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Rocks and Hard Places

Quite awhile back, GG compared CU (GG’s home institution) with the University of Wisconsin, which was facing budget cuts. At that time, GG’s calculation was that it cost CU about $19,000 to educate an undergraduate in a year, while Wisconsin took $26,000 to do the same thing. 472 more words


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Presentism

I’m trained as an early American historian, so I never anticipated that one day I’d teach a current-events course. And yet, in Fall 2017, I debuted a course called “Learning from the Past: Early America in the 21st Century.” New to my department, I had to market an early American studies course that would draw enrollments, and the best method I could think of was to convince students that the early American past had relevance to their lives. 669 more words


9 Writing Productivity Tips from Food Historian, Ken Albala

With several fellow writers at Brown University, I sat down to discuss writing productivity advice with Ken Albala, Professor of History at the University of the Pacific, who has authored or edited 25 books in the last 16 years. 814 more words


Limitations of using Altmetrics in impact analysis

The number of published papers using Altmetrics ‘attention scores’ as a data source to measure impact is rising. According to Google Scholar, there are over 28,000 papers mentioning Altmetrics and impact. 909 more words


Pay Scales

“Wow, I get to be paid to go to school!”

That was the reaction of GG’s classmate years ago upon learning that, not only had he been accepted as a graduate students at a prestigious university, but that he would actually get paid for the privilege. 1,081 more words


‘‘There is no need to cry’: A guest post from Roberta Magnani

Today we have a first for this blog – a guest post! My dear friend, fellow mermaid and all-round inspiring feminist academic Roberta Magnani reached out and asked if she could write something for this blog, and of course I was delighted. 1,187 more words



I have loved writing this blog over the last 5 years; I couldn’t have completed my Ph.D without it.

But it’s time to move on! 30 more words