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I had two very enlightening conversations today with two very different people and after writing my 5 page political science paper about a House member I just had an epiphany.   1,900 more words

Nightmare in Disguise

So I meet this guy at my work. I’m like 18. He’s not super attractive but he’s good looking. He looks maybe 30? I remember the first words he ever said to me “So is there like anything fun to do around here? 1,177 more words


I guess that’s just a word I lost in my vocabulary when I was sexually abused as a child. I never got the chance to have sex in a womanly body and feel sexy. 139 more words

Living Sober in an Alcoholic World

Minimalism loses its hipster chic at the stroke of Happy Hour. Our addictions and cravings for substances are really addictions for a lifestyle. We crave a movie scene and ambiance more than the bottle or joint itself. 298 more words


You take my soul down to the fiery gates of hell

You leave me at the entrance and you wish me well

Before Satan!

I find myself here all alone… 39 more words


In Which I Talk About Some Extremely Private Parts of Myself that I Guess are Pretty Public Now

Dear Reader,

It’s about to get personal… 2,530 more words


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Reblogging this one from a few months ago. I reread it today and realized it probably is the post I'm most proud of to date...and I'd like to get it out to a wider audience now that I sort of kind of have one.


Sometimes, you remember when you could explain every detail of your shoes – because you were accustomed to never looking up. Sometimes, you remember ‘home’ being in the corner of a room that your body could disappear into. 173 more words