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Haters Dialing it Back

That other site, which this one is spoofing, keeps dialing it back. Too bad we didn’t take some screen shots. At first they were watchlisting those who were supposedly… 178 more words

"The Art of the Slur," Revisited

Sophia McClennen, writing for Salon, maps the amateurishness and ignorant Professor Watchlist that appeared recently. She also references a Jorge Tiede post on the… 851 more words

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NC: Teacher Suspended for Stepping on the Flag While Teaching about First Amendment

I don’t approve of stepping on the flag or burning it, but my understanding is that the Supreme Court ruled that burning the flag is a form of speech and is protected under the First Amendment. 76 more words

North Carolina

Student Media Under Fire


Today, the AAUP, the College Media Association (CMA), the National Coalition Against Censorship (NCAC), and the Student Press Law Center (SPLC) released a report, … 784 more words

Academic Freedom

Why I Support the WCU Sanctuary Campus Letter

Ten days ago, out of concern among WCU students and faculty that the post-election wave of violence and threats against marginalized people will likely our campus, a group of faculty decided to join a nationwide movement called #SanctuaryCampus that calls on colleges/universities to become havens for community members who may be in danger under the new political regime. 662 more words

Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education?

I have tried to stay away from anything that smacks of politics on social media during this election cycle. There is just so much negativity I can let into my life. 391 more words