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Sobre engordar: felicidade versus medo

Essa semana me pesei na academia e vi que já estou com 50kg. Acho que sou uma das poucas pessoas na academia que fica feliz quando sobe na balança e percebe que engordou. 158 more words


Rebranding a Research Institute: 6 Steps to Success

Whether you’re a research institute seeking new grants or a university trying to recruit students, the messages you send to your stakeholders can make you – or break you. 668 more words

Science Communication


This week I have started reading around the concept of identity, specifically student identity in relation to my thesis. I am beginning to realise that because I am focusing upon the individual narratives of students notions of identity underpins my entire thesis . 507 more words


Bonus points for referring to yourself in the third person.

"You Did Not Use the Standard Nomenclature and Terminology of Embryology!"

When I was an undergraduate there were two things I hated more than anything else. First I hated being forced to memorize and regurgitate. The best example of this was… 1,537 more words

Nerdy Tumbleweeds

You may ask yourself: how did I get here?

“How many of you are taking this course to fulfill the humanities requirement? It’s okay. Be honest.”
At the beginning of a new semester I always ask this question of my students. 752 more words

Classical Studies

A Comparative Study of Academia and Weight Watchers.

‘I’m a fucking genius!’

That was my initial thought when I came up this hypothesis:

Doing a Ph.D. is a lot like getting an annual subscription to Weight Watchers. 438 more words