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Dear All,

A confusion may exist in multiple minds as to from where these stories come from? Are they real.. are they borrowed from, are they copied.. 328 more words

Chapter 3

So when I was in 5th grade we moved to a new school district. I made some great friends and I had a few good years. 878 more words

Broken Strings (Ep. 1)

Like a heap of rubble, she laid still. Her head emptied by a strong attempt to think hard about…nothing in particular. By now, he was breathing hard, and her body moved to the fast-paced rhythm coming from his chest. 603 more words


The beginning of the end

The hardest part about loving someone in the forces is the never knowing when you will hear from them let alone see them. We started with letters, which I wrote parts of most nights and would send each week. 1,656 more words