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Magna Carta: past, present and future

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be vaguely aware of Magna Carta and – in a vague way – that it is important as a historical document, and that it was written 800 years ago. 625 more words


G is for Grammar

“Theology as grammar.”

Wittgenstein suggests this, parenthetically, in the Philosophical Investigations S373. In Wittgenstein’s work, grammar is a big thing: he asks us to distinguish between the surface grammar of a remark – perhaps we could say the linguistic grammar, or the rules governing the way a word can be used in language – and the depth grammar, the way in which a word can coherently be used. 585 more words

State Library Updates

TO: Minnesota Libraries
FROM: State Library Services
DATE: March 27, 2015
SUBJECT: Updates from State Library Services: Position opening, Meetup, webinar, LSTA grants

Libraries Serving Youth Meetup – Last Call to Register… 653 more words

School Media Specialist

A tale of two football teams

My elder son plays for a local football team – let’s call it Swallows United – that trains on the playing fields of a well known public school. 694 more words


My Week as a 1L

I get a lot of questions during tours about how I spend my time and what my average day looks like.  I thought I would start with a screenshot of my calendar, then explain a little bit about what all these colors mean! 1,095 more words

Life At Loyola

Are You Coming to the Edible Book Festival?

We hope so! This is the first year that CMLE is co-sponsoring and helping to offer this Edible Book event out beyond the St. Cloud State University (SCSU) campus, and we really hope that some staff and/or end users from area libraries and school media centers join us! 273 more words

School Media Specialist