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The Woman In The Woods: a darkening descent

Many readers typically discuss the darker, arcane side of John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series but – as the 16th book brilliantly demonstrates – there’s a solid private detective story at the core of this convoluted story. 438 more words

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Why does he do that ?

This BOOK helped me to see my abusive relationship for what it was, even many times I talked myself out of it, as I did not want to believe, that it was happening to me, but the book is discussing various types of abusive men, analyzing societal myths surrounding abuse, and answering questions about the warning signs of abuse, click to order.


The Land of Abused Women and Children

Gather the Daughters By Jennie Melamed

Jennie Melamed’s debut novel Gather the Daughters could not be more timely as it comes on the heels of the #MeToo movement, the Weinstein case, and a U.S. 637 more words


If Mamma Ain't Happy...

If I remember correctly one of Dr. Phil’s famous lines is, “If Mamma ain’t happy, nobody’s happy.” I believe a lot of American families do live by this principle. 543 more words

In defense of the TERF, because we are all,in fact, TERFS.

So, I’ve been an online TERF for quite a while now, and I’m more than aware what a murky core lies beneath the surface of trans ideology. 659 more words


2/12/2018 The Evil That Men Do

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This is a website about mysteries and murder. 313 more words

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The Body of an Abused Woman

Those of you who have been to one of my lectures or read my first book, A Bird and the Dragon: Their Love Story: A Memoir… 752 more words