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Narcissists who pose as experts on Narcissism, on YouTube, for revenge

Kim Wilson TV on YouTube is not a professional. She’s not an expert on anything to do with relationships, mental health, or life coaching. She’s just a slick talker who can con anyone into or out of anything, who is seeking revenge on her ex. 255 more words

Kim Wilson Tv

Dear Church: It's Time to Stop Enabling Abusive Men

Late last night, the link to an important, powerful article came through my feed on Facebook. The title (used here as my post title, as well) was enough to hook my interest. 593 more words

General Thought

The Last Letter.

Dear Mom,

         I was ready to take it. I was willing to put up with all of it. Dad left us and you blamed me for it. 754 more words

Compulsive Twitcher

I put on my love lab coat and wash and rewash my hands
I don’t want to change you, I just need to understand
The long term effects of relapsing addiction’s demands… 268 more words


Fav. Blog of the Month: Japan Powered

Chris Kincaid runs a respectable blog…one that actually sites the sources he used  As a librarian I suppose that’s par for the course, but in the blog world it’s rare.   90 more words


My adoption; Bessie and Pam.

Eight years older than her younger sister Pamela, known as Pam, Bessie always felt that Pam would copy anything she did. It was Bessie who first started making the weekly trips to Alconbury but, before long, Pam was following suit. 438 more words

Adopted, Upbringing, Life Story

"Keeping Neat and Tidy"

So what do you think? It’s good to tell children to clean up their rooms and tidy up when they have made a mess, right? That seems obvious, right? 162 more words