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a burden?!

So…this happened.  It’s come to my attention that an adult working with my child at school has stated that he’s a burden to others.  REALLY?! 267 more words

The Future of the European Union in the 21st Century

The European Union has been the source of many discussions, and the question perhaps most discussed is what the future of the EU is. There are two opposing positions taken regarding this issue. 1,787 more words

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The Democratic Deficit in the European Union

A common topic of discussion that attaches itself to the European Union is the topic of the democratic deficit. Specifically, the European Union struggles with answering the question of whether a democratic deficit exists. 2,424 more words

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Justinian I: His Legacy Regarding the Roman State

The Eastern Roman Empire is known for its ability to adapt in order to keep the empire functioning, and it is due to this adaptation ability that the Empire, otherwise known as the Byzantine Empire, survived for hundreds of years, leaving a cultural and historic legacy on the land. 1,665 more words

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Magnetic Hegemony in East Asia

Magnetic hegemony is a concept used in East Asia to better describe the way that East Asian countries practice international relations. Such a concept can be applied to practices of East Asia’s historical past and to the practices of today because magnetic hegemony is such a uniquely East Asian term of describe their practices. 2,702 more words

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Virtue in East Asian Thought and Practice

Confucianism is the common philosophical system that is widely practiced throughout East Asia throughout all of its history. Many of East Asia’s societal norms and practices today comes from the centuries of practice of Confucianism ideals and the evolution of these ideals to fit the modern day. 1,596 more words

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An Analysis of Islam's role in the Middle East


Two opposing views regarding radical Islam in the Middle East emerged with the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in  New York City. The first view is that the Middle East is governed through radical Islam, thus should be viewed as an enemy. 2,205 more words

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