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Yesterday we were on the souq. (The souq is a traditional version of a shopping mall or a market hall.)
In ‘our’ souq we’ve got a ‘pet’ section. 386 more words


HAWAIIANS: Ka Po'e O Ka Wai (The People Of The Water)

….really…it’s no longer “us,” and it is no longer “them”…

…it’s actually now, or ought to be, by this time…All Us Guys…

Because really, we miss each other when we are not where typically we are, at certain intervals of life, and sometimes, it is felt globally. 709 more words

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful: Shakespeare and the Neo-Puritans

Years ago, I read a certain interview with Sir Peter Hall. (I have since tried to find it many times, to no avail.) If I recall correctly, he talked about the crazy ways Shakespeare’s plays are sometimes directed and performed. 734 more words

Piano Wizard Success Stories

Piano Wizard Academy has touched over a quarter million lives. Take a look just a few of our success stories and see what it did for them.

Gotham Season 2 Episode 4

Gotham Season 2 Episode 4

Strike Force

Osborne is asking his people about Arkham, but nobody said they did. He tells them they need to put back people confident back. 251 more words


Anarchy in the #academy: why create an academic poster?

Conventional academic research communication is formulated in sentences and paragraphs, charts and graphs, chapters or papers. PhD students are required to do a lot of reading and writing; obsessing over chapter and thesis structure, often becoming lost in multi-clausal sentences. 293 more words

Scholarly Communication