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Quote of the day # 1 : Scapegoaters

Scapegoaters are insecure people,

who try to raise their own status by lower their targets’ status

– Glynis Sherwood

Do you agree that people who love to step over others are insecure ?

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Dysfunctional Family

the natural history of the self

i am engaged in a reconstruction. my therapist says it isn’t worth the time spent on it. “stop thinking so much about this,” she says, “you’re aging yourself.” i know that i am. 1,310 more words

Adult Children Of Emotional Abuse

I Don't Mean to be a Bad Mother

ABC (and CBS) After-School Specials were always a treat for me when they aired throughout the eighties.  I think it was at least partly because they promised a story that was accessible to my young child’s age group, while mixing in heavy subject matter that made them something more substantial than the usual cartoon-and-comedy kiddie fare.   1,196 more words

[V] GODIVA - Rain

August 24th 22:47

Steve comes out onto the stage just as the door closes behind Bri. The lights are on, and everything is silent. I look at Tracey who seems embarrassed and then at Steve who looks mortified. 1,498 more words

Psychological Thriller

[II] JAKE - Inadequacy

August 24th 17:28

Two thousand calories for breakfast and lunch.

No excuses, Jake – you’re just not cutting it.

How come all the other guys have six-packs and I don’t? 2,127 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

[I] GODIVA - Disgust

August 24th 22:32

“Godiva, you’re on!”

​I finish applying the last layer of powder, making sure I have enough on so I didn’t look too sweaty before I started my routine. 1,647 more words

Psychological Thriller

Too Much

I felt like I was dying every day. I felt like I was exploding from the inside out. I wish I could explain better…

The feeling where nobody believes you. 196 more words