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He parted the sea for you 

This week is going to be amazing. I’m praying that you get a greater understanding of who you are in Christ. I’m praying that you will be so enlightened by the Holy Spirit that your perspective of who God is will change the way you live your life. 570 more words

God's train of thought 

“Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God” (Romans 10:17). However, in many cases faith comes from hearing but hearing is not by the Word of God. 625 more words

It Could

Dominant Hand: : Doom doesn’t equal adventure in my mind!

but it could! all kinds of adventures exist. spiritual & mental as well as physical & social. 17 more words

Right Brain

On fat admirers and allyship

There are two articles I saw recently that I want to highlight – one on being a good ally to fat acceptance, and one on dating while fat. 1,329 more words



I have just read Felicity Lost In Reverie’s post on living with Diabulimia, and it evoked such a strong and emotive response that I felt compelled to share my own. 852 more words


The Problem with Positive Thinking

Many times I find my clients have incorporated the idea somewhere along the way that they need to be thinking more positively. While it holds understandable appeal, the problem with this strategy is that it is no more sustainable than thinking negatively. 285 more words