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The best is yet to come 

Jesus came to bring good news to the world. He didn’t come to condemn but He came to love more than any human can love. If Jesus were to appear to you today, He would say that He loves you and that you should take heart (have courage) because the best is yet to come. 647 more words



Being a mindful eater can sometimes be a difficult thing. And bad eating habits can range from not eating at all to stuffing yourself two times over. 319 more words


In times of trouble 

Every class that I teach has a group of captains. Captains are students who excel in the subject and who can help other kids. Each captain has a group and we do a lot of activities in captain groups. 578 more words


Road Trip

follow your heart instead of ‘shoulds.’ a much kinder route.

Right Brain

A Matter of Trust

you know you trust this process. more than you trust Loving Kindness, but can you see that the process is LK? you’re surrounded by signs.

Right Brain

Reboot and restart this week

If you were able to rest this week, Monday is a bit easier to deal with. You might be dragging a little but because of the time off you had, it feels like you are at the top of a mountain. 623 more words


A heart to serve others

I know a group of happy people that volunteer at my church. You should see the zeal and the enthusiasm they display every Sunday. They are there to serve God and to serve people. 460 more words