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What would you do if you knew a victim of domestic abuse was a member of your church?

If you knew that a woman in your church was being abused by her husband, what would you do? Would you get involved and help her? 528 more words

Domestic Abuse

Church, will you not care for the abused?

There are many women like me, Christian women whose men have, through their abuse, torn the very fabric of their lives to shreds. There’s no organic wholeness to the life of an abuse victim, just a grasping terror from trying desperately to hold on. 662 more words

Domestic Abuse

Gaslighting Poem mental abuse

He decides

what is allowed to be discussed 

and what is not up for discussion

He decides

what happened in a given situation

and how you felt… 207 more words

Domestic Abuse

Spotting a Narcissist by Inconsistencies do

Narcissists have inconsistent things about them.  If what they tell you about their past, does not seem to make sense with their current behavior, then pay attention. 1,669 more words

Domestic Abuse

Christian and Muslim in Philadelphia work together for lives of women

The Rev. Emanuel Nasir is a Christian living in Washington Township, Gloucester County. Shakila Rani, who is Muslim, lives in Gujranwala, Pakistan.

Together, they are trying to improve the lives of Pakistani women who are being abused inside the home, are being denied educational and other opportunities, or have become the victims of violent attacks. 129 more words


Abused young women...........

I have a love hate relationship with escorting and prostitution, I can think of so many reasons why I shouldn’t pay for lady’s time, top of the list is ‘using her body for my sexual pleasure’, wow the arrogance in me, the fact that because I pay her well I can fuck her as I please. 767 more words