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Fragmentary, No. 11

My wing is ready for flight,
I would like to turn back.
If I stayed everliving time,
I’d still have little luck.

—Gerhard Scholem, “Greetings from the Angelus”

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The Cambridge Approach

I wanted to go to UCL. I applied to Cambridge partially out of curiosity to see if I would get in, partially out of a sense of duty to the quasi-intelligent, middle class life path that my family undoubtedly wished for me. 694 more words

"Of Course You Know...": Deconstructing the Privilege of Knowledge

Some time ago, a colleague of mine was leading discussion in class, and he offhandedly remarked that, of course, we all knew that Aristotle had spoken of the same issue we were discussing in his  799 more words


"The Intellectual Yet Idiot"

Image: http://www.libertyblitzkrieg.com

It seems that I am not alone in my rejection of the “intellectual-idiot” status quo. The “intellectual-idiots” have brought humanity and the planet to the very brink of annihilation, and yet, these self-proclaimed geniuses are never, not even for a moment, willing to reconsider what they pander as being the absolute truth; or, in reality, religious doctrine/dogma in the guise of ‘enlightened reason and knowledge’. 516 more words

Political/Social Issues

Notes on presenting a Soundscape

The physical environment Indoor environments are better because of how the sound travels in space. The soundscape maybe tailored to the type of space it will be presented in. 22 more words

How to Excel at Being Average

In the last five years, I’ve begun two endeavors at which I am decidedly average.

Graduate school.

And running.

Let me explain.

After the Olympics this summer, I thought a lot about what it means to be “one of the best in the world,” a “superhuman,” and what it means to be an ordinary, everyday person. 1,222 more words


the fractured wrist

still writes.

It learns shapes it must make again, the distance to cross after ginastera’s
gliss, a New fluency. Calculated.

It does not always write self-sentences. 118 more words