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Clarifying Respect And Age

A while ago I wrote a post in which I stated that I don’t believe people should be respected solely because they are older and that true respect is mutual. 670 more words


A 3-ringed circus, I think not!

Capitalism let you


Along with your mother

and that loser


you grew up in

Government departments and

those non-profit organizations

People in parliaments…

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Kait King Author

HH Dalai Lama And Others Speak Out About Sogyal Rinpoche & His Behaviour

Guest Post By Joanne Clark

There is no surer sign that this is not business as usual with Rigpa than the recent statements made by… 1,776 more words


Wealth, risk, and power

This is from a Twitter thread by Theresa Nielsen-Hayden.

1.  The rich don’t need federal health insurance. Their up-and-coming competitors, who aren’t rich yet, do: one major illness can wipe them out. 464 more words

Abuse Of Power

Ex-police officer jailed over helicopter film of couple having sex

Press Association from The Guardian:

A “sex-obsessed” former police officer who filmed a couple having sex, and other people sunbathing naked, from his force helicopter has been jailed for a year.

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The Truth In Truth And Reconciliation Is A Hard Pill To Swallow For Everyone

The definition of truth is a hard one. In ancient Greece truth meant: the bringing out into the light that which was once hidden. The definition of reconciliation is: … 2,108 more words