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I realise what I feel more and more is the integrity I have transmitted to my children – the need to live with integrity, with grit, with fierce determination and entirety – is not something I have been able to live my own life through; really, not at all. 412 more words

Me To Yous

Lying about Islam: Daniel Tutt

Sometimes, on this site, one “useful stooge” leads to another. It’s not surprising. These stooges tend to move in packs. It’s that lockstep-ideology thing. Strength in numbers – or, actually, cowardice in numbers. 623 more words


Some Thoughts on Post Doc Interview

Many of us graduate students will have to interview for a post doc some time during our graduate school career. How to successfully prepare for a post doc interview is something many of us has thought about. 856 more words


What's the Use of History? A Postscript

Having already devoted my two last posts to John Pepall’s attack on “university historians”, I don’t wish to go on beating a dead horse. But inasmuch as I find his take on the nature of history’s relevance misguided, and his understanding of history as an academic discipline factually incorrect, I am loath to leave the subject on a wholly negative note. 1,048 more words


YWCA Mini-Con

The YWCA in Wheeling is holding their first Mini-Con this Saturday May 27th from noon to 5pm.  The event will be on the 2nd floor. 239 more words


the professor's omerta

Last week, we got into a discussion about advising relationships that don’t work. In the comments, Ashley Duester posted the following:

I have encountered a sort of code of silence and protectionism among professors in which they routinely engage what I can only refer to as “pledges of loyalty” to the college of professors to which they belong.

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Lessons from my Master's Thesis

I submitted my Master’s thesis last week. The whole project unfolded over the course of about 15 months, with the most recent 9 months being markedly more involved. 538 more words