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ARTICLE: Ginzberg on Women's History, Mainstreams and Cutting Edges

Lori D. Ginzberg, “Mainstreams and Cutting Edges.” Journal of the Early Republic 36, no. 2 (2016): 319–25. doi:10.1353/jer.2016.0020.

Ginzberg writes: 218 more words


64 days to go


Yesterday was a mixed day. We got the grant submitted (woohoo!) and, in my humble completely non-biased opinion, it should definitely be funded because it’s an awesome project. 700 more words


Impact Factor - Movie Review

Viewers will make a certain presumption about this film. I made it, too.

About five minutes in – after a glance at the publicity material, the sight of Jean Claude Van Damme’s name, the rollicking credits sequence, the explosion of the title out of a mesh of paper and pens, and Van Damme’s first appearance in the film – I felt that validation was coming. 940 more words


What is a study group and why should you start one?

Ask any PhD student what the most difficult aspect of their research is and they are likely to tell you something about the problems associated with working alone. 729 more words


Being a grad student is a lot like being a startup - Part 1

Most of the entries I’ve written for this blog explore the indirect ways in which grad school prepares people indirectly to succeed outside of academia. A few days ago, though, I had a realization — this comparison is actually a two-way street. 809 more words

Getting Grants, Getting Published and Staying Sane: Life After the PhD

As I near the end of the third year of my PhD, what comes after is starting to loom increasingly large on my mind. As a result, I signed up for an event organised by History Lab Plus about life after the PhD. 795 more words


Challenges faced by biotechs and academia in “David & Goliath” R&D partnerships

This article is guest contribution by Robert Thong.

The trend of big pharmas partnering with small biotechs and academia continues unabated—scores of new deals were announced in the first half of 2016 alone. 715 more words