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Idaho Ministers Ordered To Perform Same Sex Marriages

City officials of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho told  Donald and Evelyn Knapp , both ordained ministers, they have  to perform same-sex marriage ceremonies or be fined and face jail time. 112 more words


The decision to leave

With almost 2 million people leaving their church every year – and this number keeps raising – there are just as many reasons for why they finally decided to cut the cord that bound them and leave.   288 more words

Abusive Leaders

Pastor Goes Ballistic On Church Members

Watch as this First Baptist Pastor comes”unglued” moving from pulpit to pew to angrily and arrogantly wake up a “sleeper.”
This leads to an even more serious attack as he spots an uncommitted member.
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"Preachers of L.A." Reality T.V. Show

Narcissism, divorce, adultery,out-of-wedlock children, carnal covetousness,idolatrous greed and flagrant heresy are wedded together though high-profile Preachers in a reality T.V. show that’s scheduled to air this fall. 58 more words


These Middle Men though…

It has taken me some time to be able to articulate this in order to have it come across in a way that doesn’t seem spiteful or bitter or sounds like some form of revenge. 1,387 more words

Spiritual Abuse

Confronting Abusive Leaders by Chris Lawson

All I can say about this video is EXCELLENT! Simple biblical approach and to the point. I am sure there are many people who have gone through exactly what Chris Lawson describes or those who see something that is questionable going on with their church leaders but are afraid or unsure how to deal with the issue. 35 more words


No She Didn't Say "Jig-A- Boo!"

All I can say is Powerful!  Profound!  Penetrating!   PHENOMENAL!

Tim Challies called this “Gospel Thunder!”

I call it a much-needed rebuke of biblical proportion!

Jackie Hill delivers her thundering  “Jig-A-Boo” poem unflinchingly  in front of an audience of nearly 3,000 people. 18 more words