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The art of giving

When we talked about giving, maybe you thought nothing special with it. Everyone could do it. It was ordinary thing. Do you think so? First let us correct ourselves. 319 more words

Catatan Harian

Live To Love, Love To Live

This is not a ‘How-To-Guide’ on these two things. This is a simple answer to a bewildering question: ‘Why do we end up falling for the wrong person?’  491 more words


Lots of Somethings Good

You want your life to produce something good. And not just something good, but lots of somethings good. Lots and lots. Like thirty times, or sixty times, or a hundred times as much as those who, say, produce nothing. 300 more words


Jesus didn’t set you free to live in the rubble

Was thinking today after yesterday’s post that Jesus wants us to be free, so he died for us, we accept him into our lives but we still hold on to some of the old rubbish, we still struggle to let things go.  393 more words

ik 264 for November 2015 wp

ik 264
(Collom Lune)

one can share
without forceful coercion to accept
single doctoral concepts

faith comes in
as many colors as there
are different people… 131 more words


For The Dad Who's Not There

I probably shouldn’t be allowed to write when I’m feeling stressed and it’s been a long week with late nights and early mornings but here I go anyway. 1,299 more words