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Snippets of Startups: Comparing Tealet and Teabox

Tea might not exactly come to mind when people talk about startups but with an expected USD 38.2 billion market size by 2016, opportunities abound for the tea-lover/entrepreneur. 273 more words


Here's why Accel just committed $305 million to startups in India

If you Google “startups” and virtually any city or nation in the world, you’ll inevitably find true believers insisting that such-and-such region is the new Silicon Valley. 1,221 more words


BetterCloud Raises $25 Million From Accel To Create Universal Tools For Monitoring The Office Cloud

The cloud revolution continues to gobble up old players, and none more so than in office productivity. Microsoft, once the Borg of office software with its Office and Exchange products, has faced immense competition to its Office 365 online subscription service from Google and now even from Apple, which… 737 more words


Accel Bets Big On Startup-To-Startup APIs

Uber isn’t just Uber. It’s Google Maps, Checkr background checks, Braintree payments, and Twilio texts. The best way to do business isn’t to build it all in-house. 796 more words



Ever wondered a car could worth about $13,000 and be available on call for a ride for the common people like us? Don’t over imagine stuffs here. 402 more words


Grovo Raises $15M More To Help Businesses Train Their Employees With Bite-Sized Videos

Grovo, which offers a video-training platform used by customers like Arizona State University and Chevron, has raised $15 million in Series B funding.

When we… 500 more words