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Could it all just be me???

I went to see my younger brother today and as usual we talked about the family. I told him a lot on how I feel and he told me I was wrong pretty much. 364 more words

My Thought....

Signs, Tactics of an Abuser

She won’t leave.  Why won’t she leave?  Or in some cases he.  He is clearly a psychopath and an abuser, EVERYONE sees it.  The signs are there. 1,001 more words

Girl On Fire Thoughts And Notions

end of an era

I wish I had someone to tell my intense realizations to, so blogging about them seems to be the next best thing.

You know that feeling you get, when your at the precipice of radical change in your life? 716 more words

Why Don't You Have a Man?

I was asked the other day as to why I am not taken and I can’t really tell people out in public the real reason, for the fact that society looks down on you for the way you are. 493 more words

My Life

Detriment By Virginia Carraway Stark


By Virginia Carraway Stark

A Nightmare based on truth.

I was sitting in McDonald’s with my older brother who is now deceased and my younger brother who was grown up. 1,702 more words

#Virginia Carraway Stark

Who Is My Mother? Part I

Her dad was a farmer, and she grew up on a ranch in central California. Not the kind of ranch that rich people have, with horses that they show and a fancy house on top of a hill. 813 more words

Childhood Sexual Abuse

It has been a while!!!! I am now a published author...

So it has been two years since I posted a blog here.

There is a good reason. I am still writing. Still have a whole lot of things on my mind and to talk about. 491 more words