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The university academic year begins for me this week, and—not for the first time—my thoughts are heavy with the implications of the grave responsibility of educating the young. 1,044 more words


Let's Look at Trump's Immigration Platform

Let’s Look at Trump’s Immigration Platform

On Monday, Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump proposed a new set of questions to be presented to immigrants, in an attempt to screen out people who may potentially be a threat to American security. 324 more words

Political Correctness

Can The Police Do What We Can't?

We have a law and order crisis in America. Daily we hear about the tensions growing between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We hear about the over-reaction of scared police officers, the random shooting of police officers in response, and the burning and vandalization of neighborhoods by protestors. 1,007 more words

Ted Haggard

Former refugees look to Election Day with a sense of duty

The path to the voting booth hasn’t been easy for Hatoumata Tounkara, but the former West African refugee says she couldn’t have picked a better election to cast her first ballot. 270 more words

Political Correctness

A 3-ringed circus, I think not!

Capitalism let you


Along with your mother

and that loser


you grew up in

Government departments and

those non-profit organizations

People in parliaments…

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Kait King Author

... So What Can Be Done ?!?! [#Iran Nuclear Agreement]...

.. according to the terms of the agreement , the bill must be voted on by September 17th ..

.. there are several sources that indicate that the entire agreement has NOT been presented to the U.S. 451 more words

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Distress (original poem #13)

shake your fist
i don't think they care

oh but they are listening
what did you buy
what did you say
to whom and when
where did you go
spying on your cellphone
filling your feed with fuzz
 and false flags

shake your fist
i don't think you'll dare


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Transdimensional Poet