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Teacher Crisis

This article from the Independent gives some insights into the current feelings of a large numbers of teachers in UK schools. It follows on from reports of large numbers of teachers, having completed their professional teacher training, leaving the profession in their first or subsequent years of teaching. 116 more words


The Revolt Against Standardised Testing in the US

The focus on testing in US public education is leading to more and more teachers and parents expressing dissatisfaction.

Whilst in the US last month, I spoke to a number of people about this and received a common reply that the testing ‘tail’ is wagging the learning ‘dog’. 175 more words


Assessing the 21st Century Student

This rubric gives a flavour of how the 21st century student will need to be assessed if their education is to equip them for life and work in the future… 15 more words


Learning Styles - An Outline and an Advisory Warning

In an earlier editorial piece about the contribution of neuroscience to practical learning strategies I referred to the misuse of learning styles in the classroom. The article associated with the editorial went further and suggested that the concept of learning styles had been totally debunked. 42 more words


GACEC Letter of Support for Gateway Lab School Contradicts Opposition Letter re: House Bill 50

In reviewing GACEC and their modus operandi, I was curious if they gave public comment concerning Gateway Lab School.  This is a charter school designed for students with disabilities that was threatened with non-renewal of their charter in late 2014.  441 more words

Parent Opt Out Of The Smarter Balanced Assessment

Maintaining the Arts in Education

We recently spoke of the impetus of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in education and the marginalising effect this was having on Arts in the curriculum. 28 more words


Brain Plasticity - Some Good News About Learning

One of the constant sources of wonder for me in terms of how the brain works is its plasticity. It is one thing that neuroscientists are prepared to admit about brain function. 157 more words