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High Enough

High Enough
by starxcrossedxwolf

When Dabi moved into his new apartment with his younger brother, he didn’t expect to find romance. And he definitely didn’t expect it to be with the stubborn but irresistible Omega next door. 169 more words

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I told him no almost every night. Other nights, I said nothing, just so we could get it done with. Every night, I would just lay there until he was done. 506 more words


What Emotional Abuse Looks Like

Emotion abuse is the most common form of abuse in most people/families, right next to verbal abuse. Although it’s not as harsh as physical abuse (being hit slapped or beaten), it is equally just as harmful and traumatizing to experience. 96 more words


The Enemy

Today I dreamed that I was being raped by the Devil. It had the form of a muscular male with shiny red skin, and the scariest thing about him wasn’t the fact he was physically strong, or that he had pointy fangs like a vampire, or even the big sharp horns on his head. 489 more words

Short Stories

Why Not Leave?

We’ve all heard it… “Why doesn’t she just leave?” As an outsider you see things in a different perspective. As someone who has been on the “inside” of that stigma, maybe I can shine some light for the ones who thinks it’s as easy as walking out the door. 501 more words