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W is for Watermelon 🍉

I want you to show you our homegrown watermelons. They were so amazing this year!! Ha ha, amazingly tiny!! They just didn’t turn out as expected or planned–and we’ve grown wonderful melons in other years. 374 more words


Battle with the Beast

Waking up early morning to a gagging sound in the adjacent room wasn’t something abnormal for Aisha.

As the sun rays streamed through her window, she made her way to her parent’s room,  groggy and half asleep to check up on them. 449 more words


Embracing fall, Embracing change

Sometimes when I’m driving home from class, I like to take the scenic route. This consists of driving through the Cleveland Metroparks, feeling the warm sun on my skin, and taking in the scenery around me. 781 more words


I'm Doing the Best I Can

Teenagers come parceled with a layer of curse words. I know when I was sixteen, every other word out of my mouth was “f*ck” or “sh*t.” If you were a guy, you were “this a**hole” and girls were all “that b*tch.” Now, I hear the cacophony of gutter language swirl the air around my teenagers’ heads and feel my heart cringe whenever the littlest set of ears are nearby. 1,268 more words


way as to accept

those as the begining

as its own time

and truth

as when it was the use

and making

as the question

and whom was the being… 45 more words


Let me provoke a simple question. When was the last time you regretted for doing something or for not doing something? A week before, a day before, perhaps the moment before? 590 more words

Sometimes Things Happen...

You have to STOP searching WHY at some point in your life. It will only drive you crazy, then where will you be?
Sometimes you have to accept things as they are. 11 more words