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Four Californians accused of identity theft and running mortgage fraud scheme that targeted minorities

Andrew Valles, Jemal Lilly, Mark Bellinger, and Arnold Millman are facing a total of 194 charges for allegedly spear-heading a mortgage fraud scheme that took advantage of distressed minority borrowers who were seeking help with paying off their mortgages. 149 more words

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LAWLESS  ONES     Child of the “father of lies” Corrupted from before birth, Even once thought dead Yet, chosen to lay a seductive blanket of deceit over a willing world; Much…



Headlights: Part Two

I was driving home on a highway at night. It was pitch black and only illuminated by my car’s headlights. The speed limit is 110km/h (70 miles/hour) and I was doing a bit over. 301 more words

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636 signatures in 24 hours!

Oh, my cheer squad! So many hearts to every one of you and special hi to all the new supporters.

I just got home from Shrinkola and realised what you all did while I was out and about! 60 more words


Blast From The Austin Comedy Past | 2014 | Austin Comedy II : Blame Game Follow Up + Lashonda Lester

Originally written in 2014 – Follow up to Blast From The Austin Comedy Past | 2014 | Austin Comedy II – Blame Game

It was interesting to me that some comics responded to my blog by telling me what I did to cause the hatred and alienation from the community. 844 more words

Real photos with creepy back stories

Below are some images that’ll give you goosebumps.

Some of these images were seconds before death and others made the news headlines.

Check out these images with creepy backstories: 1,622 more words

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