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A nice note

Purely in the category of self-congratulation: I received a lovely note (edited below) from an advisor in the University Honors Program, for which I’ve been teaching multivariable calculus, differential equations and linear algebra this year. 97 more words


Want to Overcome Exam Stress?

When it comes to managing exam stress there is certainly no shortage of advice for students. What I have noticed, however, is that most of the advice that is on offer tends to focus on either exam prep or relaxation techniques. 251 more words

Marivaux Pt. 2

A bit of repetition of a previous post but I recently wrote this for the French History Society blog:-

Adapting Marivaux’s L’Ile des Esclaves in 2017… 1,581 more words


Wasting time...

…but mindfully wasting time…

Today I reacquainted myself with what has to be done over the weekend and into the future, for my classes.  I’ve decided to focus on Metadata and my Research class, as those are the two classes which actually have a graded project to turn in, before Monday. 1,066 more words


Simon Said – Sarah R. Shaber

This is a traditional mystery story set in 1996, where Simon Shaw is a Professor in forensic history at a college in Raleigh, North Carolina. His life is on a downward spiral having recently split up with his wife. 571 more words

Books I Have Read

Start Figuring Out my Student Loan Situation

Back when I decided to return to school, I wasn’t in the greatest of headspaces. I’d just gotten out of the RCMP with all the baggage that was attached to that, and had been working for the Edmonton Police Service in a much less stressful role, but one that still dealt with some pretty gruesome stuff on a day to day basis. 383 more words