeling excited and let me tell you I am excited too while sharing this content with you. 574 more words