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Sorry for the lack of posts

I haven’t posted in a while because everything is getting to be too much to cope with, and there are so many things going on at the moment, and life is basically rubbish. 59 more words


Averse my use averse,
“You’re wordy!” she exclaimed.
Terse as well inverse,
My diction she defamed.

Mislabeled my abuse,
Conciseness was to blame.
Accepting my correction,
My problem she renamed.

Teen Homelessness: The Heartbreaking Reality You Can't Ignore

I want you to know right up front, this post is about something close to our hearts.

This post is not about the latest celebrity gossip. 864 more words


Ongoing Healing

Hi to all of you!  This is a paragraph on Ongoing Healing.  Thanks for having a look!

Ongoing Healing.  A journey that never ends.  As an abuse survivor, making the leap from victim to survivor has been a lifetime of ups and downs.  304 more words


CNN Original: Cruz To Sign Up For Obamacare


Is it true? Watch the exclusive CNN video.

The right-wing Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz seemingly told CNN’s Dana Bash that he will sign up for healthcare through the ACA insurace exchanges – i.e., through “Obamacare.” 48 more words


War Zones and Failed Ceasefires

It was another night of screaming. Another night of hiding behind my bed trying not to make a sound. They were going at it again, my mother and my step-dad, and I couldn’t help but listen. 1,006 more words


When Our Children Are Abused

I wanted to address a topic many of us like to avoid. It is not pretty. It is quite disturbing. Childhood abuse happens, though. We can’t just evade it by hoping it doesn’t exist. 1,270 more words