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Diagnosis and understanding

I am not a big fan of diagnoses.

From 1997-2007 I worked for mental health institutions. I have seen the same person diagnosed as manic-depressive, then depressive, then borderline personality disorder, then back to depressive. 384 more words


An open invitation to the Holy Spirit

I feel like this week has been a series of lessons. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher we will ever have. He teaches us through revelation, experiences, through His Word and through messages. 548 more words


From Struggling to Strong

We may not always have this perspective about our struggles, especially when we are going through them! When we get to the other side, this perspective of the challenges we face can bring healing versus stagnation. 66 more words


Change your mind

I have been asking God for guidance as to what to do to renew my mind and not conform to this world. I have read the famous verse over and over again. 598 more words


Identity crisis 

Identity issues can rob us of our joy. We can toss and turn at night wondering who we are, what our calling is and who we are supposed to be in this life. 766 more words


A powerful relationship 

The book of 2 Timothy was a big influence in my Christian walk as I was growing up. Paul is writing to young Timothy who he calls “my dear son” even though he didn’t have any kids. 511 more words


Have a great week!

My message today is going to be very simple. I just want you to have a great week. Enjoy every single day this week. Make the most of it. 536 more words