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A few notes on academic presentations

For our writing and presentation class we are asked to explain a standard concept in intermediate microeconomics in a ten-minute presentation. Here are a few good practices I concluded from my own and others’ presentations. 177 more words

Academic Presentation

Culturalizing Scent in China

The strategic partnership of Bern University of the Arts and Tongji University in Shanghai was the context for a seminar at the College of Arts and Media at Tongji on “Culturalizing Scent“ with Claus Noppeney in November. 79 more words

Claus Noppeney

Lighter than Air: In which I make up maths and revisit Bioshock Infinite

Normally, after so long an absence from the blog-o-sphere, bloggers (I’ve observed) tend to write a paragraph or more of apologies and excuses. I’m not going to do that, other than to say my wife and I welcomed baby Alec into our home in late August. 297 more words


Bern Urban Scent Walk and Beyond: Olfactory Spaces

On the 19th of September, Claus Noppeney and Ashraf Osman of SCI conducted a class for the Signaletik CAS program (context building), part of the Signaletik MAS (Environmental Information Design) at the Bern University of the Arts, under the supervision of Jimmy Schmid. 182 more words

Claus Noppeney

Art of Management and Organization Conference - Copenhagen 2014

At the 7th International Art of Management and Organization conference (August 28th – 31st, 2014) results of the research project „New Scents in Action“ are presented at Copenhagen Business School. 90 more words

Academic Presentation

ESA conference session on ethical consumption: different approaches with similar results

One week after attending the ESA conference in Porto, I continue to reflect on the most important insights I got from the session on ethical and political consumption. 625 more words

Ethical Food Consumption

There's Always a Lighthouse, Part the Second: in which we finally produce the goods

It’s finally done. After completing three different 20-minute voice overs, only one of which worked as it should; after seven attempts to save said voice overs in the presentation and export it, three as HTML presentations, four at mp4s; and after being driven to near madness with how some animation builds weren’t working, or my meticulous attention to timing was ignored, or older voiceovers leaked through the new one in the final export—I did what no sensible person would do—I turned to iMovie. 150 more words