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An academia that is losing its soul


「我這兩年都沒有參與大學行政工作,out of sight, out of mind。但近日免不了要參與會議,中途走進會議室,聽到同事們如何追趕行政指標提高產量增加「影響因子」,覺得這個學術世界離開我很遠很遠。做硏究做老師的初衷為何?做學問傳授知識究竟所為何事?」



Reflections on Ayn Rand’s Objectivism: Or ignorance is not a point of View by Phil Kaveny

Ignorance is not a point of view:

 Illuminating Friedman’s Shock Doctrine of Disaster Capitalism through the lens of Feminist Standpoint Theory in Harding & Klein. … 3,106 more words

Phil Kaveny

Tales From The Safe Space, Part 35 – Conservative Professors In The Closet

Conservative students and professors have long felt the need to downplay, disguise or hide their true political leanings

We have long known that the university campus and large parts of the academy are a hostile environment – an unsafe space, if you will – for those of a conservative mindset, student and professor alike. 584 more words

UK Current Affairs


After sitting through at least the first grooming session by Ghanaian Ace Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas at the ongoing 3-day workshop on Investigative Journalism, I am confident that the kindest form of caution from all participants of the workshop to corrupt leaders or all those who conceive of ever developing an untoward societal behavior, will simply be “ 639 more words


Security in my Computer Systems Engineering Class

Part I

In my Systems Class we’re currently discussing security in relation to system design. When we build reliable systems, we build them in the face of “more-or-less random”, “more-or-less independent” failures and sometimes-unpredictable targeted attacks from adversaries. 846 more words


Lágrimas sobre Negro

Tudo na tua vida universitária se acabe no negro. É de negro que trajas pela primeira vez, e nas sucessivas, é de negro que te batizam a capa, é de negro que te ajoelhas para te traçarem a capa, é de negro que queimas, é de negro que entras na fonte, com vontade de não sair mais, é de negro que orgulhas e sentes orgulho da tua academia e é no negro que enchugas as lágrimas que derramas por aqueles que de negro estão sempre contigo nesses momentos. 218 more words


Arundhati Virmani, "A National Flag for India", (2008)

Virmani, Arunhati, A National Flag for India. Rituals, Nationalism, and the Politics of Sentiment, Ranikhet: Permanent Black, 2008.

In this book, Arundhati Virmani outlines the building of the Indian nation-state in the verge of independence through a detailed analysis of its flag. 1,124 more words