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Why I enrolled in (and failed out of) a graduate program I didn't care about

Last week, I took a final exam that will determine my academic future.

That may seem dramatic, but there’s a lot more to that statement I’ll work to unpack. 714 more words


Back to Campus

Today is the day I have to report back to work… though there isn’t anything specific I’m supposed to be doing. It’s odd, really. The idea is that we’re supposed to be available for advising, but there are no set hours or requirements for advising before registering for classes. 254 more words


Afternoon coffee 2017-08-17 - Dunkirk and the need to embrace mysticism

Rod Dreher, “Mysticism and the Benedict Option” at The American Conservative = http://www.theamericanconservative.com/dreher/mysticism-the-benedict-option/. Dreher has been publishing several articles in response to the protests and violence at Charlottesville. 1,153 more words


SE 11 Ep 19 Knowledge And Self Analysis: A Hybrid Approach

In this episode I talk about my self guided study of psychology, include a brief self analysis and talk about the benefits and pitfalls of my reconsideration of academia

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Nicnac Podcast,

Book 512: Worth Waiting For (Heart of the South #1) - Wendy Qualls

This isn’t the first and won’t be the last time I say this, but I’m not sure what sort of literary gem the readers of Goodreads expected when they picked up this M-M romance. 730 more words


Conference flashbacks

I’ve given a fair number of conference presentations during my time in graduate school. I have mixed feelings about conferences – if it’s a good location and your friends are going, why not go on a department-funded mini-vacation? 1,105 more words

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