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My grandparents were Nazis. I don’t use the term metaphorically. My grandmother was a member of the Hitler Youth in her teens. My grandfather wore the Reich eagle and the swastika proudly on his military uniform. 392 more words

What Vouchers Can Do: Florida Tax-Funded Fundamentalism

I guess we shouldn’t really call it an “exposé” because it doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t expect. Still, it can be eye-opening to see the sorts of things voucher programs can do. 796 more words


My Own Review of the ACE Program and Another Student's View of the ACE Program (and the Rest of Christian Education)

This is my own review of the Accelerated Christian Education/School of Tomorrow Curriculum, but also a public opinion about or criticism towards the view of Christian Education of another student in my current school. 1,840 more words

If You Don’t Teach about It, Will It Go Away?

Nothing is touchier than teaching young kids about sex. A new bill in South Dakota’s state senate illustrates the painfully deep culture-war divide we face on this topic. 767 more words

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Arking the Right Questions

John Oliver thought it was just quirky. There’s a more obvious explanation.

As I discovered on my recent trip to the creationist Ark Encounter, the displays spend a LOT of time explaining where all the poop went. 355 more words