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Today I was referred to as a heifer. I truly believe it was in a joking manner; yet I found at the closing of the call when I hung up the phone, it was offensive and “I WASN’T LAUGHING!” In technical term a heifer is a female cow that haven`t bore a calf, but in slang or urban term a heifer is a rude comment implying the person is really hefty, fat and so on and so forth. 258 more words


**The Girl On The Train**by Paula Hawkins*5-Stars

The Girl On The Train is a well-written psychological thriller and a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading.

Rachel is an alcoholic who has lost everything. 212 more words

Peg Glover Reviews

Our Love Isn't a Fairytale And That's Okay

It took me a long time to figure out a perfect love wasn’t about little surprises or expensive vacations or even a million, cliche pictures. A few years ago, I had that. 456 more words

Code Purple: Day Six

You saw me
as a blank page
you could draw upon—
jagged lines of expectation.
Circles always closing.
Shadows drawn between us.
My face blurred… 61 more words


Gamer brother

My brother is the devil. He is the most disgusting person in the world. He has no job and no real friends and not in school. 222 more words