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On writing provocatively

I’ve had my arse handed to me a few times online. Won’t go into detail, but enough times to realise that writing provocatively (whether intentional or not) is often worth the activity. 384 more words

Academic Writing

CMIT 350 WAN and SOHO Skills Implementation


You have been recently hired as a network administrator for the xAcme Technology Trade School. The company is realizing that the local systems administrators need help implementing certain technologies at each of the remote locations, as well as final WAN configurations. 1,953 more words

Academic Writing

研究生教學助理簡歷寫作 (Part A) 研究生英文編修出版投稿日報 11/24/2015

* 研究生教學助理簡歷寫作 (Part A)
* 學術英文投稿教學影片(666) Introduction to Project Planning
* 強有力的動詞 (精確英文寫作) (英文編修訓練) (8 / 12 ) 463 more words

Watch Your Tone: The Sound of Academic Writing

Rhea Crone, Consultant

Most of us have received corrections, or suggestions for revision, on papers handed back to us by professors. Some of these comments are straightforward; “awkward word choice,” “incorrect spelling,” or “subject/verb disagreement” come to mind. 846 more words