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What I never wrote to my father

When it came to disciplining his daughters, my father often referred to several verses in the King James Version of the Bible.

I love the King James Version (KJV). 662 more words

Spiritual Formation


My mate got me this job in an Indian restaurant a couple months ago. I’d been struggling to find work so it was a welcome help. 2,278 more words

The caring sharing world of social work.

What is the cost of speaking out? 

In my case it has been an unjustified, sustained attack on my professional reputation, and attempts to pressurise me into retracting my concerns about sub-standard, unsafe management practice; and then an attempt to gag me.  522 more words


Laquan McDonald


Start at 5:15.

Unless there’s some extenuating circumstance or something that this video misses, then this is definitely murder on the part of Jason Van Dyke.  405 more words

Police & Law Enforcement

Malaysian government a sick joke

COMMENT | While Malaysia is embroiled in controversy over 1MDB, the tiny Pacific nation of Vanuatu is showing the world it is walking the talk against corruption with a dramatic judicial blow to its corrupt political leaders. 412 more words


The NSA, A Solution or Just Another Government Program?

Since Snowden outed the NSA far reaching surveillance program, and the subsequent rollback of the NSA surveillance of our cell phones and other forms of communications, proponents of reinstating the NSA program blame the failure to stop a terrorist attack on the rollback.  411 more words

Abuse Of Power