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A New Start In A New City.

A bridge of silver wings stretches from the dead ashes of an unforgiving nightmare
to the jeweled vision of a life started anew


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Living With Mental Illness

Quote 125 - Dysfunctional family scapegoat 4

The scapegoat finds him / herself not only rejected by his / her own immediate family.  But possibly by those outside it too.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 124 - Dysfunctional family scapegoat (3)

By blaming the scapegoat for the family’s difficulties, they evade their own responsibility.

Dysfunctional Family

Quote 120 - Signs of Narcissistic Parent 19

Child of a narcissist likely struggle with : self-loathing, trust issues, anxiety or depression.

Dysfunctional Family

Unloved daughters and cultural shame

TW: Parental estrangement, shaming, victim-blaming

In June 2017, Psychology Today published an article about unloved daughters, and how our culture often sides with estranged parents. 809 more words

Abusive Mother

Quote 117 - Signs of Narcissistic Parent 16

They never displayed any empathy.

They never asked about your feelings, sympathized with you, or cared.

Dysfunctional Family