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What Happens When You Divorce Grace and Truth

Yesterday I was pointed to a post by Jessica Fore in which she shares her side of a long struggle with her church and presbytery over dealing with finding out that she was being abused by her husband. 346 more words


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My friends, prepare yourselves for another exciting chapter from the pages of Strange, But True! Be sure to follow the Link at the top to read Jessica Fore's story.

Gaslight Cafe

​Do you ever find yourself asking: Should I really be angry about this thing or am I just being oversensitive? Probably because someone wants you to feel that way!? 760 more words

One of the things I learned back in college which has helped to keep me safe among snakes for decades now is that sociopaths will pressure you into doing something you are uncomfortable with as a prelude to abuse.

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Revolving Doors

I clutch at my breast

Desperately holding on

My Spirit

Draining from me

My thin walls

Tremor your every step

As you squelched through

Remnants of… 139 more words


Day 10: Relationships

Relationships are a No Go!

So over the years, it’s been a track record for some odd reason that I would get into a relationship and somehow it ends up being my fault. 766 more words

My Life

Rhetorical Questions: Frank Turk

On Friday, December 9, 2016, I had quite the troubling exchange with blogger Frank Turk, a regular contributor to Phil Johnson’s Pyromaniacs blog.[1]  In reflecting on this exchange, I felt it important to take a moment to write about the incident.  3,788 more words



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When I was hellbound and in turmoil,

you looked down on me and felt compassion.

You saw past the ugliness in my life, 283 more words

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