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Let it rain

It hasn’t rained a lot these past few months and every time it does rain you would think that a big storm is here. I know people who have changed their plans of being outside because it was raining. 652 more words


Your transformation 

I believe the Lord can transform anyone. I love how Saul changed into Paul. The persecutor of the Christians ended up becoming one of the most influential Christians to date. 620 more words


Love will get you there 

I feel led to write about love today. I usually have a message about love on the 13th of the month because of the 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians. 632 more words


You have seen nothing yet

I have been back at work teaching for three weeks now. I am getting used to a certain routine. However, I don’t like getting stuck in a rut so I do my best to change up the way I teach and to make my lessons as engaging as possible. 598 more words


On your way to big things

A couple of months ago I wrote about dreaming big. I still believe it is important to broaden our way of thinking and to expect big things because we have a big God that has no limits. 605 more words


Beautiful days ahead of you

I am one of those guys that check the weather forecast every day. I like to know what to expect weather wise. This week is going to be in the high 60’s and low 70’s in the NYC-Connecticut area with a couple of rainy days. 509 more words


Guiding Lights

do your best to keep judgment & criticism at bay. kindest thing you can do for yourself & everyone else. let dignity & grace be guiding lights.

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