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Written by Jacob Ibrag

Black marble rolling on uneven

pavement. She follows as it gains speed, rolling

over gum indentations and aged concrete. Nowhere

else she’d rather exist, focusing on distraction rather… 38 more words


Two Bananas, an Extraordinary Gift?

Life is always bringing unexpected gifts. (May Sarton)

Perhaps I’m reaching into my ancient ape ancestry; I crave bananas. Since they are good for digestion, my body may be telling me I need them after my illness. 215 more words


Do we need to forgive?

Many people say that to have peace we need to forgive those who have hurt us, to let go of the pain and any resentment, judgement, hate or anger we may feel towards the other person. 1,883 more words

Personal Development

Painfully thankful

Accepting what you cannot control will always be the hardest task for me. Swallowing pride, anger, and fear will always burn a hole in my chest. 128 more words

Heart Center

“And hands to heart center…” – every yoga teacher everywhere

There are rooms where people talk about finding a new happiness, and a new peace.  In yoga, mindfulness, gratitude and inner calm are taught in every class, with every breath you take. 473 more words


My favorite what if

He confessed to me he wanted to wait

I spoke words of refusal to wait

Little does he know

I will watch the clock

Count the days… 74 more words

Sometimes, Healing can be scary, confusing, paralyzing!

As I work with trauma people trying to heal, I am reminded how confusing, paralyzing and scary the journey can be.
PTSD, when triggered releases real drugs (cortisol and adrenaline) into our systems, igniting our fight, flight or freeze mechanism. 105 more words