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Movie Scene : The Untouchables - Don't Fuck With Malone.

Malone has had it with this asshole.  Time for old school ways to make this guy talk.  Worst thing this guy could do was tell them to “Fuck Off”.  104 more words

Classic Movie Review-"Goodbye Mr Chips" (1939) (Possible Spoilers)

1939 is considered to be the greatest year in film history.  In that year Robert Donat won the Academy Award for Best Actor over legendary actors Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney, and Laurence Oliver.  454 more words

Best Actor

Movie : Casablanca

Casablanca is the passageway refugees hope to find out of the WWll conflict and escape to America.  Passport visas are a hot item with all sorts of desperate people trying to obtain them.  452 more words

Movie : Bridge On The River Kwai - What Have I Done?

Colonel Nicholson has woken up to the fact that he has fucked up big time.  He has helped the enemy build a bridge.  It goes against everything in his training as a soldier and an officer.  153 more words

Movie Scene : Shane - You've Lived Too Long

Shane rides into town for his inevitable show down with Ryker and Wilson.  The whole story has built up to this. Soon as Shane enters the bar you start to feel the tension big time.  142 more words

Movie : Chinatown

Private detective Jake Gittes is hired by a Mrs. Mulwray to tail her husband.  She suspects him of cheating on her.  Jake takes the job and gets the goods on the husband, exposing him publicly.   408 more words

Movie : High Noon

This was another film that CB’s dad turned him onto. ‘High Noon’ was another great movie.

Three rough looking cowboys meet up out in hard country.   491 more words