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Wash the bathrooms, you lazy girl.

I haven’t posted but 3 times this month instead of my usual 30 because first I was on the roadtrip, then when I finally arrived at my new home, my laptop broke; and also my brother has no internet connection. 336 more words


3. A mother really does know best.

There are a few key words that could describe my work environment over the last 5 years. Demanding,Difficult,Remote,Hostile,Draining,and lonely all of the the words used are also words I would use to describe my marriage to Nastily. 1,693 more words

Abusive Relationships

2. Red Flags and an early Indication.

For the sake of the blog we will call my Ex Narc Nastile. Now this is a very basic bit about her to put you in the picture. 2,177 more words

Abusive Relationships

1. There But For the grace of God go I

Having been used abused and tossed away like a dirty rag, I found myself deep in crisis, deep in despair, deep in thought looking, searching, praying for a soloution to make this pain and suffering go away and some answers, It took almost 5 Months before i found them and holy crap did i get more than i bargained for when i did. 326 more words

Abusive Relationships

Healing My Heart. 17Apr2015.

I have experienced two significant changes in my recovery this past week. By “recovery”, I mean the process of emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically coming to terms with the loss of *David in my life. 594 more words


Celebrating 600K Visitors: Urban Photo Safari

To thank all 600,000 of you from around the world who have visited Navigating Uncharted Waters, I want to celebrate by sharing photos from my urban safari last week.   497 more words



“When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

Hopeless. Given up, throwing in the towel. This is pointless and I cannot do this anymore. This is a feeling we all have at times. 1,865 more words

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Remember, dear readers, you cannot fix a narcissist - but people with illnesses will respond to kindness. Let me change that. Everyone will respond to kindness. When I could remember that the narcissist was sick, I was able to remain detached and not become embroiled in his drama. Unfortunately, I could not maintain a healthy headspace and I fell into insanity with him. But it doesn't have to be that way. So that's No Contact for narcissists and following this writer's advice for other troubled people.