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of men and monsters

He’s a good man
and I know he loves me
deep down.

He loves me
when he tells me he despises me
and this I know: 114 more words


Corpse-kicking for Jesus

A Scottish friend drew my attention to a recent letter in the Oban Times by one Donald Morrison, who comes across as a major league retard, even by the notoriously low standards of Scottish Calvinism. 301 more words

Why are they silent as we die?

Sometime last week, a woman was stabbed multiple times in front of a coffee shop in broad daylight. When I heard this, my head immediately started spinning. 1,036 more words


The Tale of the Kitties

I don’t know if I have ever told you, because I don’t tell anyone. I am going to tell you now so you will understand. I am what is classified as a super empath. 937 more words

Domestic Abuse


A sweet gentleman you could’ve been,

Then you said you need to drink.

Beer, whisky, vodka and gin,

There wasn’t a night you weren’t pink. 55 more words

Just Being Me

A DVD I can’t watch for more than a minute.
Black and white photos, each with you in it.
Memories arrive, completely flooding my mind.

82 more words

Working On Writing Again.....

One of the many things I used to do was write Write to just write. Emails for work just flew from my fingers and so many times they were thoughtless. 790 more words