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Being a mother is discovering strengths you didn't know you had and dealing with fears you never knew existed ..

I look back on the first years of motherhood as the best of my life. The irony here is not lost on me: I never wanted children. 943 more words


Stop Being So Angry! Don't Lower Your Standards

“People seem tired and worn out. There is much intolerance, distrust, name calling and hate. We seem to ‘declare war’ on all our problems and others we don’t like. 917 more words

Personal Development

My Letter to You....

I’ve watched you for awhile now as you’ve persevered through all that you’ve been through. I watched through all your pain and all your heartache. I watched so many times as you tried relentlessly to understand, at the risk of hardening your own heart. 579 more words

Rahs Mirror

Flaws to Define

What is a flaw?

If you search it on OxfordDictionaries.com, you will find the following definition:

~  A fault or weakness in a person’s character ~ 781 more words

Inner Monologue

run away girl

Ohhh. Such deep sadness!

I want to cry a thousand rivers.

It hurts.

I try to find the positive that surrounds me,

pushing those tears away… 125 more words


Lightbulb moment

I have had a series of good days, and under normal circumstances, I would be waiting for the other shoe to drop. There has always been that dark cloud above me, threatening even the brightest days, but this time things are different. 406 more words



Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’ll steal all of her tears away. It’s the

least I can do, she gives purpose to my

kleptomaniac ways. I’ll adopt her stream… 83 more words