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Enough, I Hope

all you can do is keep them in your heart & offer comfort if asked.

Right Brain


A friend of mine was dying. Ben was nervous. There was nothing left for him here on earth. A wealthy man, a religious man, he was nevertheless, frightened. 180 more words


Time to Release


managers at work are bewildering to you. don’t seem human, much less humane. time to release, dear one.

Right Brain

No Way

don’t waste precious time fretting. there’s no way to have fretful fun!

Right Brain

JESUS: The Acceptance Of Jesus, by Hubert van Zeller

That Jesus accepted the Father’s will at every moment of his life is not in question.  That he submitted to the yoke of the Roman occupation and to the authority of the Levitical priesthood is clear from a number of incidents recorded in the gospels.  543 more words


Fuck you Paiku

When all is theater,
There’s no guaranteed script;
Only certain is “the end”.


Do You Believe?

My Grandma and Grandpa had a wishing well. Whenever we would visit I would race over to it and look inside. I always expected to see something magical. 489 more words