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GradFest: not like a music festival

It’s that time of year again: post Eurovision but pre Glastonbury. Yes, that’s right, it’s time for GradFest.

Alas, GradFest hasn’t got quite the cultural cachet that Eurovision or Glastonbury command, but I don’t see why not. 1,127 more words

What kind of Ph.D. Advisor do you want?

I have been thinking about this question more than ever lately, “What kind of Advisor do I want? What qualities am I looking for when it comes to choosing my PhD Advisor?” 935 more words

Phd Life

Surprising Words and Phrases That Made It Into My Dissertation

I wrote my dissertation about women’s experiences as practitioners of technical and professional writing in the workplace. I graduated earlier this month, but I’m still working on getting the formatting of the final document approved by the graduate school. 235 more words


Nothing like the sun - of (macho) theory and parsimony

“…An explanation becomes more parsimonious than another when it uses a smaller number of explanatory variable while explaining at least as much as its opponent. For example, it is more parsimonious to model the solar system as heliocentric than terracentric, because the former uses far simpler mathematics to account for at least as many planetary movements as the latter. 87 more words


23 May, 2016

I have been told to just give up two years of my life to post doc like there’s no tomorrow then my career will be sorted. 34 more words

A Sentence A Day

Nail Polish: My $8 Escape

“… The emotional pull of beauty for its own sake cannot be underestimated.”

– Robin Givhan, The Washington Post

Being a big girl in 80s and 90s suburbia was rough. 739 more words


This is the 52nd post on Mundane and Divine, which means that at one per week(ish), this post marks the end of Mundane and Divine’s first year! 3,279 more words