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David R. Loy: The Meaning of It All

“The more the universe seems comprehensible, the more it also seems pointless.”

—Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate in physics

The most important thing that humans create is  1,007 more words


Musings from a Soon-to-be Graduate

Last year, I was walking to class one day and another student was talking on his phone in front of me. Snippets of his conversation floated back to me and one of them was: 726 more words


No, you should NOT be writing right now. Writing guilt is the eating disorder of academia.

Quick question: What should you be doing right now? Your answer is “God, I should really be writing!”? Congratulations. You’re an academic.

As @AcademicsSay eloquently sums up time management in academia: 1,154 more words


Making the Most of Your Time in the Archives: Research Technology

As funding budgets shrink, many historians face increased pressure to make the most of their time
in distant archives. For a number of years now, a lot of researchers have favored a good digital camera, which (theoretically) allows for a faster gathering of primary source materials than traditional note-taking methods. 1,169 more words


"They don't even touch a good text-book!"

“They don’t even touch a good text-book!”

This line is a very common refrain that one often hears in faculty rooms or professors’ cabins, in engineering colleges in India. 3,485 more words