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Don't Use "Interesting"

For a significant period of time, I have had an issue using the word interesting in my writing or even when I was speaking to someone. 241 more words

Finding your voice

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aka the somewhat grumpy post

Like many of my co-phd-candidates I have undergone some fairly rigorous turns in direction, diverting me away from my original context (cultural education and school education) into teaching in higher education about higher education. 339 more words


Alex the Parrot

By Michael C.

Alex the parrot is a smart parrot because he could speak more than 80 words,  counting, and other things if I not mistaken. 1,578 more words

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Lab-Grown Meat

By Sobhita

As humans, we’ve been eating meat for thousands of years back. Global meat consumption is on the rise due to the fast-growing economy and population increase. 843 more words

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Clickbait in Today’s Journalism

By Joanna R.

Clickbait is an attention-grabbing string of text that is used, in mainly websites, to get its viewers to click and view its content, although it is usually fake, misleading, or exaggerated. 1,204 more words

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Trash, Trash, and Trash

By Gabriella A.

Trash, what is trash? Trash is anything you throw away or anything that you don’t use anymore. Anything could be trash, even old TVs, old cars. 967 more words

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Trash Filled Waters

By Lukas I. W. T.

Trash, one of the biggest ongoing world problem. The amount of it is rising, we are getting so much of it, but don’t know what to do with it. 1,388 more words

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