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I was rushing to catch up a meeting in the campus one of the universities in Nigeria. I was walking closely behind three students. Their conversation suggested that they were in the same level and department. 461 more words

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School Performance is a complex phenomenon, shaped by a wide variety of factors intrinsic to students and in their eternal environment. In addition to content knowledge and academic skills, students must develop sets of behaviours, skills, attitudes and strategies that are crucial to academic performance in their classes, but that may not be reflected in their scores on cognitive tests”  – UCHICAGO CCSR Literature Review… 944 more words

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Who Writes with a Pen Any More?

You may be wondering what the big deal is about a great writing pen in this day and age.

After all, everyone nowadays communicates by typing on computer keyboards, thumbing on cell phone keypads, using styluses on their blackberry and the iPad, and on and on. 396 more words

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10 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

Reprinted from the Tynker blog.

When it comes to preparing your children for the future, there are few better ways to do so than to help them learn to code! 343 more words

What My Research on Black Boys Taught Me About Black Girls

Most of my readers know I am an interested in the social and academic challenges urban black male high school students face.  Recently, however, I have begun to examine studies on black girls, and it has became painfully obvious that they also face a number of academic hurdles.   627 more words

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The silent killer

That fizzy drink you just drank. That chocolate bar you just ate. Or that craving for biscuits you just had. It is killing you. Sugar is killing you. 520 more words

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Birthing Pangs: Article Population Explosion Begins at Mediolana.com!

As we at Mediolana bed down into the first week of August in sometimes sunny London, we have published another new article at our .com address which will be of urgent interest to conscientious parents everywhere: … 21 more words