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Sex Education

I was in the fifth grade when I first experienced sex education in a classroom. The school sent parents notes home letting them know they’d be teaching on the subject of anatomy and reproduction and if parents objected or preferred to teach their own children about the subject, they were free to keep their kids out of the class during that time period. 1,451 more words

Mental Illness

When Mothers and Daughters Can't Be Friends

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. The title I chose for this post is the title of a book my own mother gave to me when I was a young single mother, abused and severely traumatized from serious injury to myself from many harmful people including my mother. 473 more words

#Adult Child Abuse Survivor


We had a customer service fiasco at the clothing store yesterday, and I realized that my job is tenuous: one severe customer complaint and I could be unemployed. 502 more words


Wash the bathrooms, you lazy girl.

I haven’t posted but 3 times this month instead of my usual 30 because first I was on the roadtrip, then when I finally arrived at my new home, my laptop broke; and also my brother has no internet connection. 336 more words


Healing My Heart. 17Apr2015.

I have experienced two significant changes in my recovery this past week. By “recovery”, I mean the process of emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically coming to terms with the loss of *David in my life. 594 more words