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About School

There is some background information that I feel would be useful in understanding Gio joining school relatively early.

My wife and I had actually considered homeschooling. 549 more words


After Everything

After all the tears, the sweat, the screaming, the joyful singing, the adrenaline rush, the confetti, after the convention has ended – what do you remember the most? 300 more words

Food For Thought

Back to School #momlife #mom #mommy #homeschooling

Well, it’s been a fun two months off, but starting next Monday, we are back to school on Archer Farms!

I’m both looking forward to this year, and dreading it a little, all at the same time. 360 more words

Life As A Mom

This blog in 2014

67,355 direct hits from 146 countries. An unknown additional number from being reblogged on other sites, and from other blogs which I have contributed. I am particularly proud of the links I have established with blogs aimed at explaining evolution to religious believers. 762 more words


Letter to TES about Accelerated Christian Education

This week, TES published an uncritical puff piece on ACE which complained about being misrepresented, and listed all the great reasons people should use ACE. The comments were disabled. 1,039 more words

The Dirty Secret of Religious Homeschooling.

There really do seem like two approaches to homeschooling now. In one, parents who are very concerned about the individual needs of their children–or about a lackluster local school district–pull their kids out of school to teach them at home. 2,792 more words


White Supremacist Homeschooling

HA note: The following is reprinted with permission from Jonny Scaramanga’s blog, Leaving Fundamentalism. It was originally published on August 26 2014, and has been modified for publication on HA. 775 more words