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The grass isn't greener

When you walk away from a narcisstic marriage, no one says it’s going to be easy. They tell you will struggle. You’ll have trouble finding yourself again. 266 more words


Better Man

We had a dream. We wanted to move to a certain place, our own little paradise. He started a job there yesterday. Things were starting to happen. 640 more words


The Best Part of No Contact

Four years ago I was so sick that I couldn’t get out of bed for more than a few moments. Today I am happily working two jobs and going back to school to finish my degree. 754 more words

Breaking A Generational Cycle


Soooo I guess I’m starting this because I feel awful flooding my friends with my venting, trying to understand what the hell just happened on my date last night, or sending text messages with content that’s TMI even for my closest friends 🙊.. 221 more words

The lie

I did it again. I lied.

My daughter and I were sitting out side and a song came on. I showed her a little dance to it and when he asked me if I danced, I said no. 317 more words


The truth

Ive been dumped so many times in the last week, there were times I couldn’t remember if we were together or not.

My deepest insecurities that I trusted with the man I love have been thrown in my face more times that I care to remember. 662 more words


I did not abandon ship

At least not permanently.

Here’s one that came up again in my memory…

I went to a specific college because an uncle worked there. He was a higher level administrator for a while, which meant he had a secretary. 575 more words