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My Honest and True Assumption

Constance, let’s face facts.

This woman is never going to be seen by the eyes of this paradigm.  It ain’t gonna happen.  Too many layers of judgment, too much weight of assumption, and not enough understanding of the nature of gender orientation and where it resides in a human being. 145 more words

Gender Issues

Art School vs. Mental Well-being

You’re promised as a child that, as you grow up, things will be easier, people will be nicer, smarter and more accepting. You’re told that you will learn how to deal with things, and they won’t be difficult or disturbing anymore. 618 more words


There is POWER In the Blood of Jesus

Many years ago when our two youngest were still at home, we took a vacation in Wisconsin. When Sunday came, we decided we’d drive around and stop at some church we saw. 648 more words

Child Support After Separation

hello  please help me, I was married for two years but we parted due to infidelity,emotional and physical abuse among other things that i wont disclose.However i went to NALEP and we got to sign an agreement regarding our daughters upkeep.The guy paid for upkeep only for 3 months and disappeared to Dubai,i don’t have his contacts and his family cant give me.i have tried……How do i go about legal redress because am totally exhausted from taking care of a child alone….i cant even save.Please help me whoever has a way out am begging.Thank you


Delhi rapist says victim shouldn't have fought back

In 2012 a 23 year old medical student was violently raped on a moving bus in Delhi by a gang of men. After they had finished with her, she was beaten with a metal bar and thrown naked and bleeding from the vehicle. 290 more words


Teaching Our Children to Love Their Enemies

We can raise a whole generation of children who have the capacity to embody what all the great sages have instructed us: Love thy enemy. 912 more words