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Day 301

I don’t know what I am doing, but I am becoming okay with the idea of not having a clue. Kind of. 294 more words

Daily Blog

To Be a Mature Student

It gets to a time in life when you ask yourself am I too old to do this? That’s what happened to me when I thought about the idea of going to university again. 248 more words



These are exciting times, with almost limitless possibilities for advertising. Organisations not only have new markets but also a new set of ways through which messages can be delivered to consumers, which means that on top of being creative, they will need to exploit all the available media and technologies. 1,998 more words


On copyrights and conlangs

One would imagine that if someone invented a language for use in a creative work, that someone could retain copyrights to the use of the language, would he or she not? 726 more words