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What is teamwork?

Do people working for the same company not all have the same goal or goals in mind? Do they not all work for the same company? 234 more words

Abuse Recovery

My Parents

Hello readers.

I thought I should give you a run-down on my parents origins, just so you have a basic idea of what we are dealing with. 1,121 more words


Victory Log #10

Father God:
I praise your name. I worship you and give you thanks. I thank you for being able to worship you today. I thank you for another glorious day. 409 more words

Abuse Recovery

Toxicity......when will it ever stop?

When will the toxicity stop? When will the losing end? I’m told that I need to cheer up at work, be more positive. I need to work on my attitude. 248 more words

Abuse Recovery

Victory Log #9

Father God:

Thank you for a glorious weekend. Thank you for allowing me to praise and worship you. Thank you for the projects I was able to accomplish. 242 more words

Abuse Recovery

This road called Recovery....

…… I’ve been on this road called Recovery for almost a year now.  The anniversary date is fast approaching and I’m not sure if I should be celebrating or if I should be scared. 391 more words

Abuse Recovery

Victory Log #8


Thank you for ensuring I got out of bed today.  Thank you for the glorious rest I had last night.  Thank you for the great day today.   376 more words

Abuse Recovery