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Blended Learning Explained

I think this infographic represents possibly the simplest explanation I’ve ever seen for blended learning approaches.

This seems to be very much a structuralist definition of blended learning. 119 more words


Well-Designed School Classrooms 'boost academic success' | BBC News

Researchers from Salford University said the layout, construction and decoration of classes had a significant impact on reading, writing and maths. Natural light, temperature, air quality and individualised classroom design were especially important, they said.

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Continuous Professional Development in Schools - Failing to Deliver?

I’ve noticed in conversations with colleagues in other countries that there is some disillusionment with the quality of access to, and impact of, professional development opportunities for serving teachers. 414 more words


What the Best Brains in Australia are (slowly) Figuring Out

I looked at the front page of the Sunday paper this morning, the headline was “ School’s Not Out”, and as someone who is currently in school and procrastinating, I thought “I will read this article. 461 more words


Technology in Education... Worth the Bother?

Some characteristically provocative thoughts from my erstwhile colleague in the Building Schools for the Future programme, Dom Norrish…

Rob was having a significant impact on the lives of children in our schools, but only 30 at a time, and only the ones who happened to attend his school, Surbiton High School.

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The Power of Post-It Notes | Edutopia

“I also started thinking that perhaps one fault of technology is that it brings the world to the student, rather than spurring the student to get up out the chair and go find it.

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UK Maths Challenge from National Numeracy

We have been having the habitual debate in our house about functional maths and the best way to promote it (I know we like to live life on the edge at Hughes Towers!). 457 more words