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Thanks to You

I would like to take a minute and thank each one of you that takes time to read my articles. I am certainly not a professional writer but I do enjoy writing. 249 more words

Christian Life

As Are You

Loving Kindness: Try to release the image of me as “someone” and see that I’m everyone and everything. That means nothing’s bad or good: those are judgments. 11 more words

Right Brain


Opia   The ambiguous intensity of looking someone in the eye, which can feel simultaneously invasive and vulnerable.

A requiem for the sullen.

During some of my endeavours while venturing out meeting likeminded, it occurred to me that there seems to be a distinct divide between the characters who are going for real and those who just want to play dress up every now and then. 1,094 more words


Not the Time


now’s not the time for quibbling, dear one.

Right Brain

A Really Excellent Fantasy

“My friend sent a photo of the cast list!” Mimi shouted up from the breakfast table. I spun around in my bedroom, where I was in the middle of pulling on my stockings, and scrambled down the stairs. 564 more words


Affirmation or Discovery?

Achieve or Acquire?

Motivate or Inspire?

Be or Do?


Giving and Receiving


Loving Kindness: It’s not so much giving in as giving. And accepting. Both let you receive information for what it is, situations for what they are instead of interpreting them based on experience & subconscious triggers.

Right Brain