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Through the wind gusts
bumpy landing
here I am, to learn,
all that I never learned before
story time –
darkness through the generations,
both sides, 40 more words


Installment #4 /But I Didn't Die / a fictional memoir by Tom Evans

The rest of the late hazy Kodachrome summer was a welter of activity consisting mostly of meeting all our new relatives. On Mr. Barnes’ side there was Aunt Annie, Uncle Bobby, and cousins, whose house we had driven by our first day here. 2,491 more words


The Protector

The year is 1999, it’s snowing outside and you are curled up with a blanket. A cup of hot chocolate warms your soul as you wait for your copy of “The Santa Clause” on VHS to play through the trailers. 859 more words


The Last Flower of Summer


There is no trick
in the way daylight travels
across the desiccated earth,
just as there is no trick

in the memory… 121 more words

Weekly Poems

The Family that Judges...

I’ve been doing a lot of reflection lately. Thinking about my past, my decisions, things that have happened, people who have influenced me. I can say with absolute certainty that I’ve never had positive influence, at least from non-fiction sources, until after I was an adult. 1,040 more words


The Cow Jumped...

Daddy, do cows eat sunshine?

Daddy, does grass taste like spaghetti?

Daddy, why are the cows lying down?

Daddy, do cows have secrets?

Daddy, is mummy a cow? 41 more words


Live and Learn

Today is the day that I boldly step over the threshold and close the door to my old life.

Today is the day when I say, “I deserve better,” and begin the search to find it. 348 more words

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