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Guest Post: A beginner's guide to BDS

This is both a guest post by Brian Goldfarb and cross-posted from Northwood Synagogue’s “Nu” Magazine. Here is his introduction (in blue) followed by the article: 1,634 more words


Post post-publication review

A current meme in science is to use the ability with electronic journals and the like for everybody and their cat to weigh in on a scientific paper; this goes by the rather haughty name of post-publication peer review. 581 more words


The Crunge (of the mentally ill in academia)

Last fall, I made my first-year students do group presentations on the spot in about week 8… and learned a valuable lesson when two excused themselves to go to the toilet. 699 more words


Shades of Open Access

Do you think that published science should be freely available to everyone? Of course you do. Most people do. But like every ‘ideal’ system, there are positives and negatives to OA publishing, some that outweigh others. 1,007 more words


Damned If You Do: (Not) Talking About Rape

This week I was lucky enough to go back to my alma mater, York, to give a paper on rape and patriarchy in Middle English texts. 1,240 more words

Gender History

Grad students today are the worst

Complaining about the latest dysfunctional generation is a familiar pastime and no one should be surprised to find similar cranky exposes leaking out of Vice. Drew Brown’s  562 more words


Educational Leadership

Today in our small group class discussion we spoke about what it means to be a social work educator/leader.

These are some of my thoughts still lingering from the discussion: 226 more words

Social Work