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Linear Predictors

A summary/review from the chapter 6 of “Understanding Machine Learning:
From Theory to Algorithms” by Shai Shalev-Shwartz and Shai Ben-David



“In geometry, a half-space is either of the two parts into which a plane divides the three-dimensional Euclidean space.”

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JIVE LIVE in the Classroom!

Total engagement, inclusion, and focus of each class is the Teacher’s dream realized. Creating moments where classroom materials marry with imaginations to transport us to new understandings can be rare or regular; much depends on the learning environment and collaboration of the team. 537 more words

5 Ways to get most of Dissertation Methodology Help Service

Students seek dissertation methodology help as it is second most cumbersome thing. Most of the students mismatch it with ‘methods’.Here, it means vast research methods, scientific approaches and so much that are needed for completion of an assignment. 418 more words


Exciting features of Dissertation Proposal Writing

Dissertation Proposal is the primary step in the whole dissertation writing process.It is, in fact, a statement of intent for research projects by PhD-level students for future. 393 more words


Easiest Dissertation Topic Selection in 2 steps

Students have big trouble in one thing before writing a dissertation and that is ‘Topic Selection’. In fact, it takes planning and smart working for making dissertations successful and appreciable, but choosing inappropriate topic will be troublesome for students. 335 more words


Top 3 Advantages of Professional Dissertation Editing Service

After putting dissertation to paper, the most crucial step that becomes important is ‘Editing’. These are the components for the success of any dissertation paper: 345 more words


‘Nature-based solutions’ is the latest green jargon that means more than you might think

According to book publishers, there has been a surge of interest in writing and reading about nature. Something about the way people live in our modern world, they say, encourages readers to seek reconnection with the great outdoors and its inhabitants. 99 more words