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Lessons Learned

Idealisation is quickly transformed into realisation

As you grow and learn and regret and accept.

Plans followed through with unwanted outcomes

Deceived by your very own achievements. 18 more words


Good Things

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m always questioning good things. It wasn’t always like that, I used

to follow my nose and let things kind of just happen. 477 more words


My Story - Section 2 - Understanding Gay - Part 1 of 2

Understanding ‘gay’

I really truly believe that coming to terms with who you are and more importantly accepting it, is the biggest hurdle anyone can overcome. 834 more words


The Shed


I moved to the island to be as far away from people as possible.

When I say people, I mean people in the plural; the masses, the multitudes, those throngs of blank, grey faces milling aimlessly about the twisted concrete mazes of the city, like laboratory rats. 1,356 more words



How do we Find Joy in a Broken World?

Females are raving about a new fad… joy. Being a joyful person, feeling joy, being around others who are joyful, spreading joy; you name it, they’re obsessing about it. 527 more words


Knock Knock

Someone unexpected came to the front door today and rang the doorbell, followed by several knocks. I’m not sure why by but my anxiety rises when folks come to the house unannounced. 169 more words


Bible Adventures: "Loving The Unlovable"

Hello kids!

Let’s take another Bible Adventure and learn about loving others the way the Good King does.

Do you know someone at school or in your neighborhood that is ignored by others. 13 more words