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Arne Duncan, Accreditation, and "Barking Watchdogs"

Yesterday, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan delivered a “major” address on higher education.  As Inside Higher Ed’s account put it, his call for “a greater focus on student outcomes at colleges was an effort to pivot away from discussions that he said are focused too narrowly on the burden of student loan debt.”  Duncan argues: “Student debt is a burden for too many students, but most ultimately repay their loans, and for those who get their degree, college is an excellent investment. 1,928 more words


Academic Freedom & Censorship in the Classroom

From Chronicle of a Fall from Grace

“The Captain rejects censorship in the classroom. The classroom should be an environment for the free flow of ideas, for the shaping of young and reshaping of old minds. 29 more words

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My Dream Date with Donald Trump

By Alice Dreger, reprinted from AliceDreger.com.

Last night I dreamed I had a date with Donald Trump. We were in the Trump International Hotel and Tower® in Chicago, in a ballroom that looks out over the river. 1,326 more words

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Taiwan Students Protest Against China-Centric "Brainwashing Education"

Taiwanese high school students protesting against the revision of history text books during a demonstration in front of the education ministry in Taipei on July 22, 2015. 467 more words

AAUP/AFT‐Wisconsin Joint Statement on Wisconsin Biennial Budget

The following statement was issued today, July 20, 2015:

The AAUP and AFT‐Wisconsin stand together in condemning the attacks on higher education that the Wisconsin Legislature included in its biennial budget, which Governor Walker signed into law last Monday. 365 more words


Christopher Newfield on Defending Tenure

Today’s Inside Higher Ed includes an exceptionally perceptive essay by Christopher Newfield, professor of literature and American Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara, cosponsor of the… 280 more words


Academic Freedom, Freedom of Speech, and the Far Right

In a number of instances, I have been told that many on the Far Right are every bit as concerned about constraints on academic freedom as Progressives are. 765 more words