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Sleep Gnome appeasement

Three a.m. and I can’t sleep,

Sleepy is shallow while tired is deep.

Telling my mind it can just run free,

Doesn’t even help, something’s wrong with me. 134 more words

Peopley Story

Physician Suicide and “Physician Wellness” –Time to start talking about the elephant in the room!

Physician Suicide and the Elephant in the Room

Michael Langan, M.D.

Although no reliable statistics exist, anecdotal reports suggest an alarming upsurge in physician suicide… 3,435 more words

Drug Testing

There is a God

When you are paired for the exam with people who keep finding excuses not to work, making you sweat to get the deadline, ignore your pleas and even yell at you when you say you will leave, then proceed to appropriate your notes and hard work, lying to the teacher they contributed, and try to steal even after that, results and survey, and at the end, fail the exam, while you pass. 10 more words


Meddling Other Woman Money Motivation

My older daughter returned from university at the end of April.

She lived with me for the summer last year and each time she returned from university she only stayed with me.   706 more words


NDP's Thomas Mulcair, Ruth Ellen Brosseau and Nikki Ashton Try To Turn Accidental Elbow Into An Intentional Assault

I have 2 daughters and two granddaughters and I have never raised my hand to any of them in a violent manner.  When my daughter’s grew into young women, started dating and brought the young men home to meet me I made it clear how it would go if I even thought my daughters were  being abused emotionally or physically in their company. 1,696 more words

Palliser Regional Schools' operational review plan changed again

LETHBRIDGE – An independent review of Palliser Regional Schools’ operations is changing again.

At a special meeting held Tuesday, the board of trustees announced the review panel will now consist of two members, instead of the original plan of three. 180 more words


... POTUS lies [#as usual][#WashComPost Fact Checker]...

.. according to Glenn Kessler of the Washington Post .

.. part of Obama ‘ s argument was the supposed ” precedent ” that was set by President Reagan and Papa Bush . 142 more words

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