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Calculating Ambiguity

Barely a month goes by without someone asking me when I will marry and I always give them the same answer. I have no intention to marry. 1,601 more words


I was married to a psychopath - Literally!

I was married to a hot, younger, Italian from Long Island who was perfect to look at and charmed his way right into my life. He painted himself out to be the biggest victim out there. 721 more words

30 Signs Of A Psychopath

Family Reunion

The girl in front of me stared blankly passed me as if looking for someone to give her the words to speak. Her eyes glazed over and her eyes dropped to the ground. 1,856 more words


Dealing With a BPD'er

First, what is BPD?

It is an acronym for Borderline Personality Disorder.

The particular BPD’er I had the unfortunate displeasure of dealing with was also a covert narcissist and was histrionic as well. 763 more words


Help women and girls who have been kidnapped by ISIS * *الرجاء مساعدة الآن

Important Change.org Petition

Petitioning President Barack Obama

Help the women and girls from my home town who have been kidnapped by ISIS
Feryal Pirali and Yazda, a Global Yazidi Organization. 376 more words


Doctors Suck

Not all doctors, but there is a greater percentage of them that suck than don’t. And sadly, one of the reasons why many of them suck is because of how they are taught.  1,171 more words


Parent Movie Review: THE ABOLITIONISTS

WHAT’S IT ABOUT: This documentary follows an undercover task force as they take down human traffickers and rescue child slavery victims.

IS IT ANY GOOD? (GRADE: A) Those who’ve seen Taken (the first one, not the rubbish sequels) have been introduced to the heartbreaking, seedy world of child trafficking, albeit through the lens of Hollywood fiction. 401 more words

Parent Media Reviews