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Tales From The Safe Space, Part 35 – Conservative Professors In The Closet

Conservative students and professors have long felt the need to downplay, disguise or hide their true political leanings

We have long known that the university campus and large parts of the academy are a hostile environment – an unsafe space, if you will – for those of a conservative mindset, student and professor alike. 584 more words

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Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 4 of a Series]

Canada—Capilano University

In May 2014, George Rammell, a professor of art at Capilano University, discovered that a sculpture had been removed from his campus studio. The sculpture was of “school president Kris Bulcroft with her poodle Margaux wrapped in an American flag” (Hager). 1,052 more words

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Christian Education and the Bounded Set

I have been privileged to earn degrees from two institutions of Christian higher education. From Wheaton College in Illinois I have a degree in Ancient Languages, and I have a Master’s of Divinity from Regent College in Vancouver, British Columbia. 1,619 more words


Derailing Democracy?: The Anti-Boycott Playbook Explained

As members of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) cast their ballots on a proposed boycott of Israeli academic institutions, outside organizations are desperately mobilizing to pressure the Association and derail the initiative. 1,026 more words

'Free Speech for Bad People'

Noah Feldman
Bloomberg View

Dr. James Tracy is certainly a crank and also seems to be a terrible person. But Florida Atlantic University violated his academic freedom when it fired him from his tenured professorship in January, and he should win the lawsuit he’s just brought against the school. 121 more words

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Global Survey of Academic Freedom Issues in 2015 [Post 3 of a Series]

Canada—University of New Brunswick St. Johns

Ricardo Duchesne, a sociology professor for more than two decades at the University of New Brunswick Saint Johns, wrote an article “that suggested an increase in Asian immigrants was threatening Canada’s traditional European makeup.” The article received national attention, and Kerry Jang, a faculty member at the University of British Columbia who is also a  Vancouver city councillor, filed a formal complaint with the University of New Brunswick. 758 more words

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University’s Policies and Actions Threaten Faculty Due Process and Free Speech Throughout the United States

““Tenure, free speech, due process and academic freedom are under attack.

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