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Walking the Dog -- A Grounded-Spirituality Post

I had given myself a self-imposed deadline to write this post by tonight. But I was making no headway. I tried to start a couple of times, but they went nowhere.   310 more words

Self Acceptance

Of Service

release annoyance and assumptions. hope for the best. accept reality and deal with it in a way that’s of service to you. words to live by! 

Right Brain

Yes, I am aware I am mad.

I moan about being misunderstood – and it occurred to me today that I would be thoroughly disappointed if I was actually understood completely. That ‘understanding’ would change the very definitions which I have gathered up over 35 years worth of hard trudging through my life as I have interpreted it. 138 more words


How the Week Turned Out

This week, I blogged about the movie Seymour: An Introduction  on Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing it again in the near future. Seeing that film was truly a highlight of joy in a time that has a passel of challenges. 567 more words

V is for Voice

I can still see the desk and the classroom and the book in my hand in the music class where I discovered my ability to harmonize as an alto. 434 more words

Significant Is Who We Are

I pray with thousands of other Christians each day with evangelist Dale Gentry via email.  This is what he sent out today, and I wanted to share it with you.  360 more words


T is for Today (part 2)

Here’s what I notice. Whenever I speak with my son about his addiction issues, I discover that pretty much every question I ask him is one that also applies to me. 477 more words