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The Children of Moll Flanders: Infanticide Run Rampant

When reading through Defoe’s Moll Flanders, one thing that struck me as a reader was the complete disregard Moll had for all of the children to which she gave birth over the course of the novel. 408 more words

Robin Jeffrey

What I've Learned From My Thesis Proposal

I don’t really read much steampunk.

When I submitted a draft to my professor, he sent back revision suggestions with a note along the lines of “What steampunk books can you cite in your bibliography?”  I stared at the page for a few minutes before sitting back and sighing. 689 more words


Numerical Aperture on The Fiber Optic (2)

2. Total Internal Reflection

As it has been discussed in the first part that, the incident light coming from one medium to another as it strikes the boundary with certain angle, will be refracted in definite manner according to the . 337 more words


20 Tips for Top Academic Presentations

I’m giving my first ever seminar in a little over a week. I’ve given many presentations before but not of this length, something which has caused me to become much more attentive to how, rather that what, I present: 45 minutes is a long time to hold an audience’s attention for. 838 more words


Social Ambiguity

This class has changed me. I never thought that school could be so momentous. But this class, this year long program named Bodies of Knowledge, has proved to be an experience. 688 more words

“After Grace Has Been Received Through Baptism”?

With this 6th Century phrase the veil of the human sacraments descended upon the Western Church. The saving work of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God was limited to a priest saying a series of words over the water: “In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” The need for hearing the gospel and responding by repentance and faith was eliminated from the order of salvation. 784 more words


Crafting China : textiles as strategy in the works of Gao Rong, Yin Xiuzhen and Lin Tianmiao

The following introduction is taken from my Masters dissertation, submitted in partial requirement for the degree of  Masters in History of Art at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London in 2014 for which I received a Distinction.  1,529 more words

Contemporary Art