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Always on meds..

I don’t suffer from ill-health or temperature

I suffer from love

Love that doesn’t see me

Love that doesn’t want to see me

Love that is not felt for me… 37 more words


Smile :)

If something makes you smile then there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t keep it in your life. Whether it be a sight, a person, an activity, no matter what it is, hold on to it. 214 more words


Love Me Like I Love Me

We usually mope about idiots who don’t treat us like we deserve, but it’s simpler if we just focused on caring for ourselves with the utmost love, care and respect ^_^. 313 more words

Im-power Me


સ્વીકાર શબ્દ અદભૂત,
સ્વીકારો તો થાય ચમત્કાર.

સ્વીકાર એટલે સહયોગ ને સાથ.
સ્વીકાર સુખ શાંતિનો મંત્ર.

સ્વીકારો ભૂલ સ્વ ની,
ક્ષમાનો માર્ગ બતાવે.

સ્વીકારો જે પણ મળ્યું,


From Homeless To Hopeful

Hi Everyone,

On Friday we started with a review of two confusing words – accept and except. Accept (verb) means to receive or take (something offered) and agree to something { 295 more words


Regret weighs heavily on our minds.  Regret can hinder us from moving on.  What is done is done.  It cannot be undone.  Humble yourself and acknowledge that you made a mistake.   16 more words


About The Godfather

Someday — and that day may never come — I ll call upon you to do a SERVICE for me. But until that day, accept this justice as a gift.Yes, what a line. 165 more words