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Relaxing Sunday afternoon & yet another doodle..

   Not really sure what this doodle reflects but sometimes it doesn’t need to mean anything at all..It’s just a way to escape from reality a little, to be mindful & focused. 300 more words

Art As Therapy

As seen in the 'My poetry' section of my blog


I don’t know where I’m going
I think i’m nearly there
I always want to be in charge
to feed my soul’s despair

Its always in my thoughts… 112 more words

Art As Therapy

Rejoicing In Yourself

I was watching Jesse Duplantis on tv last night.  He’s my favorite tv preacher- so educational, down to earth & funny.  He mentioned a Scripture in his sermon that I never really thought about before: 315 more words

Mental Health

Victim Status

One of the laws of life according to Dinie is that once you’ve been abused there is no undoing the damage. There are scars that cannot and will not heal. 279 more words

Abuse Recovery

Into the sun

Summer has come to my town. Today is a day for little victories. I didn’t hate myself or hurt myself. I was a good leader in the workplace. 97 more words

Abuse Recovery

Dinie's Daughter

I learned everything from a woman named Geraldine. I learned everything from the woman who inspired her and from the fictional character that bears her name. 97 more words

Abuse Recovery

Focus on what is right in your life, not on what is wrong

My higher self gave me this simple but important advice (19 Nov 2014).

When you fall into a low mood wondering if it is all worth it, it is because you are focused on what is wrong with the world and your life, instead of focusing on what is right and possible. 22 more words

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