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Cats in Hats | madaboutgreys London Cat Photographer

I was so pleased to be invited to provide photographs Cats in Hats, Sara Thomas’ book of lovely knitting and crochet patterns. Last autumn I put out a couple of model calls for the project through my usual networks and was almost overwhelmed by the stampede of responses (if cats can be said to stampede, of course).   109 more words


knitters' party: petting cats and wool

Yesterday I attended a knitters’ party where we were invited to pet Abyssinian cats:

How active this breed is! They want to know everything and they want to cuddle all the time. 1,570 more words


Along her cat, she tells a story ♥

Good afternoon sugars! Had a great day?

 This post will be about my cute granny neighbour that has a cute cat and a cuter story… 1,269 more words

Stroller Cat

The farmer’s market in downtown Corvallis, Oregon is filled with crafts, vegetable stands, food carts, music and tons of dogs enjoying constant attention from strangers. In the middle of all the commotion I was surprised to see a beautiful Abyssinian cat getting pushed in a stroller. 247 more words


Abyssinian (cat)

Abyssinian (cat) is a breed of shorthaired cat, one of the oldest breeds of domesticated cats. The exact origin of the

Abyssinian is unknown, although it is said to be descended from the sacred cat of Egypt. 119 more words