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A review of Hillary Clinton's record

I urge you to watch this if you are a progressive and think of Hillary Clinton as a kindred spirit.



“This House is a sanctuary; a citadel of law, of order, and of liberty…”

–        Aaron Burr

Imperfect though it is, the US Congress stands as a testament to representative government, an august body which has given rise to great men and women. 

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Child Abuse

Loop 29

Packed in

Drowned out

Washed up


Knees and elbows joggling

On a wooden bench

Nowhere to sit

Too many people here

For the convivial reunion… 154 more words


You said you stood up for every known abuse, That was ever promised to anyone like you.

This is getting harder to write, and I write this expecting heavy criticism of what I say here.  This is only my experience, and I make no assumption of any parallel between my experience and anybody else’s… 619 more words

Checking Out

Two years ago when I first started my PhD program, I knew I wanted to work in or with a community agency in some capacity. I made that clear during my interview. 488 more words

A 3-ringed circus, I think not!

Capitalism let you


Along with your mother

and that loser


you grew up in

Government departments and

those non-profit organizations

People in parliaments…

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Kait King Author

Pastoral Counselling and Other Ills of Society

As I journeyed through these learned halls, ducking into doorways and corners to avoid the self-righteous parades of those ‘Theology Majors’ I encountered another foe. Looking back I should have seen this foe coming as well but in the moment I was caught up in my own most amazing adventure, learning all of these new skills and dreaming about how I could apply them professionally with whatever my next chapter of life may bring. 800 more words