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Space Warrants, Scholastic Pursuits and the Power of Stories.

In the land of geeky things, getting a portrait of yourself as your favorite badass bounty hunter (if you haven’t been watching the series Killjoys… 626 more words

Contemplating Reading, Writing And The Imagination

On failing to get a fellowship

I got a fellowship award this year – hurrah! In 2015, I didn’t. Boo. I think the latter doesn’t get spoken about enough, but it was a big deal for me, and so I wanted to share some lessons learned and tips for moving forward, for anyone else in that situation. 850 more words

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suddenly everything has changed: Wayne Coyne was probably talking about my PhD [an update]

Hello everyone. I know I don’t really update this corner of the internet much anymore. I’m currently in the third year of this PhD, so TWO MORE YEARS and YOU SHOULD BE WRITING and GET OFF TWITTER and YOU STILL AREN’T WRITING are the slogans marching around inside my head for the last month or so. 521 more words

Academic Stuff

Special Needs Coach Education

I recently completed my Canadian Soccer Association National B Audit, a task I had been eager to do for a long time and thankfully, as the CSA launched the new re-certification process I jumped on a recent course in Vaughan, Ontario. 1,275 more words

An alternative academic guide to twitter

I wrote this originally nearly a year ago but never pressed ‘publish’. I’ve been seeing lots of calls to twitter of late though that seem to encourage exactly the kind of thing I think twitter shouldn’t be used for, so I decided this might be worth posting after all. 1,483 more words