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You Owe Yourself a Do-Over

You Owe Yourself a Do-Over

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To those of you who find yourselves in factions of society pitted against each other, because opposing labels have been assigned to you by persons unknown with motives unknown, I offer this simple advice from an old soul who’s been there and done that and has outlived any need or desire for worldly gains. 28 more words


Open Practice


practice being open & listen to any & all ideas. turn instinctive reactions on their head & examine/feel them from a new perspective. nothing to lose & much to gain from willingness to try.

Right Brain

Unsuitable Reality

validation from others is always gratifying. in a reality that doesn’t suit you, planning escape or maybe adjustment is a worthy pursuit.

Right Brain

Overlooked Yet Significant

“Everything has its beauty, but not everyone sees it.” Andy Warhol

I firmly believe we all have beauty, meaning and purpose. I often use the illustration of a tiny high alpine flower in a remote area where no human foot will ever be set. 84 more words


Our Pain Becomes Another's Salve

I’m realizing more and more the hardships I face are always used to comfort another. Last week my 20 year old my son had an extremely bizarre experience which sent him to the ER. 252 more words


March towards self-worth

If you are one of the many people who come to yoga in a quest to learn to love themself a bit more, you’ll enjoy this month’s theme. 358 more words