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The (relative) thanklessness of working on the internet

Warning: this is a stream-of-consciousness (more so than usual) sort of entry.

Not long ago I was on a conference panel called “meet the editors”. All of the other panellists were (are) in charge of a printed publication, peer-reviewed or not, and I was there in my capacity as a web editor. 944 more words


NOSTALIGA: a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

As much as I have enjoyed starting on my exponentially growing reading list for next year, last week my mind began to feel strange, foggy almost, each time I settled down to work. 1,008 more words


When to reveal a pregnancy after loss

First, I should say that I’m so grateful that I even get to consider this question. :-) We went in for another quick heartbeat check this morning at 11w1d and everything was still looking great.  1,670 more words

‘Geography Flies’ Through Years of International History

By Benjamin Newman and Hannah Awcock

As the International Conference of Historical Geographers drew to a close, amidst bids from St Petersburg and Warsaw to host the next meeting of the conference, Innes Keighren took to twitter to write that it was: 1,008 more words

Historical Geography

"Remove your sandals..." (An essay on how hard it is to know where Catholicism is and isn't)

I am almost always in the middle of thinking of how to make sense of something Catholic – in general, yes, but also in terms of the context in which I live. 1,730 more words


Museum Trip

So of course, my family has cancelled the plans we’ve had for three months to go to a museum for my birthday.

Not like I was super looking forward to it or anything. 83 more words


How I became a baby scientist

In his popular science book Baby Meets World, Nicholas Day insightfully and accurately sums up what drives the entire field of developmental psychology with one sentence: Babies are amazing. 561 more words