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Fall From Grace | 48 Hours

Fall From Grace is linked here, for those who haven’t seen, or would like to know what I’m referring to in regards to mysterious death of Bethany Deaton. 240 more words

Narcissistic parents hate it when you set boundaries..

I have heard all of these said by both my mother and father. My mother especially said that I was acting like a completely different person when I started setting boundaries. 59 more words

Abuse Recovery

Grace and Truth

I had the privilege of attending a seminar on discipling people God’s way this weekend.  I learned a lot from the speaker.  He was an older man, full of wisdom and eager to share it with the couple of hundred people who attended the seminar. 978 more words

Abuse Recovery

Standing Up Against Abuse

My best friends since sixth grade, Maria, and I sat across from each other at a table.  Our children were finally old enough to stay home alone; our husbands rarely allowed us to leave the house when the kids were at an age that required their care.  891 more words

Abuse Recovery

Signs of healing

Yesterday I attended a games night with my husband and daughter. It was held in the home of a member of a club we’re involved with. 892 more words

The benefit of being a receptacle

Why do many of us abused as children continue to partner up with, and befriend those who project their own hang-ups onto and into us? 451 more words

How to overcome the tendency to isolate?

People isolate themselves when they are feeling overwhelmed by life. They may have been hurt badly and not trust anyone or they may be fearful and depressed. 1,206 more words

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