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I Forgive You

Dear Childhood Sexual Abuser,

Do you ever think about me? Are you haunted by what you have done? How many sleepless nights have you had over the years, tossing and turning, remembering what you did to me? 493 more words


When the Calm Comes

TW: childhood sexual abuse, rape

Over the last three months, with the return of my memories, I have learned and am learning how to recognize when a memory is coming back. 792 more words

Childhood Memories

8/21/17 - Still Trying To Work Out My Life

The small group at Saddleback didn’t work out. I had to reach out because he didn’t respond to the email. He responded to me with a half sentence. 332 more words


Cut Out the Cancer and the Scars Remain

No one is paying attention. No one is ever paying attention.

I suppose it’s my fault. Everything’s a joke to me, everything’s a real laugh, so no one takes me seriously. 595 more words


Just wow.

My son is visiting while I am where I am currently. I won’t say where that is exactly because of safety issues. He was sitting in one of my vehicles on the side of the house talking on his cell phone to his girlfriend when he said a man in a white mid-size SUV pulled up in front of the house with New Jersey license plates. 388 more words

Donald Trump travel, family depletes Secret Service funds for agents

This is the modus operandi of this absolute fucker.  He has a historical record of having people working for him and then turning around and stiffing them for their wage. 112 more words



he liked to play a game with me
a game I hated called pillows
where he would lie on top of me
and wouldn’t let me get away… 202 more words