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I don't talk to my parents

Today I am writing about a difficult and painful subject: Lack of communication between adult kids and their parents. No, I am not talking about lack of understanding that could occur in any kind of relationship and of course to a parent-child relationship. 1,608 more words

All About Family

I'm only 6 years old.

I’ve been seeing my therapist now for 2 months.   I’ve spent most of these sessions talking about how much I want to get more in touch with my feelings, but when any feelings arise, I find ways to distract or deflect attention away from them.   718 more words



The intent of this site is to share some of my stories, and stories of others, to bring out into the light a type of bully personality that I have found to be lacking in areas of information dissemination, that of the Bully Parent. 40 more words

Parents that abuse their children

The woman who gave birth to me, recently sent me something ironic in the mail. It was a pamphlet titled Defending Our Lives, based on the academy award winner for Best Documentary. 904 more words

20 Years of Shitty Parenting

I’m sure you’ve all gathered by now that I don’t speak to either of my parents, and I’m sure you’ve figured out based on my previous posts that it’s for good reason, but I want to explain in detail why I made the choices I have. 3,191 more words

Slam Sunday: "Aftermath" by Chris Nguyen and Em Alves

“I am a pitcher of blood shaped like a boy, and my father clenches a bowl as if he might smash my jaw, empty me and collect my fragments.” 80 more words



He walked away from me.

When the waves were pulling me under a few nights ago. As I was looking up a mental hospital, not wanting to, but not knowing what else to do, I was crying. 511 more words