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Written by Jacob Ibrag

I feel like we’re playing tennis with

each others feelings, and every time I think

we’re done with these games, you ace me.

Photography by Brooke Didonato



Hi Peeps,

Today’s Quote

“No one likes rejection, so become informed, love the truth of God, and be saved from the grips of the evil one or his false teachers.” ~ Jon Barnes…

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Daily Devotional

A Fond Farewell

I’m not very good with death.  In fact, I’m not good at all with it.  I can’t cope with the thought of my own mortality, and therefore am extremely tuned in to every little change in my body.  507 more words


First Ever Open Mic Poetry Slam Night

Hey Eyes + Words community!

This event has been two plus years in the making and so we’re proud to finally announce the launch of the first ever Eyes + Words open mic poetry slam night. 105 more words


Controversial: Toxic Mothers

We all have toxic people in our lives, but what if that toxic person is your mother? What if it’s the one person that, from the moment you are brought into this world, you relied on for love, trust, and safety? 1,422 more words


Some people will try and dim your light
Somewhere down your lifeline

The source of sorrow is that it won’t be who you expect
The devil appears in beautiful forms… 118 more words


Banished From The Tribe

Like apes or wolves or ants, humans are cooperative creatures. Living and working alone are challenging things that can few can do throughout their lives, and if they do they’ll generally pay a big price. 799 more words

Society And The Future