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Listen to the Elderly

At the University there’s a class offered with a local acting troupe, the Geriactorsthe Geriactors, which is a troupe made up of elderly people that specializes in intergenerational theatre. 391 more words

The Project

88 hours to go...ganbarou! (i.e. strive!)

Yes…I am tired.  Even after going to bed at 6:30 PM last night and waking after 12 PM today (though I don’t think I really got up until 2 PM).  541 more words


Misogynistic, Lesbo-Hating Nonsense.

You know when you read something and you get so cranky you can’t contain the rage? That only happens when I read someone on the left who I either admire or previously admired, say or write something so ridiculous and misogynistic that it takes my breath away. 360 more words


stop inviting racists to speak at colleges

There’s something that unsettles me about the idea that we should welcome “controversial” guests (often shorthand for virulent racists or misogynists) being invited to speak on college campuses, or that it’s an example of how the American college campus is this bastion of free speech where students have to face up to difficult ideas and be challenged intellectually. 593 more words

People Of Color

#Australian #climate politics - a crazy week explained

The policy oscillations around a price on carbon in Australia are one of the few sources of reliable and seemingly endlessly renewable political energy.  This article tries to answer the following questions… 6,942 more words


Anthropology Action Plan: Institutional and Professional Work, Post-Trump

Following on from my earlier post, this is a preliminary list of three ways we can utilize our existing expertise and institutional strengths as anthropologists, specifically our existing roles as researchers and teachers in universities and colleges. 1,676 more words

Mastery-based Grading (for Moderates)

Last week I gave a short presentation on teaching to a group of faculty at my institution. I decided to talk about an experimental assessment method I’ve been thinking about privately for the last three-and-a-half years (ever since… 1,243 more words

Philosophical Method