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In which Ryan takes pictures of me.

It’s not really a big secret how much I love academia. I’ve been extremely lucky in the opportunities laid out in front of me; being able to do a BA and MA back to back (or either at all) is something I’m incredibly humbled by and, hopefully, I have not disappointed the people who helped me get to this point. 205 more words


The game is the “Game” ... and the “family resemblance concept”

Read a corking paper a coupla days ago, called “A dynamic conceptualization of power for sustainability research.” Definitely one that – despite being clearly written – that I will need to return to. 194 more words


A landmark for contract & commercial management

The launch of the Journal of Strategic Contracting & Negotiation is a momentous event for anyone who cares about the field of contracting. For the first time, there is a dedicated academic journal that will promote and consolidate research in this area. 176 more words

Contract / Commercial Management

Dr. James R. Doty: What Is a Life of Meaning?

Nicolae Tanase: Dr. Doty, what is the meaning of life?

James R. Doty: I will rephrase the question to ask what is a life of meaning? 205 more words


Your academic tour guide: a.k.a the mentor

I don’t know how academia works.

This week I met a new mentee through a university-wide mentoring scheme.

We are from completely different faculties, departments and fields and I think this kind of interdisciplinary mentoring is fantastic. 

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On rejection, confidence, and breaking in pumps

Hi folks,

It’s been a rough few weeks for me here in the precariat. Since I submitted my PhD (well, actually, going back earlier than that) I have been pushing very hard. 799 more words