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Getting Out of my Chest

If you think that Mental Abuse is lower than Physical abuse, you’re in for a surprise! I never thought in my life I deserve so much control and so much restrictions, even thought, I was living freely, the reality is that when a man place their control over you, there’s nothing else you can do but to leave this relationship or stay caged. 529 more words


What I'm Reading This Week: Letters to the Lost by Iona Grey

Ah, the beginning of not just a new week, but a new year! Do you make a resolutions? What are they? I don’t really do resolutions. 458 more words


Interview with Linda Tillis

Good morning!

I’m thrilled to have debut author Linda Tillis with me today. Linda is the author of A Heart Made for Love, a historical romance published by the Wild Rose Press. 1,020 more words

Amazon Sells Guide Books on How To Make Sex Slaves

Amazon is an amazing website.  You can usually find whatever you want or need and quickly purchase items to be dropped off at your doorstep.  They have thousands of books available to buy for your tablets or to own as a paperback or hardcover copy. 392 more words


Women: Courage and Faith

As I was randomly scrolling down my facebook account the other night, I bumped into this Video of Emma Murphy. She was abused by her Husband and Apparently cheated on her not once, but Twice. 365 more words

Abortion - Why Do We as Women Make "Not-so-good" Choices?

The Story…

INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The Indiana Court of Appeals has overturned the feticide conviction of a woman found guilty of killing her premature infant by taking abortion-inducing drugs. 438 more words

Women's Issues

Two lawyers offer free help and support for female victims of domestic violence

Two lawyers have chosen to help abused women by offering free consultations and representation in court.

Diana Micu Olosutean and Flavia Barbur are two young lawyers that work at a private law firm. 268 more words

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