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Bathsheba’s “other” David: The Marginalization of Women, and Christ as Answer

There were a few poignant breakthroughs this week, carving a way through the stalemate in regards to gender and power. But, rather than amplify the news, I thought I would point to a story from within the Bible. 2,215 more words

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Into the Light. A series on Abuse and the Church

It may seem strange starting a brand new blog with a discussion on abuse, but that’s just what I’m about to do.  I have enjoyed reading a series of posts by a range of different people in the last week and I think it is worth providing the link to some of these posts in the belief that shared experiences can help us deal with issues. 315 more words

Pastor Jonathan Locust Sr. Sued For Fraud and Abuse

Pastor Jonathan Locust Sr. is being sued by three women who allege he used his position of authority to commit fraud, and sexual, emotional, and spiritual abuse against them for two years. 95 more words

Clergy Abuse

Is Your Spouse or Pastor a Serial Bully?

This information blew my mind. It describes my ex-husband so precisely, it’s just spooky. I’ve known quite a few pastors who fit this description as well. 1,061 more words

Abuse And The Church

Pastor Jessica Banks Sentenced for Child Abuse

Southern California pastor Jessica Banks was sentenced to life in state prison last Friday for abusing her five adopted daughters, who were beaten daily, fed spoiled food and hidden in a garage. 107 more words

Clergy Abuse

Former Youth Pastor John Picard Sentenced for Sex Abuse

Former youth pastor John Picard was sentenced to 40 years in prison for sexual battery, with no possibility of parole. According to the linked article, Picard was convicted on all 42 counts of sexual battery at the end of a six-day trial. 61 more words

Clergy Abuse