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You Can Tear Down My Words

My staff has asked me to pass on this email, dear Reader.

From: Bob, Salty (Ass.Prof, Runeological Studies)
To: All-staff (China, UK, Kazakhstan)
Subject: Petit-bourgeois sensibilities… 95 more words


A Message from Salty Bob

Dear Reader,

There has been an email.

In case it has unaccountably been placed in your spam folder, I cite it below in full.

‘From: Bob, Salty (Ass.Prof, Runeological Studies) 163 more words


Antisemitism on Australian and American campuses, masquerading as anti-Zionism

Having written about the increasing antisemitism and delegitimization of Israel on British campuses, it is dreadfully sad to find that the same disease is afflicting campuses on the other side of the world, davka in Australia which is one of Israel’s most stalwart allies. 2,025 more words


Antisemitism on British campuses, masquerading as anti-Zionism

This depressing subject has been covered extensively on this blog and elsewhere yet it never seems to go away. On the contrary, it seems to get worse from year to year, especially around the time of “Israel Apartheid Week” which mysteriously extends for a month or more. 1,899 more words


Bye bye academia

I’m having a break. At least for the next six months or so I will be working in the real world at the foreign languages desk of an international news agency in Berlin. 711 more words


Humanities vs Science: is writing a dying art?

Mentioning the word ‘humanities’ in a room full of scientists is pretty risky. For some scientists, there is a stigma attached to the study of ‘arty’ subjects. 991 more words


Continued College Myopia

Yet another piece in the NY Times predicting the imminent demise of universities.  Honestly, you’d think the failure of books, correspondence courses, video courses and other such remote learning environments to displace colleges might have made the author more cautious about predicting that just adding some proof of completion of a course of electronically-completed study would be the magic bullet to slay the academic beast. 518 more words