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RANT: To the cop that shouted in my face last Friday

I'm really glad you stopped me to tell me to slow down on Verot when I was going 15. Yes, you are right when you said I was an adult, and yes, you are right when you said there was construction going on. 133 more words


A wonderful bird is the pelican...

I never know for sure what I’ll see as I walk around my home here in rural south Louisiana. We have a fair amount of typical wildlife – birds, squirrels, rabbits, armadillos, raccoons, foxes, snakes, an occasional bear – you know, everyday critters. 135 more words


A Poetry of Code (January 13, 2018, Columbia, Missouri)

“It’s all codes.” James Luther Dickinson

We have a tradition in out house over Dr. King’s weekend: we listen to the Impressions. The best of Curtis Mayfield’s writing for the group consists of delicately coded messages of encouragement for black Americans during the civil rights struggle, the most famous, perhaps, being “People Get Ready,” “I’m So Proud,” “We’re a Winner,” “It’s Alright,” and “Keep On Pushin’.” The titles do not suggest much coding, but the lyrics can be heard (and were heard by many, I am sure) as deeply romantic.

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Listening Diary

Helping Hands of Hospice

Waking up on Tuesday morning was so refreshing. You’d think on a cold Tuesday morning like this morning was, all I’d want to do was stay in bed, but that definitely wasn’t the case and here is why. 451 more words


In No Brazilian House

Hello ladies and gents,

For my Mom’s birthday we went to Rodizio Grill located at 4243 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy #101, Lafayette, LA 70508. The place is like a meat buffet, with a salad section and desserts. 233 more words

Referees And Replays

NEW IBERIA, La. (AL) – In Acadiana, and virtually anywhere in the South, football is a big deal and the love of the game is more than just a pastime, but practically a way of life. 1,411 more words