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An extremely brief history of English Literature

Old English (or Anglo Saxon)

For this period think before 1066 and think Beowulf. This epic poem was a first major work not written in Latin or Greek.

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Birth of Press in India and its evolution in the period between 1785 AD- 1857 AD


According to the reading material that is available, it were the Christian Missionaries who, first, brought the Printing Press to India. 1,840 more words

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Frozen Knowledge

Student-centered learning is one of the hot buzzwords in higher education these days. The idea is universally accepted, and it is almost heretical that a professor, as a superior being with knowledge to disseminate, looks down on students and yells at them. 695 more words

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Self-Made Rebel or Exploited Instrument? Sitting Bull’s Paradoxical Role in Native American Cultural History 1877 – 1890

It’s been a pretty long time since I last wrote anything here. Well, every season in life has its ups and downs – and my downs include my inability to keep on writing while graduating… However, an excellent up is undoubtedly the fact that I finally did it – I managed to hand in all the papers in time and at the end of June I was awarded my MA degree! 241 more words

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Corpses, Canoes and Catastrophes: An 18th-Century Priest's Resume

Sometime in 1737, a Catholic priest climbed into a canoe to save his parishioners’ souls.

The cleric in question, Bernardino Pablo López de Escovedo, was a humble… 1,362 more words

Why Communication Management?

Communication management is a strategic science of managing the communication. Mass communication is utilized everywhere and for any particular system, from preparing the right message for its target audience and to selection of the right medium, to address the target audience and generating desirable feedback; the entire process asks for an effective implementation. 474 more words

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Defining a research "ecosystem" for media

Research is an integral part of mass media communication. A “message” before being fed into the cycle of communication needs to be prepared, meticulously and diligently, as it would be generating the feedback in the loop. 307 more words

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