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Some tactics for the TOEFL iBT

Just a few weeks ago I did the TOEFL iBT exam and scored 117/120 points. To be fair, I was pretty good at English in all tested sections (speaking, writing, listening, reading) before I started to prepare for the exam, but without these tactics I surely wouldn’t have achieved such a good result. 659 more words



What do these texts suggest to you about an individual’s response to the constraints of convention or circumstance?


In the days when my grandmother was still a young girl of an unripe age, there was a wind that swept the prairies with the force of a God not to be reckoned with. 1,026 more words



Good morning from


Isolation in War Narratives

Written for Christopher Kocela’s War Literature course, Georgia State University, Fall 2013.

To view pdf, click here.


Reflections of the English Empire

Written for British Literature 1900 – 1945, Georgia State University, Fall 2012.

To view pdf, click here.


Viral Marketing

Original script for Mary Hock's Visual Rhetoric course, Spring 2013.
Accompanying visuals here.

The term “viral marketing” gets thrown around a lot nowadays. I’m willing to be that most everyone in this room has heard the phrase “going viral”, or been told to watch a “viral video”; with that being said, I’m also willing to wager that a large number of you guys don’t know exactly what “viral marketing” entails, or how the phrase came to be. 1,634 more words


New Repository: CS142 Work

With the Fall 2015 semester almost over, I’ve compiled all my homework and projects for my CS142 – Introduction to Computer Science II class. They are all located in… 24 more words