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Domestic Violence

It was a long, dark, and terrifying night for Ishmael, as he rocked his baby sister, on the floor, in the back of his closet, throughout the night. 71 more words

Parting Shots

I’m very agitated right now, very unsettled… even more so than normal.

When I get this way I tend to be emotionally bombarded with especially difficult memories… which only adds to my agitation. 445 more words


My (Slightly?) Narcissistic Mother and Why I'm Starting to Feel Less Guilty

It’s awful when you realize that you’re not delusional and every bad memory hasn’t been warped by time. It’s terrible to realize that you were not wrong in the way you’ve been thinking even as everyone makes you feel like a bad person for doing so. 1,213 more words



Alright, first thing’s first. My family are filled with eccentrics. I suppose I could’ve loved it but I don’t.

Yes, it is amazing to tell others that even though my parents are about fifty years old, they still go on dates almost every night because they… 1,098 more words

Quote of the day # 2 : Dysfunctional home

Children in Dysfunctional homes at risk of abuse are kept in danger for too long, because politically correct rules we won’t challenge unfit parents.

– Michael Gove…

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Dysfunctional Family

Quote of the day # 1 : Scapegoaters

Scapegoaters are insecure people,

who try to raise their own status by lower their targets’ status

– Glynis Sherwood

Do you agree that people who love to step over others are insecure ?

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Dysfunctional Family

the natural history of the self

i am engaged in a reconstruction. my therapist says it isn’t worth the time spent on it. “stop thinking so much about this,” she says, “you’re aging yourself.” i know that i am. 1,310 more words