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I am going to condemn the world but not specific characters therein.

I too have committed sin.

I may mention Nero, not my hero, who killed his mother and many others. 100 more words



The circumstantial evidence about my crime is quite substantial.

However my background must be taken into account.

I did not steal a small amount.

I am an orphan at the age of 78. 92 more words


Van Gogh

I don’t want to be like Van Gogh, but I don’t know.

Is his name pronounced Van Goff, had he a cough?

He used to have an ear, come here. 180 more words


Sense Of Humour

I have decided not to abolish my sense of humour.

Rumours to the contrary are just that, a rumour.

Yes I love love and truth and poetry and prose. 182 more words


More Or Less

I could more or less write poetry until I drop.

Non stop.

But why, or more to the point, why not?

Its quite a lot. 57 more words


They Live

Don’t talk of the dead in the past tense.

It does not make sense.

Is Shakespeare here?

Or Oscar Wilde?

Or a love child?

They live in what they did and said. 9 more words



It comes and goes, gets lost again, a memory from when?

Maybe it did not make much sense then.

Now it appears it did and does still. 55 more words