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I’d be greatly remiss if I didn’t take time right at the outset to acknowledge what a wonderful blessing the many brothers and sisters in Christ I have ‘met’ on Twitter are in my life. 146 more words

Abuse Recovery


Well it’s been almost 8 months since my abusive husband died, and while recovery has been more complicated than I thought I do believe I’m making progress. 61 more words

Abuse Recovery

9-Hour Challenge: Day 1

This weekend I decided to challenge myself to sleep 9 hours a night every night for a week, and see what happens. I’m going to chronicle the daily events as I go through this week. 486 more words

What I Wish Somebody Told Me About Abuse Recovery...

I wish somebody told me about the intensity of which the flashbacks come. I wish somebody warned me that when I’m having coffee with friends, I would be reminded of the smell of his coffee in the morning. 388 more words

Bravo: Deanna Gayle Walters Graduated with a BSW Today!

Guest column by Kit Gruelle

Today is Deanna’s Big Day! She’s graduating from Appalachian State with her BSW, and I (we!!) could not be more proud of and happy for her. 645 more words

Domestic Violence

Understanding your role with a Narcissist in practical terms that will explain WHAT being ‘supply’ to a Narcissist really means!

From my Book – From Charm to Harm and Everything else in Between with a Narcissist! @ Amazon.com

Narcissistic supply is MANY things but basically any emotional or physical attention, energy, help, support, sympathy, acknowledgement or approval that you give to a Narcissist for any reason, be it positive or negative. 1,561 more words


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"...But with modern technology and social sites the Narcissist is now able to network easily and cover more ground with their fake and superficial profiles and keep their secrets so well hidden. They use social sites like a politician uses a campaign to get votes! Basically the Narcissist employs everyone to serve them and everything is based on the Narcissist’s superficial lifestyle. This is all supported by the lies they create to make themselves out to be these charming, moral and amazing people in our world when they are the direct opposite or destructive and cruel monsters in private! They are harvesting supply everywhere they can steal it from."

Kryptonite, Falling All Around

They’re saying “make it rain” but inside I’m screaming “please make it stop.”

Winter used to be my favourite season, but now I can’t stand it. 224 more words