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Five Minute Friday: Gather

Joining in with Five Minute Friday: this week’s word Gather. 


I have a running commentary in my head. One foot in front of the other, Helen, gather all your remaining strength, you can do this, you… 508 more words

Abuse Recovery

The Jackpot of All Possible Outcomes.

Okay, recovery –
I had a full night’s sleep and a cup of crappy American coffee, so now I am ready to tackle the subject of recovery from a new head space. 255 more words


When evil forces its way in to your home

I’ve been away for longer than expected.

I’m still not OK but am missing my little online space and my wonderfully creative, and supportive, online community. 1,224 more words

Abuse Recovery

Book Reviews: Abuse in Fiction

I promised I’d weed through the gigillion books at Amazon and find a few gems of self-published work. I’m a slow and meticulous reader, so in no way will this blog turn into a book review site. 877 more words


Hate, Forgiveness, and Self-Control

My mom would often tell us, “You don’t hate anything.” Hate was not allowed in our house.

But when my uncle would visit, he would tell us elaborate stories from their childhood, finishing with, “I hate that woman/man.” 869 more words

Parenting And Autism

Winter Seedlings: Jute Confronts Her Mother

Winter Seedlings is currently on sale for 99 cents. To promote the sale, I’m sharing an excerpt from Winter Seedlings. This is a small part of Chapter 3 when Jute confronts her mother for abandoning her for four days. 1,628 more words


Are You A Doormat?

Growing up with a narcissistic parent often means being a doormat when you grow up.  People seem to have no problem mistreating or abusing you, & are surprised if you don’t tolerate it.   235 more words

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