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Climbing from the Abyss? Not sure on that... #AdlFoI

Barry Jones really is a living legend. The list of his achievements and honours is very very long.  But…

But this.

When Jones gave the Don Dunstan Oration today ( 481 more words


I’ve seen the Future baby, and it’s... social media #AdlFoI

Dr Fiona Kerr (of Adelaide University; all the best people went there) gave a barnstorming tour through the brain (her day job), and talked about the impacts on it of prolonged exposure to new technologies.  429 more words


Sustainable jobs in sustainable communities #AdlFoI

“Sustainable” is one of those motherhood-and-applie pie words (fnords,if you will) that don’t offer clarity. However John Spoehr, Heather Smith (a friend) and… 329 more words


Athenian Democracy? A few funny things will need to happen on the way to the forums… #AdlFoI

Nicholas Gruen started out with a stark example of the limits/dangers of ‘Vox Pop Democracy’. In the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis the Obama Administration asked for people’s suggestions/priorities. 338 more words



Kali ini, saya ingin berkongsi antara koleksi tafsir yang agak ‘rare’ bertajuk: Al-Jawāhīr Fī Tafsīr Al-Qur’ān Al-Karīm Al-Mushtamil ‘alā ‘Ajā’ib Badā’i’ Al-Mukawwināt Wa Gharā’ib Al-Āyāt Al-Bāhirāt. 715 more words

Lembaran Diri

the wait/pinching skin

the wait

the week has made me impatient

excuses and reminders, arrogance and apologies

I’m steeling myself

by talking with a clipped tone

I sound like my Sunday school teacher… 338 more words

Watch this space!

I’m coming to the end of a fairly gruelling session of casual/sessional/not-remotely-tenured teaching, which has been really rewarding, but hasn’t left much time for casual writing – hence me not posting anything here since July. 21 more words