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Responses to the sexist review by PLOS One

There has recently been a lot of attention on the journal PLOS One and their handling of a heavily gender-biased review received by an evolutionary biologist on a manuscript about gender differences in the Ph.D. 361 more words


Finding Time

It’s hard to find time at the moment for anything, it feels like. I have a huge mental list of things I want to do and I only get a fraction of them done. 1,902 more words

Sewing FO

The "Wow" Factor in Creative Writing Vs Applied Linguistics

I distinctly remember the first time it happened. It was after I’d graduated from my creative writing degree and begun my applied linguistics degree. A family friend I hadn’t seen in a while dropped by the house and conversation naturally turned to what I was currently doing with my life. 540 more words


Brain dump...sorry everyone ;P

Yey.  Classes are out (!), and I think I did pretty well; I know for certain that I got A’s in two (out of three) classes.  1,058 more words


Historians in Britain need to ask the right questions about Europe

Following the surprise result of the General Elections earlier this month historians in Britain have reopened the debate about Europe. Depending on where you stand, Britain is either part of Europe, or a strange place across the Channel you can travel to. 591 more words


Grouchy Musings on Teaching, Part 2

I have issues with some of the advanced teaching strategies as I see them implemented in my department. (Flipped classroom, I am looking at you, and all other… 879 more words

Grouchy Musings on Teaching, Part 1

The spring semester is over! After months of heavy teaching and service, with a large helping of grant writing, I am now happily heading into 3.5 months of summer, which means a) frantically writing up and sending off several papers for publication, which had been sitting on my desk for longer than I care to admit; b) spending as much time as needed with some stuck graduate students, so they’d get unstuck and be able to move on with their projects; c) several complicated trips to conferences (no, it’s actually not glamorous or exciting), each with a jam-packed schedule of giving 2-3 talks at different meetings over the course of a week in order to maximize exposure per travel dollar. 1,274 more words