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Wooden Spoons, Leather Belts and Barbed Wire

I wonder why some parents feel they need accessories in order to beat their children.

Is it that their hands, fists and feet simply aren’t enough? 29 more words


Psychology # 2 - Dysfunctional Family

In our culture, we were taught not to judge parents or families.

It’s a taboo or perceived as “disloyal” / “disgraceful”  if you talk bad behind families.   78 more words

Dysfunctional Family

The Life and Death of Mr. Badmouth

Baby, you got a bad bad mouth
Everything is poison that’s coming out – PJ Harvey

A large part of my life has been a struggle for peace. 1,001 more words

My Childhood

And The Truth Shall... Be Ignored Completely

My mom has never been an illicit drug user. She tried things like Marijuana and LSD in high school but she didn’t like the pot and the LSD gave her some pretty intense hallucinations… so much so that even at age 60 she’s still afraid to sleep alone in an empty house. 811 more words


Quote of the day # 5 : Dysfunctional Family

Dysfunctional Families – it’s hard to see what’s going on

when you’re inside one.

Victims have difficulties to identify dysfunctional system because this is what they see, hear and learn over years.

11 more words
Dysfunctional Family

The Funny Thing Is...

My poor mother, I feel so terribly sorry for her sometimes… for her inability to see what’s plainly right there in front of her, for her debilitating inability to think for herself. 1,078 more words


Let's Play A Game

He’s restless and edgy… he drums his fingers against the arm of his chair. The air crackles with tension and my stomach begins to knot up and ache as I watch his eyes wander back and forth as his mind searches for something to do, some game to amuse him. 737 more words