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Use and abuse 

Since when has body become so important?

That you need to feel powerful by using others’ to prove?

The constant tussle between use and abuse… 131 more words



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She sat huddled in the corner of her room. Her back was pressed against the wall, as if hoping for some grounding, some support. 560 more words

No Excuses

The room is dim with the sun just barely peeking through the curtains. My coffee is stale and cold, but I take a sip anyway. I quiver the moment my lips touch the edge of the cup, the cut burns on impact and I quickly pull away. 1,342 more words


52 Sandy Lane

They say love makes you do crazy things, even crazier when you hide from the truth. How many of us have loved someone so much that no matter how much they’ve hurt you, you couldn’t picture yourself with anyone else? 97 more words


"Forgiveness...Even For Me?"

“Trigger Warning” There are some verses in the Bible that assume things about how people are.

There is no commandment in the Bible to love yourself. 933 more words


People are not things

I was thinking about a friend that I have not seen for a while last night, Philip. Philip split up with his wife a long time ago, yet always held a sense of grief about it. 425 more words

"My mum forgets about me when she drinks"

I stumbled across the above quote when investigating charities that offer support and advice for children being raised in an environment which clearly isn’t healthy.  Which lead me to a few charities in Edinburgh which I have links below for. 246 more words