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M. Fernando Gonzalez Zalba

Hitachi Cambridge Laboratory, Hitachi Europe Ltd., United Kingdom

Research Area: Low power information and communication technologies. My main interest is the design and integration of single electron nano-electronic devices in logic circuits for low-power applications. 19 more words

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Félix Fernández Alonso

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Reino Unido

Doctor en Química Física por la Universidad de Stanford (EEUU), actualmente dirige el grupo de espectroscopía molecular en la ISIS Pulsed Neutron & Muon Source, 197 more words

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Rebeca González Suárez

University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA

Rebeca trabaja como investigadora asociada postdoctoral en la Universidad de Nebraska, Lincoln, USA; estacionada en el CERN en Ginebra, Suiza, ciudad donde reside desde 2008. 124 more words

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Mock Interviews 2016

Our students say a big THANK YOU to the community volunteers who came to campus to provide this terrific practice for them! Generous AOAT supporters conducted 37 individual interviews over three days for all Juniors who plan to do internships this summer. 60 more words


Chalk Festival 2016

This year’s Chalk Festival had a fun theme: “Who’s Your Hero?” Students were free to interpret that phrase in their own way, and the results ranged from Batman and Wonder Woman to actual “heroes” such as Bernie Sanders and Malala! 56 more words


Creative Projects Engage Students

Academic teachers as well as the art teachers of AOAT incorporate project based lessons into their curricula in order to engage and imbed the learning for students. 36 more words



In an earlier blog, I have spoken about how studying abroad shapes a person’s destiny. In this one I will speak about alumni “giving back” to their institution. 2,061 more words