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It should be personal

“We can have such a good life together, I am sure we can” she used to tell me. Her words are in my mind and buzz around like an annoying fat summer fly. 841 more words


How not to start a degree program

(This is one of those posts that I can’t guarantee describes up-to-date events or the specific person involved, but all of this is true.)

1) Have someone who won’t be involved in the program put together the initial strawman (under duress due to campus financial difficulties) with little input from anyone who would have a stake in the program. 427 more words


Rejection and acceptance

The thing about academic life – especially casual/un(der)-employed academic life – is that you are constantly putting yourself, and your work, out for judgement and scrutiny. 256 more words

Interview and an offer

Okay, so I hadn’t written about my last interview yet, but that’s because I haven’t even been home from it for 48 hours– and i already have an offer from them! 1,313 more words

Grad School


He’s hearing bad, bad news. 

“People are strange when you’re a stranger/

Faces look ugly, when you’re alone” – Jim Morrison


Enriched quote from: … 986 more words


Body Intelligence

Body Intelligence (an excerpt)
by Rumi

Your intelligence is always with you,
overseeing your body, even though
you may not be aware of its work. 112 more words


MyPal podcast episode 7: Is there too much technology in healthcare?

In this episode of MyPal Dr Amara Nwosu discusses a recent article from the BMJ by Bjorn Morten Hofmann, University College of Gjovik which poses the question of whether there is too much technology in healthcare. 45 more words