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Gifts from the Ashes...Review

An honest and straightforward auto-biography which includes a Bereaved Mom’s personal Testimony, 183 Topics, Scriptures of Comfort, and her deceased son’s poems. It offers Hope and Redemption to others on this journey of Grief. 225 more words

Words Hurt, Choose the Right Word.

Words Hurts. Always choose the right word. Words once spoken can never be taken back again. Don’t speak when you are angry and frustrated. You might say what you will regret later. 145 more words


Never be afraid to tell your horse off

Horses are big, potentially deadly, animals who have no respect for those below them in the pecking order. If you intend to be handling and working with horses, you have to make sure you are above them in the pecking order otherwise it can put everyone involved at risk. 405 more words


Not worth two cents

I realised one thing about ‘men’. If they have to tear you down first so you talk to them or even give them the time of day they are not worth two cents. 916 more words


Holding Onto Hope

Oops, I meant to share this with my blog fam a while ago, but here’s something I wrote for Progressive Army a little over a week ago:  129 more words

i am ok. i am safe.

i guess i was right in my last post. there was reason my inner self was jittery, anxious, and relentless, and it was definitely time to listen to all of it. 1,026 more words

From the Beginning

Almost 30 with two kids, a Master’s degree and a man who won’t commit. It seems that when life hits with a max amount of stressors, sometimes its hard to pull yourself up. 539 more words