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How to use the Internet to Survive School

It’s no secret that technology makes life easier. When it comes to school, students are always looking for ways to make the process of completing schoolwork or studying easier. 948 more words

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NCC Orientation Blog

Future Cardinals!

If you have decided to come to North Central College, CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome! We are so excited that you chose this wonderful institution, and me personally, I cannot wait to get to know each and everyone of you individually! 293 more words

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Stress in High School Students

Stress. That is one word that high school students can all relate to. School seems to be a breeding ground for stress, yet no one seems to know why. 382 more words


English Language Institute (ELI)

One of the unique academic opportunities at North Central College is the English Language Institute (ELI) program, where students from around the world gather to study English in a fun and supportive environment. 377 more words

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Meet Mrs. Hsu!

This year, Charter Arts not only has a shiny new building, but it has some brand new teachers as well. Additionally, the school has added new classes to give students more choices than they’ve ever had in the past. 275 more words


Get to Know Ms. Miller!

As I’m sure everyone has noticed by now, along with our new building came several new teachers! Some students have the opportunity of getting to know these teachers in class, while others do not. 263 more words