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The 7 A's of Dementia - Apraxia

Whatever you accept completely will take you to peace, including the acceptance that you cannot accept, that you are in resistance… E. Tolle (Stillness Speaks)

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Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia-related Disease, Caregiving, Eldercare

My Islam is ...

Part one:

Before you start to read my article i would ask you to look at this video. This is a campagne video made by a political party in the Netherlands. 823 more words


The Power of Patterns


unpleasantness is no longer a surprise. there’s power in that fact, dear one. makes things more predictable: lets you see patterns.

Right Brain

Forget the Cracks


enjoy this time of promise instead of looking for cracks in the veneer.

Right Brain

A Passionate Infatuation

Recovery is NOT surviving. Recovery is thriving in a life full of passion, working hard, and fighting through the exhaustion when all you want is to give up. 70 more words

Eating Disorders

Inexplicably Me

How I look is not important. I have an insane work ethic. An unstoppable ambition. A ridiculously dope soul. I am an unavoidable disaster and inescapable masterpiece. 74 more words

Eating Disorders

Broken Crayons Still Color

23 years old and I’ve experienced more in life than people three times my age will ever hear of in their lifetime. I’ve been stabbed, beaten, chased, choked, drug by my hair, and made to do unspeakable things no person should ever have to do. 246 more words

Eating Disorders