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Statistics... YIKES!

I really liked my college days. Not only the perks from the none-academic activities; or the fun had I got from being an unrestricted teenager, but the actual subjects that I was taking –especially my major subjects. 385 more words



While attending SP Jain, I have met and befriended people from all over the world. Here’s a small example of how diversified this college is. During my second year, which is when we’re in Dubai, my roommates consisted of  a Dominican Republican, South Korean, Brazilian, and an Indian. 64 more words


Doing a PhD: Reading and Writing

Whether you’ve engaged with academia or not (covered by the last post), you’re gonna’ have to do shed loads of reading and writing. That sounds simple (and it probably is, relatively speaking) but there’s still a load of pits that I managed to fall into. 1,039 more words


First Words

My need to establish a writing habit is long overdue.

Like many, I write daily with little chance of creative opportunity; like many I am challenged by the limitations of my expressive capability. 65 more words

Gothic Spaces: The Horror of Bradensbrook



Somehow – don’t ask me how – I managed to confuse the word “Bradensbrook” with the word “Ravenholdt” when submitting this abstract. Or maybe it was “Black Rook Hold” with “Ravenholdt”. 6,298 more words


Gainsville, FL; Regional Government Documents Librarian, Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida

The Regional Government Documents Librarian is a 12 month, tenure track library faculty position in the Humanities and Social Sciences Library (Library West). The scope of the collections include federal, state, and international documents as the Smathers Libraries at the University of Florida Libraries are designated as a depository for the publications of the United States Government, European Union, and the State of Florida. 429 more words


William Morris and Kelmscott Manor

It is surprising that I’ve never been to Kelmscott Manor before, but this week I went with a group from the Birmingham Midland Institute. I gave a lecture about William Morris while we were travelling, so I spent the preceding week deeply immersed in Morris’s life and work, and it has increased my passion for him. 896 more words