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Black Museum: Online Archive of Anti-Black Police Violence and Audience Reception

In 1955, Chicago saw the worst of American racism and the barbarism of lynching when fourteen-year-old Emmett Till‟s mutilated body was placed in an open casket at his funeral. 2,440 more words


Southern Muslims in Thailand: Facing Double Challenges (2010)


Since January 2004, the insurgence of southern regions of Pattani, Narathiwat, and Yala in Thailand has taken a violent turn. Thai government had no choice but to recognize their separatist movement, and to place them under martial law. 1,850 more words


School-life tension? :P

All right, I’m set to go out tomorrow and blow $30 on some paints. :P (I feel silly going all the way out to the art store and spending $5. 674 more words


Misery Loves Company: Systematic Oppression in Higher Education

I have a love-hate relationship with graduate school. My entire life I have been waiting to be in an environment where I can be my absolute best, to be around other intellectuals and to cross the barriers of knowledge with peers that have the same goals and dreams. 695 more words



I had made it again into the playwriting festival in high school. I was so overjoyed and ready to share my over exposed version of a break up I had experienced. 693 more words


Interactive Digital Texts: Eroding the Boundaries Between Reading and Gaming and the Construction of Identity

In Search of Lost time: Swann’s Way, Marcel Proust’s narrator reading in the garden, unfolds his consciousness on the inchoately formed “different states and impressions” in the “philosophic richness and beauty of the book” which for him is “a sort of screen” (98-99). 1,806 more words

Pop Culture

The Changing Conception of Art and the Artist in the Digital Age

In the digital age everyone has a voice and they intend to use it. The consumer has become the creator and the institutions that controlled the dissemination of art are slowly losing dominance. 2,684 more words