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Networking Assignment

TaskTaskIn your role as a Solutions Architect at M2M Solutions, you are leading a team of several system administrators. M2M solutions is a medium sized organisation and is currently expanding its operations.The company has acquired six sites across Sydney to accommodate its various departments.You have been asked to design a network by utilizing private IP address. 477 more words

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How Understanding an Academic Essay Writing

As Wikipedia describes, an essay is such a type of writing that portrays the argument of the author. The word essay has its derivation from the French word essayer which means to attempt or try. 969 more words

Academic Writing

What makes our writing ‘academic’?

Our guest blogger this week, Julia Molinari, is an EAP (English for Academic Purposes) Tutor and PhD Researcher at the University of Nottingham in the UK. 1,194 more words

2. Grammar/Voice/Style

Giving back to research participants

How can I give back to my research participants?

This is a question that has been in my mind, since I came across the transcript of a talk describing… 478 more words


Black History

The textbook is African American Odyssey Volume 2, 6th edition  (5th edition is also acceptable) by Darlene Hine, et. al.

PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER: Here is your opportunity to demonstrate that you understand the some of the broad themes of African American history  (1865 to the present) covered in this course: 343 more words

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Developing, Managing, and Operating a Retail Business

Imagine that you recently took over your friend’s small retail business and you now have to do the following:

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Globally Standardized products

Name an advantage and a disadvantage of being able to offer a globally standardized product.  Analyze the marketing strategy of a product/company of your choice that you think is doing an excellent job on the global market. 49 more words

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