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Certain. Things. About. Life in our. Century.

Make me. Stop.

And think:

For example. When choice overwhelms.

Ain’t it.

Much easier.

To believe in our. 168 more words


Manning Clark on making the most of faculty meetings

I have been reading Manning Clark’s A Historian’s Apprenticeship – a short book about writing the 6-volume History of Australia.

He sketched many of his initial piecemeal ideas and impressions in a little black book – ‘I began to write down ideas in all sorts of places’. 136 more words


The Sky is Falling (At University)

(Caution: This piece shouldn’t be taken as an excuse to ignore the structural issues in our larger society regarding class, ideology, race, and gender, among others. 1,632 more words


Tales of becoming a public anthropologist

Academics are increasingly called upon to apply their skills and knowledge to public problems and issues. In New Zealand as elsewhere we’ve witnessed a growing public and political appetite for universities to make knowledge accessible. 875 more words



Hop over to Twitter and check out the two-day-old hashtag, #thanksfortyping. The creation of UVA mediaevalist Bruce Holsinger, #thanksfortyping aggregates screen shots of book acknowledgement excerpts in which men thank their (typically) unnamed wives (and sometimes their daughters) for typing their scholarly works. 104 more words

The Thin Line Between Success and Something Else

Five years into my graduate school career, I was in a bind. The guaranteed money provided by my school had come to an end, and I had no recourse but to stitch together external funding sources  for however long it would take to finish my dissertation. 694 more words



If your big idea is “People who are different from me aren’t smart enough to have a rational debate,” you don’t get to act shocked when people don’t want to have a rational debate with you.