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The Circus is Coming to Town

It’s all over the internet, after more than 100 years the Ringling Brothers Circus is coming to an end.  Animal rights activists are figuratively dancing in the streets because now the elephants will be set free, the lions can roam at their leisure and the horses will be put out to pasture.  720 more words

Academic Performance

Starting Down the Road to Octorara's 2017 Election

The Octorara Board of Directors held their Facilities and Policy Committee Meetings, and the Work Session Meeting on Monday, January 9, 2017. Only six of the nine members were in attendance. 811 more words

Board Meeting

Population Agenda: What Other Countries Can Copy-Paste from Singapore's World-Class Education System

Here in London – a city which is experiencing the closest thing to a sub-tropical Christmas in recent memory – we at Mediolana are busily pursuing our own not-so-sinister population agenda: that of filling mediolana.com with articles that are the envy of the Internet! 43 more words


WHY We Need Your Help

The community benefits from funding inner city youth organizations such as, Tri-State Glitter, Inc., because attending after school programs hosted by inner city youth groups improve students’ academic performance, reduces criminal behavior and drug use, improves health, and increases work productivity of parents with kids in after school programs. 830 more words

Needs-Based Learning, by John D'Souza

John D’Souza certainly seems to have struck a chord with his series of provocative articles on the potential of different approaches to learning:

Needs-Based Learning




The study concerned with the effect of Social Media on Academic Performance of Secondary School Students” with a specific focus on Ilobu Commercial Grammar School and Ima High School, Ilobu. 360 more words

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Data-Based Learning

Another in the series by John D’Souza on the components of twenty first century learning…

Data based decision making or data-driven decision making refers to educator’s on-going process of collecting and analyzing different types of data, including demographic, student achievement test, satisfaction, and process data to guide decisions towards the improvement of the educational process. 778 more words