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You Can Love Your Enemies, But You Don't Have to Invite Them to Dinner.

The holidays can be complicated for adult children from dysfunctional families.

When parents abuse, neglect, or otherwise injure their children through exposure to conflict and parental misbehavior, and force children to protect the “family secrets,” those children develop a host of disorders. 436 more words


Grateful for the Good in Your Life

Thanksgiving is not about the turkey or the football game or the parade. It’s not about just how many family members you’ve gathered around your table or how close your celebration can come to looking like the front of a Thanksgiving card. 1,026 more words

Adult Survivors Of Emotional Child Abuse

Parenting your little one!!!

To the parents who abuse each other at home, physical or verbal.

To the parents who with no mercy beat their children claiming to correct them…. 237 more words

A Gaslight In The Dark

With a smile and a wink, the control is taken. That is how most people come to see manipulation, years after it started. Small gestures and actions that encompass their whole life. 909 more words

When Terrible, Abusive Parents Come Crawling Back, What Do Their Grown Children Owe Them?

Today’s Guest Blogger is Emily Yoffe from The Atlantic who examines the vexed issue of what do we owe our tormentors? It’s a question that haunts those who had childhoods marked by years of neglect and deprivation, or of psychological, physical, and sexual abuse at the hands of one or both parents. 3,268 more words

Complex PTSD