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Love has different shades of red

Smack. In one foul swoop I’ve been knocked out. He’s stopped. He’s walked away. It’s the only reason he ever stops. I only ever realise that he has knocked me out when I wake in the same room, but it’s an hour later, my head pounds like African drums. 255 more words



“Tears of a Black Child”

No it’s not poverty nor hunger that causes a child to weep

It’s the constant nightmares that deprives this child of sleep… 164 more words


Oh what a day: living with TBI from domestic violence (With photos)

I am known for my level of intelligence. Words are not had to come by. Well, at least they used to be not hard to come by. 696 more words

Joseph De Riso Is A Psychopath

Pink Eye - Odd Walking Thoughts

The bus was crowded and I didn’t have time.  You crowded me further with your pink eye.  You told me that you could change your eye color at will.   48 more words

Odd Walking Thoughts

Were Veteran's Children Directly Exposed To Agent Orange While Serving With Their Families Near Vietnam?

For a long time, I have found it very confusing and even hypocritical, why veteran’s children are only helped if they are still dependents and in full-time education, if they are helped at all. 988 more words

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Abuse Does Not Discriminate

Of recent times, there has been an incredible influx of reports regarding rape and sexual abuse from all facets of society. I don’t necessarily believe this is something which is ‘new’ to this age and society, rather it’s something that has existed for a very long time. 453 more words

Psychopathic Abuse. No Objective Proof. No Traceable Acts Of Abuse.

And I am disbelieved. Laughed at. I m a laughing stock. And the more I beg for understanding, the more convinced that people become that it s me who is the crazy one. 76 more words