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New Review

Boyhood (2014). What a wonderful film. Real, raw, emotional, funny at time, devastating at others. Hawke gives his best ever performance for me, in a role he was made for. 139 more words

[1978] Midnight Express

With the sound switched off cinema becomes a visceral and visual experience. Without audio clues to connect readers to narrative, a film becomes unhinged; and yet without visuals, an aural experience treats a reader to an era bygone when radio transmissions told history and the wondrous human brain filled in the appropriate imagery. 683 more words

First Take

Classic for a Reason -- Roman Holiday

Roman Holiday, 1953, Paramount Pictures.  Starring Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn.  Directed by William Wyler.   B&W, 118 minutes.

Princess Ann (Audrey Hepburn), bored with the constraints of her royal life, breaks away from her entourage one night while on tour in Rome and meets Joe Bradley (Gregory Peck) a down-on-his-luck American reporter. 539 more words

Classic For A Reason

June Begins Something New

This post ushers in a new series of monthly posts for this blog. For the last two posts of each month I’ll be previewing the next month on the movie calendar. 493 more words


Forced Diversity

And the Oscar goes to…nobody Black(not this year anyway)…and that’s okay. I’m well aware some would disagree with my assessment based on what took place immediately after the 2016 Academy Award nominees were announced. 833 more words

New Review

Blue Jasmine (2013). I really don’t get on with Woody Allen. I can’t seem to understand the appeal of any of his films (i’ve seen so far). 149 more words

Academy Award History, Part Eight: 1940-1941

As the Academy entered a new decade, several changes came to the Awards. For the first time ever, the winners were kept a complete secret until the envelopes were opened on stage. 1,407 more words

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