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Everything’s so fine right now

I have a job

I have money

I have this best friend who in entirely in love with

But still… 60 more words


Casual Coffee Chat: The Beginnings

Let me start off by clarifying that this blog’s purpose isn’t necessarily to provide inspiration porn, nor invoke pity. Instead, it aims to share my raw experiences with the world in order for individuals to gain a broader understanding of the topics at play, and also start some sort of cathartic process within myself in order to improve my perceptions of the world and of myself. 381 more words


Protect His Sheep: An Open Letter to New Testament Assemblies

This letter was sent out last week by the directors of the Galilee Program to all the listed assemblies (“Plymouth Brethren“) in North America. 141 more words


Mice Pit

It was so cold out in the middle of nowhere. The few mice that scurried by were unable to dig. So I dug out a bit of sand for them. 248 more words


Goodbye dad

Recently I’ve been in a bit of a wild chase!

For 36 years my mother has refused to tell me about my real dad. It wasn’t until I was 11 that she informed me that the man I thought was my dad wasn’t. 323 more words

Explosive Reactions are a sign of unresolved pain

I have to keep reminding this to myself. I have to be mindful of when I’m getting explosive. Is it the person? The words? Or the deep seeded pain? 1,322 more words

Mental Wellness

How ICE is Abusing Trans Asylum Seekers

Reporting by Erin Ammon. Photography by Mitch Lensink.

In recent weeks, Americans have been following the news with horror as the United States Government willingly separates children from their families, in an effort to send a message to people who are attempting to flee to safety that they are not welcome here. 1,043 more words

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