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I am a word refusnik today.

A different text for the first half of the day.

A difficult task for the second half of the day and the greater part of the night.

What We Do

La física, las ondas gravitacionales y Einstein

Esta semana hemos abierto una nueva era en el conocimiento que tenemos del universo. Lo que Einstein proponía en 1916, según su Teoría General de la Relatividad, era que los cuerpos más violentos del universo liberaban parte de su masa en forma de energía a través de estas ondas gravitacionales (la fórmula que nos acompaña como cabecera hoy). 472 more words

Nailing that grad school interview: Tips from a recent admit*

It’s February, which means thousands of undergrads, post-bacs, and master’s students are anxiously awaiting admissions decisions from their top choice of PhD programs. Having just applied to graduate school last year and being intimately involved with the admissions process at JHU this year, I have a few quick tips for people embarking on interviews. 1,097 more words

Blurbing and Peer Review

I’ve griped about the problems with closed peer review in academic publishing before, whether in the black box of tenure reviews, or celebrating the… 841 more words


that voice in your heart

So last night I was talking to some friends of mine, and we were talking–and this really is the battle cry of the twenty-something–we were talking about big and scary The Future is. 1,153 more words