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Let's debunk the Nakba lies

This Sunday, the 15th of May, was “Nakba Day”, or “Disaster Day” if you want to translate from the Arabic. The Arabs instituted it as their answer to Israel’s Independence Day and mark it on the civil calendar date, as opposed to Israel’s Hebrew calendar date of 5th Iyar. 1,417 more words


Stop the Presses!

Ah, it is a glorious moment when the Grumpy Geophysicist finds a kindred soul writing a column in Nature that conveys a message GG has felt needs to be broadcast: 288 more words



Ah, spring, that time of year when students freshly burdened with debt and parents newly freed of tuition bills celebrate the graduation of those students into the broader world. 256 more words


"Is Science Bullsh*t?"

John Oliver’s answer was an emphatic “no,” but he went on to show how much of science reporting is–nothing surprising to those here, one presumes, but it is worth… 508 more words


More Media Attention! I'm OVER HEEERE!!

Years ago, scientists did their thing, published their papers and lived a quiet, retiring life.  But now expectations are that they will also shill their findings, no matter how trivial, to a world waiting for some new click bait. 128 more words


She Was Given Lemons...

Hey guys,

If you could click the link below, read, and share it with your peers, your sister, your dog–whomever!–it’d mean a lot. Thank you :) 6 more words