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Making calzone

Every Easter, my mom and sister make an Easter pie that we call calzone. It is not what you would find in a pizza place that sells calzone. 269 more words

Five lessons learned in the fire of abuse

There’s lessons that can be learned from almost anything. Sometimes the lessons are hard-won, and sometimes they just kind of fall in your lap. The lessons that living with an abuser can teach you definitely falls into the hard-won category. 453 more words

Domestic Abuse

Rant about Narcissistic Abuse and Helpful Youtube videos

I do not know what is going on with my wordpress writing software. The last post would not edit properly for me. I could not put any spaces between the paragraphs , and it ended up all one paragraph for the entire post. 527 more words

Domestic Abuse

You're not to blame for his abuse

If you are a woman who is being abused by your husband, you need to know that his abuse of you isn’t your fault. You didn’t bring the abuse on yourself. 395 more words

Domestic Abuse

Women Helping Women...

I can’t share this enough!  Please share! and share some more!

The Younique Foundation is starting to accept applications for women who have been sexually abused..this will be a place where women can go to help heal….thank you to everyone who has ever made a purchase, YOU are helping make someone’s life better…Beautiful makeup, Beautiful company….here is the application for anyone who wants to share it privately or publicly… 17 more words

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What would you do if you knew a victim of domestic abuse was a member of your church?

If you knew that a woman in your church was being abused by her husband, what would you do? Would you get involved and help her? 528 more words

Domestic Abuse