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A note for Kovu

This isn’t good bye, Bug. It’s ‘I’ll see you later’. Like every other day (the door closing behind me, a quick look in your direction). 33 more words

The beginning of the end

Ok, so the title of this blog post sounds a bit dramatic doesn’t it. But then again, it kind of is a big thing, that thing being writing up your PhD. 1,103 more words


Daily Writing and Daily Reading

I was recently identified – wrongly – as one of those people who does “daily writing”. Although I know the comment was meant positively – an obvious cause for my apparent productivity – I found myself strangely affronted by the idea. 430 more words


ignored crisis #30days #30days2018 by Cherie Ann Turpin

mid 80s era memory from Atlanta
neighbor died in his apt
lonely grad student from GA Tech
mid June heat and flies did their work… 61 more words

Cherie Ann Turpin

academia trabajo

who you see are

what you hear are


echoes from those of the past

who came here and suffered

who departed without speaking their truths… 54 more words

Cherie Ann Turpin

On student finances

Last month I paid off the last of my student loan.

I was one of the first generations of UK students to pay my own way at university. 383 more words


Count....down, please

Sneha Kulkarni asks at the Scholarly Kitchen

Is the deluge of scientific publications taking us closer to unraveling unanswered questions? Or is it adding to the noise that makes identifying the really significant publications difficult?

78 more words