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Should We Cool It With Homework?

I often seek out, proactively, feedback from parents on how our school is doing and how their child’s experience is going. Cafes, hallways, phone calls, focus groups, Starbucks, chit-chat along the soccer sidelines—wherever.   910 more words

Engaging Students

Whole Child Pathway to Highly Capable Students

As an educator who is striving to mobilize faculty and staff to fully address the complex needs of a wide range of learners, one area that emerges as both frustrating and very promising is how we address the needs of the highly capable students. 944 more words

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Seven Steps To Strengthen Work Ethic in Students

For quite some time in the educational world, teachers and school leaders have witnessed a gradual diminution of the work ethic among students. This is not surprising to any parents who take a moment to step back and survey what is happening—with their own children and their children’s peers. 610 more words

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Getting More Challenge Into Our Schools

Parents demand a lot, ask a lot, and expect a lot from schools. Whether the demands fall under the educational, communication, or security aspects of schools, the noise is usually loud and constant. 843 more words

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Do it yourself....

Rebecca White, Head of English & Media Faculty tells us to do it ourselves:

Picture the scene:  You have set Year 10 a mock exam that will take the whole lesson.  853 more words

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Assessment without levels; our plan

Why is it happening?

This video from Tim Oates summarises nicely why we are where we are:

Our rationale:

We wanted to create a system that allows: 452 more words