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How many professors can you bury? (academic mystery)

Poison Ivy, by Cynthia Riggs

Cynthia Riggs’ Martha’s Vineyard mystery Poison Ivy takes place at a small college on the Vineyard, Ivy Green, where nonagenarian crime-solver Victoria Trumbull is an adjunct poetry professor. 133 more words

Academic Mysteries

Selfishness Masquerading As Loyalty

Power brings with it a ferocious loyalty – however it is my assertion that this loyalty is incredibly selfish. I make the following observation based on my life experience to date. 665 more words

Alisdair Barron

The chair of City of Glasgow College and an OBE says that he posted anti-SNP memes to his personal Facebook account, in violation of the college’s code of ethics, in order to support his friend the Conservative and Unionist MP David Mundell. 79 more words

British Unionism

The heroism of Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning was recently released from Fort Leavenworth military prison after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence for revealing classified information on U.S. war crimes… 736 more words

The Passing Scene

The FBI never was chartered by law

I hadn’t known until today that the Federal Bureau of Investigation never was established by law.

President Theodore Roosevelt wanted to create a Bureau of Investigation within the Department of Justice, but Congress refused to act.  167 more words