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Quote 117 - Signs of Narcissistic Parent 16

They never displayed any empathy.

They never asked about your feelings, sympathized with you, or cared.

Dysfunctional Family

Psychology # 61 : Reaction Formation

We human afraid of being rejected or any uncomfortable feelings.

In order to save face and pretend nothing is happen, to protect our self-ego, we may act like nothing is happening and everything is fine. 29 more words

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 196 - Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 10

Many of child abuse survivors still love their parents, and have been fed a constant narrative that they were the problem.

Dysfunctional Family

Psychology # 54 : Closed Handed Family

This is very different from the “closed family”.

Closed Handed family is all members in the family is kind of tied together in a unhealthy way.   53 more words

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 194 - Signs You Grew Up With A Toxic Parent 8

Adult children of toxic parents often don’t really acknowledge that their parents did anything wrong, until therapy.

Dysfunctional Family

Psychology # 52 : Enmeshed Family

A healthy family is one that cherish individuality.  You gained support while manage to develop your own self identity.

In unhealthy / dysfunctional family, the boundaries are violated and everyone is so enmeshed together emotionally. 43 more words

Dysfunctional Family


Warning: Some may find this distressing.  I wrote this thinking of the tough times a friend had whilst growing up.  I spend much of my time with children and wrap them up in cotton wool (take good care of them).   95 more words