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Child Abuse Reporting

Has a child ever disclosed parental abuse to you? Did you call a hotline about the suspected child abuse?

If you thought they were lying, … 31 more words


Narcisstic Mother Common Sayings & What They Really Mean

Narcissistic Mothers often use a lot of the same phrases. Let’s translate it into what it really means.

“I don’t know how to love you!” = I don’t know how to love myself. 788 more words

Choosing an Apropriate Therapist When You've been a victim of a Narcisisst.

Choosing a therapist is another important topic! I wasted many years in therapy, spinning my wheels, with therapists telling me to “create consistent boundaries” with my NM. 149 more words

How Does a Narcissist Affect Your Health?

I feel like this is a really important topic. I never really sat down and thought about what this constant stress does to our body. I have no doubt that I lost my health due to the abuse. 38 more words


My life has always felt like a house of cards. A house of cards of surrounded by houses of brick and cement. Everyone was inherently given a foundation. 260 more words

Common Narcissistic Mother Traits & Behaviors

Narcissistic mothers seem to have many traits & behaviors in common. I spent years thinking “it must just be my mother.” It wasn’t until I joined groups online that I realized how many commonalities they seem to carry. 1,259 more words

Signs You May Have Had a Narcissistic Mother

Signs you may have been a victim of a Narcissistic Mother

When I say “no” or set a boundary with my mother I feel guilty or uncomfortable, even if it’s in my best interest. 544 more words