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I’m feeling homesick for the first time in my life. I was starting to think I didn’t have a home which is probably why I could never relate to people complaining about intense homesickness. 822 more words

The Paradox of the Preface

Kenny Easwaran, a philosopher at Texas A&M, recently published in the journal Nous this beautiful paper on Bayesian probabilities (hat tip: Brian Leiter). Among other things, Easwaran’s paper contains the best and most succinct explanation of the “ 220 more words

Bayesian Reasoning

The Triumph of the TA: Graduate Students and the Future of Postindustrial Labor

On Tuesday afternoon, I got the most welcome news I’ve gotten in a long time. In a 3-1 vote, the National Labor Relations Board reversed a… 1,875 more words


bib·li·o·file: Recent Work in Literary Studies

Here’s everything we’re reading in my Monday night class from now until the end of the semester. Sadly, none of these books are available for free so all I can offer are (affiliate) links to the kindle version on Amazon which is what I’m using for class. 129 more words

Things I Keep Repeating About Writing

I often write papers with students, or read students’ papers to provide comments, and I find myself saying the same things over and over, especially the first time out.*  So: here’s a blog post I can point them to to (hopefully!) save us all some time and trouble. 1,600 more words

Going Back To College... Planner Consideration! 

Hey Everyone :)

So as the title suggests today I want to discuss planners for college.

I am retraining into Business in September since Criminology is extremely difficult to work in right now and I have been thinking about my planner options. 239 more words


Running Into Foucault at the Supermarket

So there you are at the supermarket deciding whether or not it’s a macaroni and cheese week or more of a spaghetti week, and you turn a corner and there he is, Michel Foucault, judging wine in the wine section. 475 more words