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5 Ways Self-Compassion Promotes a Healthy Body Image

When it comes to appearance, we’re often too hard on ourselves.

In this age of social media, we’re surrounded by idealized images of beauty more than ever before. 669 more words


Thanks to caring for my parents, I choose to see life wearing rose-coloured glasses

Chronicles of a Chronically stressed out Caregiver. Meditations and Mindfulness Changed My Life. Mindfulness, Meditation and Me.

Let’s be honest. When you are sitting with a notepad in your lap, and the only thing on the paper are titles for the eBook (instead of actual writing), you know that you are in avoidance mode. 915 more words

Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia-related Disease, Caregiving, Eldercare

The cat's crying at midnight

​“In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats.”

It has been some time since I’ve shared my personal struggles and accounts on my blog. Having had a relapse, it’s hard to revisit difficult times. 671 more words


When Will I Learn?

A friend just reminded me that I can either judge people or I can love them. I’m amazed at how often I forget that love is the answer to so many questions. 163 more words

Juggling and learning new things

I’m juggling. Four balls. My best is maybe five catches. I drop them a lot. Almost all the time.

My husband juggles too. He drops too. 373 more words

Personal Growth

Not Everyone Can Explain Themselves


you’re accepting of Daphne’s stubborn quirks ‘cos she can’t tell you what’s going on. lesson there somewhere!

Right Brain

Force Field

Loving Kindness: I am your force field. I wait to be activated by your awareness. Let’s not even get into the contentious ‘acceptance’ issue!

Right Brain