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Poor software interfaces, yet again

Although I teach very introductory programming classes where the focus is on the basics of how to program, I try as much as I can to share with students other issues that will be useful to them as they mature as programmers. 285 more words


Argumentum ad Baculum

According to the American Association of University Professors (as reported by CNN), “In the last year, more than 100 incidents of targeted harassment against professors have been reported on college campuses.” These reactions have reached the level of actual death threats, so that some professors have been banned from campuses, so as not to expose the rest of the community to potential violence. 1,375 more words

Critical Thinking

Recipes for Grad Students: The Office Hour Banana Smoothie in a Used Salsa Jar

Let’s say you’re a grad student who teaches in the morning and takes classes at night. What do you do for lunch between those times? You have grading to do and office hours to keep and assignments to write. 267 more words


Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year to you all!

I have just had 2 weeks of annual leave with zero work, and I feel motivated and refreshed. Never feel guilty having time off. 342 more words


On the conservation of single-author papers

The number of authors included on research papers in many disciplines has increased over time. This editorial in Journal of Applied Ecology is the latest analysis of this trend, finding that published single-author research papers in that journal have declined since 1966 (two years after the journal started publishing). 592 more words


Teacher Sweat Solutions, Ltd.

If you’re a first-time college instructor, you may have heard this piece of encouraging advice on your first day: “Don’t sweat it!” Well, studies have shown that this is physiologically impossible. 453 more words