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TLLM: Teach Less. Learn More.

A great article by John Dsouza on an innovative learning model. Significantly he explores why such a model is incompatible with the marketisation of learning approach in which there are always ‘winners and losers’ rather than successful learners. 13 more words


Accounting for the Gender Performance Gap in Schools

John D’Souza’s article accounts for performance differences between girls and boys in schools. The key question is what do we do in the culture of our schools to address this issue? 15 more words


Research Summary: Stereotype Threat and Female Performance in Science

What this research is about

Stereotype Threat is a phenomenon that occurs when someone is in a situation where a negative stereotype about their group exists, and the concern with conforming to that stereotype interferes with their performance.   836 more words

Read This Before Enrolling Your Child In A Charter School

Well, another charter school is opening in Trenton, NJ. I am not surprised because charters are popping up everywhere. This one, however, is different in that it is run by a… 1,032 more words

Academic Performance

Why Teachers Should Care about Flint

Maybe you’re not so interested in lead exposure in children.

I have to admit I wasn’t, even though I’d known for a long time that it’s an important risk factor for challenging behavior. 1,141 more words

In a Nation Bustling With ‘Scrappers,’ Emotional Intelligence not High Academic Results Might be Your Next Employee’s Best Quality

When looking to fill lucrative graduate-level jobs or internships, many managers and human resource personnel at major corporations instinctively seek out “the best and brightest” coming out of the nation’s top universities. 793 more words

The Difference: Talkers and Doers

“There often occurred to me the difference between the Professor of Economics and the business man, as judged by their financial success. The business man may not perhaps be on the same intellectual plane as the professor, but he bases his ideas on real facts and puts the whole power of his will behind their realisation. 199 more words