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Nature reflections

On a rainy day in late July, I went for a stroll in Hyde Park to capture moving images of nature. I was particularly on a quest of finding moments and details that would otherwise perhaps pass without being noticed or fully admired, abstract elements inducing reverie. 46 more words


Uncanny recollections: photo-poem

Our life was sometimes filled with adventures, running and hiding in the woods, and laughter. Other times, with meditations on art, history, and our place in the universe. 122 more words

Das Unheimliche In Photography

What Living Together With Animals Means

Sabiniana B. Baliba
PHIL 312: Ethical Studies
20 October 2016

Animals have long endured cruelty from us, humans. In fact, the most diabolical genocide in the history is not of humanity; but by humanity to animals. 818 more words

Is the Tate an actual pioneer of British art?

The Tate an institution loved not only in Britain but loved by many art enthusiasts and admirers around the world, being established in 1897, “Its mission is to increase the public’s enjoyment and understanding of British art”. 351 more words

Guest blog on "Academic collaboration - a startup point of view"

I was asked to write a guest blog to University College London Centre for Behaviour Change‘s Digi-Hub. My brief was to talk about collaboration between businesses and academia, in particular from the point of view of a small startup company like… 34 more words

Guest blog on "Behaviour change for pubs and bars"

I was asked to write something for the Society for the Study of Addiction about our Nudging Pubs work in changing the behaviour of pubs and bars. 48 more words

Integration: When life gives you lemons, write essays about them

Integration of my project into the assessments that I am writing has not been easy, as each needs focus to be pulled in a different direction. 325 more words