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I’ve gone over and over Word Press and I’m obviously missing something but then again, I always joke and say that I need to see the instructional DVD on anything. 297 more words



Roger Ailes (founder, Chairman, and CEO of the Fox News Channel) has stepped down in the face of a barrage of sexual harassment complaints by female employees.  539 more words


Follow-Up II: Olympic trials or tragedies?

And yet again, there have been plenty of interesting events:

  1. Aregawi was indeed not nominated for the Olympics. The reasoning for this is vague, but seems to be largely based in doubts as to her form or some other factor*.
  2. 516 more words

Politicians beware...

Read Micah 2

Focus on verse 1-3

In the wake of the recent Brexit surprise, the globalists are scratching their heads wondering how they let this one get away. 493 more words

Daily Devotional

American Police in 2016: A Violent Love-Hate Relationship

Police shooting related deaths are causing an uproar in America. American citizens are losing trust in our police after recent events such as the killing of… 1,005 more words


Obama, lame-duck GOP Congress may enact TPP

Republicans in Congress refused to vote President Obama’s Supreme Court nominations on the grounds that he is a lame duck.  But it’s highly likely they’ll join with him to enact the odious Trans Pacific Partnership agreement right after the November elections, when he and they really will be lame ducks. 285 more words


... More Political Powergrabs on Global Warming Fraud [#F.E.M.A.]...

.. it seems that there is no end that the ecosocialist radicals will go to push their radical activist agenda ..

.. the sue – and – settle racket is bad enough .. 127 more words

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