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Blocked: On Anxiety & Productivity

Yesterday I had to face an uncomfortable truth: I have writer’s block. This isn’t related to one specific piece of writing, but instead reflects a more general malaise in my academic writing. 786 more words


Libraries as temples to learning

Contrary to the typical academic, I do not like working in libraries. I love books, but prefer to surround myself with them in my office or on my sofa, rather than shut myself away in a room with them. 255 more words


Time mag runs witty parody of hysterical feminist calling Emailgate a war on women

From my latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum

Lakoff: They used her name

Those wags at Time magazine are soooo funny!

I nearly choked to death laughing at this hilarious parody of a kneejerk feminist reaction to FBI Director James Comey’s just-announced probe of  those Hillary Clinton e-mails his agency discovered languishing on a laptop in Anthony Weiner’s digs.

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Disgusting display of anti-Israel violence and thuggery at UCL

An utterly outrageous display of anti-Israel bigotry took place last week in what should have been a “safe place” (to quote the favourite phrase of modern progressives) for Jews: University College London (UCL). 1,982 more words


Change, or something.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of feelings.

The kind that make you sit down and write a piece for the blog you’ve been otherwise ignoring on and off for the past two years. 1,220 more words

Crimes Against Science

Many years ago, GG was fortunate enough to take a field seminar class taught by Bob Sharp at Caltech (it is for him that “Mt. Sharp” on Mars is informally named). 499 more words


On 7 years of Ecology Blogging

I have been blogging here at Ecology is Not a Dirty Word for 7 years this month! Thank you to everyone who has read and shared my posts over the years! 1,088 more words