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Video: Issue lifecycles, a not-even-beginner's guide

First, a public health warning. I am not yet clear enough on the distinction(s) between issue attention cycles and issue lifecycles to make this video. I’m doing it, therefore, to get Shot. 504 more words


Academic Diaries: The Student Planner

When I was younger, one privilege I got to enjoy was the ‘back-to-school’ shop. As the years went on and I became more responsible for my choices of study, I became fascinated by the range of options open to me in terms of stationery and filing: would I use plastic wallets this year? 932 more words



Philadelphia, March 16th – 19th

Nineteenth-century bodies were poked and prodded, characterized, caricatured, corseted and cossetted, disciplined, displayed, naturalized, normalized, medicalized, mapped and mechanized. 345 more words


Understanding Sources: the source of it all

Laura Sangha

Primary sources are where histories come from. The stuff left over from the past that by accident or design has survived down to this day is the lifeblood of historical study. 1,202 more words


The "Science" of Happiness

Positive psychology, self-help, the science of happiness.

I recently watched a documentary called “Happy” about what brings people happiness and joy. The documentary interviewed many psychologists, neurologists, and other “happiness experts” as well as surveyed many different cultures around the world (but notably did not include a single Muslim nation or culture). 202 more words


Thoughts on women in science and the new Ghostbusters film

So the new Ghostbusters film is pretty silly, low brow, irreverent fun… just like the original. It’s a universe where ghosts are made of the gunk they used to use on the old TV programme Get Your Own Back, it was never going to be on par with… 1,181 more words