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Work Motivation in Public Organizations: Some Ideas Worth Pursuing

The study of work motivation in the public sector has antecedents both in the historical human relations school of management (represented by Mary Parker Follett, Chester Barnard, Elton Mayo, and others in that academic tradition) and in behavioral and social psychology (represented by Abraham Maslow, and Kurt Lewin, among many others). 1,423 more words

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An Assessment of the State of the Field of Public Administration Research

Dwight Waldo once characterized public administration students as existing in the “anomalous position” of being too theoretical when among practitioners and too practical when among academics (Waldo, 2006). 1,890 more words

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An Essay on Conceptual Frameworks, Budgeting, and Public Choice

The central concern of both governing bodies and the organizational agencies they oversee is the budget. The importance of the budget cannot be overstated, it delimits and prioritizes government action. 4,297 more words

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An Essay on Methodology in Economics

In this essay I focus on the methodology and epistemology of the discipline of economics, with particular attention to the arena of economics concerned with the public sector. 2,359 more words

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Skills and Characteristics of Mental Health Paper

Select a mental health or crisis intervention human service delivery system within criminal justice, such as a domestic violence program within a police department.

Write a 1,050–word paper about your selected system in which you address the following: 66 more words

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External Research Assignment

Each student will be required to complete a research paper.  The paper shall be 6-8 pages in length and follow standard APA guidelines.

The topic of the paper shall be on… 88 more words

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