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Paper: Exposition of LBC IX

The free will of man has become such a hotly contested subject in today’s modern church, particularly with the imbalance in perspective that comes from both reformed and Arminian viewpoints. 74 more words


When science meets freakonomics

I subscribe to a couple of podcasts, and usually use my long runs to catch up with some longer episodes. As I am a slow runner, yesterday I was able to listen to two new episodes of different podcasts, and listening to them in sequence made me think about the connection between them. 1,402 more words


Ninety-five percent of people are fine -- but it's that last five percent

How Airline Workers Learn to Deal with Passengers” reminds me of teaching; I’ve spent a bunch of years teaching college students and being a grant writing consultant, and I suspect that part of the problem airline workers experience is simple and akin to the problems I experience: 95% of people are fine, but that last 5% can occupy a lot of time and mental energy.* So there’s a temptation to become somewhat armored against that last 5%, which impacts interactions with the vast majority of people, who are normal and reasonable. 571 more words


Science Resists Communication

There’s a stark difference between how universities and other scientific institutions handle the dissemination of their knowledge. To me, universities are often like dragons sitting on top of heaps of gold in remote mountainside caves. 1,696 more words


Epistemological Rigor

“Cvejić argues improvisation’s epistemological lack of rigor due to its reliance on the practitioner’s experience within the frame of the ineffable…” Bell, p.111

from Biba Bell’s review of… 322 more words

Science has outgrown the human mind and its limited capacities

Ahmed Alkhateeb

is a molecular cancer biologist at Harvard Medical School. His work focuses on the development of analytical platforms to improve research efficiency in biomedicine. 1,343 more words


CFP: H. G. Wells and Bernard Shaw: Socialism and the Irrational

H. G. Wells and Bernard Shaw: Socialism and the Irrational
London School of Economics and Political Science, London WC2

23 September 2017

Close friends and – at times – bitter rivals, H. 303 more words