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The Power of a "Like"

Our world is saturated in social media. Facebook, twitter, Instagram, and blogs are just a few of the resources we have to communicate on a personal level with hundreds of people. 1,344 more words


Don't give it any attention

I was speaking with a friend recently and he asked about how my speech performed at a recent meeting.  Without thinking about my response, I blurted out… 76 more words


ACCEPTANCE - what does it mean to you?

Acceptance means being recognized and acknowledged for what one is.

It’s an approval, an agreeing with one’s situation or stand.

It’s also one’s feelings of resignation (in a good way) to a situation in life. – Jenny Anderson


A Meltdown.

There was a time in my life where I could really lose it, cry, wail and dig deeply into the cracks between how I held myself together. 964 more words


Are we far from here?

I awakened refreshed to the coming of a new day, a cross roads and a series of moments of intercessory prayer.

As my fingers felt the edges of Numbers 1, a message began to emerge. 584 more words


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Here's a post that reminds us God wants us to commit to honesty and integrity by looking within ourselves and checking our spiritual condition. Taking a personal inventory of our life is a requirement from God.

I have feelings about 'My 600lb Life'

So I’ve been watching ‘My 600lb Life’ for a while, and I’ve been wanting to write down my thoughts, but every time I try, it’s never as eloquent as I want them to be.   2,399 more words


Music, music, music.

Music is pretty much everything to me. It is always playing; whether I’m writing or walking to the bus stop, walking the aisles at the supermarket, if I have a car it is always on, rarely is there a moment in my life when I enjoy complete silence but that’s not to say I don’t dig silence, it is golden, I just prefer to have tunage playing. 698 more words