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Life Stories #6: Emotions are your friend not your enemy.

One of the lovely things about little children is they don’t have a filter. When they look at you they have this incredible capacity to look right into your soul. 1,359 more words

comic strip : childhood memories

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When You're Suffering...

I read a wonderful quote recently & unfortunately I have no clue who said it.  It reads,

“Something very beautiful happens to people when their world has fallen apart: a humility, a nobility, a higher intelligence emerges at just the point when our knees hit the floor.” 379 more words

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The negative health impacts of loneliness

Love this TED talk about the negative impacts of loneliness on our health. So many of us feel deeply alone, isolating to protect ourselves to avoid rejection or abuse, scared to let people close and risk feeling more loss if that person leaves. 66 more words

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Addiction - animated explanation of the science showing the source of addiction

Science now shows that the cause of addiction is not the addictiveness of the drugs themselves, but the underlying reasons for taking the drugs – the emotional pain, trauma, and disconnection/loneliness that users feel. 50 more words

Abuse Recovery

Life Stories #4: Take yourself seriously.

‘Three little words’…again. This time however, these three words will breathe life into your soul like nothing else:

Take yourself seriously.

These words can set you on a journey that you might not have thought possible. 1,810 more words

Life Stories #3: Who gets power over my life?

When you look in the mirror, do you like the person you see?

That’s one of the questions that I posed at the end of… 1,158 more words