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Movie Scene : Shane - You've Lived Too Long

Shane rides into town for his inevitable show down with Ryker and Wilson.  The whole story has built up to this. Soon as Shane enters the bar you start to feel the tension big time.  142 more words

Movie : Chinatown

Private detective Jake Gittes is hired by a Mrs. Mulwray to tail her husband.  She suspects him of cheating on her.  Jake takes the job and gets the goods on the husband, exposing him publicly.   408 more words

Movie review: 'Scent of a woman'

If you ever hated reading a book after you’ve watched a movie because you know the plot and all the characters have the faces of the actors this one is the exception. 530 more words

Academy Award Winner

Movie : High Noon

This was another film that CB’s dad turned him onto. ‘High Noon’ was another great movie.

Three rough looking cowboys meet up out in hard country.   491 more words

Movie Scene : On the Waterfont - Edie and Terry

Terry and Edie end up in the park after a meeting they were attending got broken up by  some thugs.  Edie is the sister of Joey who was killed by the people Terry hangs with.   240 more words

The Scent of a Women- Al Pacino Movie for a Quaint Weekend

Jack Nicholson turned down this movie in the role of the character played by Al Pacino, the blind lieutenant Frank Slade. Thank god for that! Jack Nicholson is a brilliant actor, and has done maximum justice to movies like As Good As it Gets, The Shining, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and the ilk. 262 more words


I named my kid after him - background actor in an Academy award winning feature!

It’s always a fantastic night when you get to be on set with a huge Hollywood name who you happened to name your kid after.  The bonus is when you are in the frame with him in the movie.  Not Michael, but KEATON!

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