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Guard Duty


 Loving Kindness: Your guard has been up since you were small. It scares you to wonder why. My simple offer: don’t wonder why. Just give the guards a well-deserved rest.

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Is Your Anger Eating You Up?

Angry with anyone today? Think about the things the person is doing that contribute to the anger you feel toward them. Then think about this: Sometimes we are so quick to point the finger at others and forget to look within. 231 more words


Not Who I Thought I Was

At least a few aspects of myself.

I feel so out of my element. No longer as someone who thinks she is in control of her life at least. 201 more words


Chain of Choices


no choice is unimportant because they’re all linked.

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Back Home!

Inspired by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee – 05/07/18

We allow ourselves, as we grow, to be caught in what the Chinese call the ‘10,000 things’ of life. Usually because we need to feel part of the world around us, to be loved, to have a sense of belonging. 297 more words


The Working Bee.

By N. Cardoso 05/05/2018

You are uniquely created to make a difference.

It really doesn’t matter if a big difference in the world, or a small one within the square feet around yourself. 137 more words


Detour: Temporary We Hope


can you think of it as a temporary detour on your true path? and know that things can change literally in a heartbeat?

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