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Guest Post: Writing the Book Proposal

Today’s guest poster, Craig W. Gill, is the Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Director of the University Press of Mississippi. He has worked at the Press for more than 17 years and has served in publishing for almost 25 years. 1,135 more words


Is a good science talk really a bad science talk?

One of the mantras drilled into the heads of graduate students as they prepare their oral meeting presentations is “tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you told them.”  The point being to make sure that the audience knows what you think is important.   461 more words


California U. aproves a U.S. history course that teaches no history but plenty of "diversity"

My latest blog post for the Independent Women’s Forum:

Missing from the syllabus: the Civil War

Don’t know much about history….

And you really won’t if you’re a student at California State University-Sacramento, where the administration has just voted to allow undergrads to use a course in Anthropology 101 to fill a state-mandated course in American history as a requirement for graduation.

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Award Reception Photos!

Hi, friends!

I promised official photos of the Calvert Award Reception, so I’m leaving a couple here.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. 57 more words


On Trigger Warnings

Working on a college campus, at a sexual assault support centre, I am acutely aware of the ongoing conversations around trigger warnings in academia. Though the furor has slowed of late, I read just about every think piece coming down on either side of the issue. 1,307 more words


Spiders and Lego

If you’ve been following me on Twitter, or read my previous blog post, you’ll know that this week I’ve been playing with Lego! 568 more words

PhD Life

Teach to what metric?

How should we reward the teaching component of university faculty’s work?

You might think this is obvious: you reward those who teach best.  OK, great–more student learning is the goal.   609 more words