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Gone with the Wind: The First Epic

I’m an avid reader. I am. I always have been. My girlfriend loves reading so much that she writes about it. Someday, I may add a reading section to this blog. 3,476 more words

1927/28 - Best Picture Nominees

I have only been able to locate two of the three remaining nominated films for this award year, which both happen to fall under the short-lived “Unique/Artistic Picture” category. 1,160 more words

Academy Awards

A Century of Film: Crime Films

A Century of Film
Crime Films

The Genre:

There seems to be an idea that Gangster Films and Crime Films are interchangeable.  But to me, a Crime film is more than just a Gangster Film and the latter is just a sub-genre of the former.  18,599 more words


All the Starz

DISH gave us a freeview of Starz last week…and normally, this isn’t a huge deal because we’re still subscribed to the Starz Encore channels (the discount is supposed to end Tuesday…but I have decided to maintain radio silence only until Mom asks me why the satellite bill has suddenly gone up).  2,088 more words

Classic Movies

Dr. Jennifer Schulte aka Racist "BBQ Becky."

Why did Dr. Jennifer Schulte call the cops on people that were trying to barbeque? From the way she looks she was probably looking to eat some food too. 192 more words


New Oscar Campaign Rules Approved for 91st Academy Awards

New Oscar Campaign Rules Approved for 91st Academy Awards

Rules for animated feature contenders now allow more than one producer to be designated as the nominee. 307 more words

Industry Updates

Discovering The Search (1948)

As a lover of 1940s film and the noir mood in many films throughout the decade, I want to talk about a non-noir film, The Search… 1,019 more words