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Desperate Housewife (Not!)

“It’s sad if people think that’s (homemaking) a dull existence, you can’t just buy an apartment and furnish it and walk away. It’s the flowers you choose, the music you play, the smile you have waiting. 26 more words


Intention vs. Attention

Author, blogger, and life coach Laurie Buchanan guest posts on the differences between intention and attention. Let’s use this info to make positive changes!

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How do I become a dietitian? (UK)

I wrote a post in June 2013 about how to become a dietitian just before I qualified. I am now coming up to being registered for five years, and things have changed a bit! 388 more words



Strong, black coffee on a frosty November day, The thrills of the birds transform bricks into clay An amalgam of broken emotions fly and they may Yesterday I begged disillusion to sta…

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Stop putting restrictions on your Happiness

I have been a nutritional and life coach for the last 19 years.  Having given myself a severe kick up the backside at age 43 to make the necessary changes in my own life. 17 more words


Successful Black Business Owner Seeks to Pay It Forward with Six-City Franchise Contest Worth $3 Million Dollars

Donnie P., the founder of A Caring Home Services

You never know who you’ll find generating ways to share opportunities for others.

Take Donnie P., the founder and operator A Caring Home Services franchises in several locations. 642 more words


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Donnie P., the founder of A Caring Home Services
You never know who you’ll find generating ways to share opportunities for others. Take Donnie P., the founder and operator A Caring Home Services franchises in several locations. This week in Atlanta, he’s offering a lucrative franchise opportunity through his Caring Franchise Contest 2017. To one savvy local entrepreneur, Donnie will give away a franchise business, to own and operate, entirely free of franchise-purchase cost. In addition to Atlanta, he is offering the same opportunity to people in Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, Houston and Austin. In all, six people in six cities will receive a franchise business free of cost, at a value totaling close to $3 million. “If this contest seems to favor only the Southern region of the U.S., that would be partially true,” Donnie says. “The fact is that, as a Houston native, I wanted to expand my brand from our Houston location and to include Atlanta, Memphis, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin and another franchise in Houston, to our network. I love the idea of hosting our contest as it will help us expand and identify six outstanding entrepreneurs to offer franchises.” The A Caring Franchise Contest 2017 selection criteria encompass a variety of factors that suggest contestants ability to create a successful, thriving business. It also gives the six winners a real shot at franchise ownership, whether or not they can afford to buy one. For Donnie, creating the kind of business success that supports giving away six lucrative franchise businesses to deserving future owners has been an arduous journey. Donnie purchased his first franchise business in 2013. His parents had always instilled in him the notion of “never working for anyone who can control your destiny,” implanting that idea moved Donnie toward his entrepreneurial future. Before his purchase Donnie  like many young people struggled to find his way. As he wa becoming a young adult his father casually explained that he’d no longer be able to provide him with financial support. With five other siblings still in school and looking to go to college, his father needed to spread support to them, too. With more than a year left before graduation, Donnie was unclear how to proceed, but he prayed intensely for guidance. Somehow, he’d have to figure out how to support himself and do it quickly. But, as the initial feelings of fear faded, a sense of hope emerged, presenting a true turning point. “Over time, it was becoming evident that I would be perfectly fine as long as I maintained a strong faith in my ability,” Donnie said. “The more I believed I’d be OK, the more I’d explore and find opportunities that made if possible to stay afloat.” “It’s been this core belief and my willingness to make mistakes and try again that has shaped my business and my approach to entrepreneurship” he continued. “More than anything, it was my father who first presented me with a challenge, and, yet, it was this challenge and working through it [that] forced me to reach deep within myself to succeed and fail; succeed again and keep going.” After graduating from college and starting various businesses with very little start-up capital, Donnie made his way to A Caring Home services and found a career in the franchise industry. Before long, he had built the business into a profitable endeavor offering consumers access to elder care, food preparation, house cleaning and other high-quality, vital services. Donnie later authored a book, “How to Catch A Mouse, With No Cheese,” outlining advice and tips from an entrepreneurial perspective. “Without a doubt, it has taken me strength and perseverance, and many failures, to reach the success I’m experiencing as a franchisor,” Donnie said, “and I am motivated to bring on six new business owners to grow success even further.” Source: Successful Business Owner Seeks to Pay It Forward with Six-City Franchise Contest Worth $3 Million Dollars 

Exclusive Test Data: Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills 

Results of a standardized measure of reasoning ability show many students fail to improve over four years—even at some flagship schools, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of nonpublic results. 334 more words