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Adequate Sleep Helps Children Thrive

Ensuring children get enough sleep helps them to thrive academically. All children, including college students, need to have the energy and ability to concentrate, focus and recall information. 12 more words

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Children ages 6-17 should have 60 minutes of activity per day for good health. The majority of 50 studies reviewed showed that active students had better academic performance, according to the U.S. 8 more words

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The Six Cs Underpinning Effective 21st Century Learning

… and not one of them starts from prescribed curriculum content!

Redefining learning as the development of attitudes, behaviours and competences allows for the development of a curriculum defined as skills based, relevant and engaging. 202 more words

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The 4 Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Integrating Technology | The Edvocate

This article on The Edvocate website certainly accords with my experience of problems encountered in schools when bringing in new learning technologies…

Education is all about purpose.

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Teacher Confidence in Learning Technologies - The Journey

Having struggled myself, and taken teachers, students and adults with learning disabilities on this journey, I found this an interesting insight.

I used to tell teachers that they would know when they were mature users of items such as interactive whiteboards… when the students decided when they used them to organise their ideas and present reports to their peers. 34 more words

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Gaming and Its Role in 21st Century Learning

One area where new learning technologies is have a great impact on learning outcomes is in the field of gaming.

We all appreciate how much time young people today spend in front of computer screens, be they gaming machines or their mobile phones, but what learning is going on there? 176 more words


A Periodic Table of Digital Literacies

A periodic table of digital literacies compiled based on Dr Doug Belshaw’s work.

A useful discussion point for CPD activities…

Source: Another Mondor Blog | My First Attempt to Define How I See Digital Literacies