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Everyday Invalidations The Last Word

Who has the last word?  At work?  In team meetings?  During informal chats?  Who needs to have the last word?  Any why?

My working hypothesis is control and attachment to a reality and an outcome the person is seeking to dictate.   103 more words

Thank you ma

Your silence taught me to raise my voice

Every time he yelled at you

You kept quiet

With your lies you taught me honesty

You said you bruised your cheek… 118 more words

Short Story: Nice Guy

Lance sat alone, stirring his Jack and Coke with his finger, gazing morosely at the clock above the bar. He would have preferred to have stayed home, not wanting to meet the woman whom had already kept him waiting almost half an hour, but she had begged and pleaded until at last, in exasperation, he gave in. 2,109 more words

Short Story

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This is a great story, really enjoyable.

Dear child...

Dear child…

You scream and you shout;
You yell and you kick.
You throw your toys out of the cot;
You  throw yourself on the floor. 70 more words


Pralyzed by fear 

Spending nearly two weeks in hospital is giving me plenty of thinking time , not having to worry about getting water , toilet, cooking or any of the things that we humans do to keep alive… 427 more words

Raising awareness about domestic violence because I care & so should you

Domestic violence thrives when we are silent; but if we take a stand and work together, we can end domestic violence.the National Network to End Domestic Violence… 737 more words

Verbal / Emotional Abuse

Perusing library shelves is ongoing in the 360’s section of  the Fulton County Public Library. This is a broad category called Social Problems & Social Services. 898 more words