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Big Data

Big Data refers to humongous digital data which enables research and decision-support applications with extraordinary value.

The technological advancement and social indulgence of the information have changed to the fast generating data which has five attributes volume, velocity, variety, veracity, and value. 40 more words

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Technology Lawsuits

What is a lawsuit? Famous lawsuit involving Waymo and Uber …. Also few thoughts on the Apple Vs Samsung one! Read more here on Ayesha’s Web World.

Web Development

Writing a PhD Chapter: incubating, owning, learning

Little chronicle of becoming un-stuck

The chapter-writing phase of the PhD is seriously challenging me. I’m in the process of writing one now, but also allowing for respite via a blogging interlude, because I’ve been at it all day, and have 30 minutes before I need to be somewhere else, and there is no more historical literature on academic writing that I can tackle in half an hour. 555 more words

Current Conversation

Me, Writing for the New Left Review

My academic gig is also a writing gig. As part of our educations and contributions to our fields and universities, we all write and publish critical analyses of literature and culture. 111 more words

Jennifer Quist

Anarchy in the #academy: why create an academic poster?

Conventional academic research communication is formulated in sentences and paragraphs, charts and graphs, chapters or papers. PhD students are required to do a lot of reading and writing; obsessing over chapter and thesis structure, often becoming lost in multi-clausal sentences. 293 more words

Scholarly Communication

The oasis of writing

Sometimes we need an immersion in a cooling, calming place of our choosing. That might involve turning off our devices, turning away from social media, turning towards… 649 more words


Family Counseling Approach Research Paper Instructions


This homework submission should include all calculations, completed on the designated tab of the homework student’s workbook and a document explaining the implications of your findings for the business or business transaction on a Microsoft word. 228 more words

Academic Writing