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Scientific Publication Essentials

In examining options for peer review, GG has come to see that clarifying what he thinks is a scientific publication is worth a small digression.  Here are the ingredients: 572 more words


Peers Review

GG has been skeptical of many suggestions about peer review over the years, things like post-publication review, public peer review, publishing via blogs, or outright elimination of peer review. 316 more words



One of the biggest criticisms of New Age spirituality is its ‘commercial nature’. Taves and Kinsella identify shopping / the spiritual market place as one of four major characterizations attributed to New Age in scholarly literature (84-85). 572 more words

Religion / Spirituality

The Miscarriage

I have been dreading writing this post because just thinking about the events that transpired makes me emotional and sad. However, I feel encouraged to share my story thanks to the many comments I have received (in person or online) from other women who can relate to my previous post about been an  academic mama. 1,013 more words


Categories and socks

I was mocked this past Christmas for my response to one of my gifts. I had been presented with a box of six “odd socks”. In fact, although each of the six socks had a different design, they shared a basic background and were all related to gardening, which makes perfect sense given that gardening is my new favourite thing. 244 more words


The Double Edged Sword of Science

Well, it is that time of year when we send off freshly minted graduates off into the real world.  They have sat through speeches imploring them to go out and make the world a better place from their elders and others reminiscing on their times in college before marching to a podium, getting a piece of paper, and discovering that the alumni association is really interested in them. 740 more words