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Long Live Us

Written by Jacob Ibrag

I’m resting on your shoulder, wondering

how this will end. Will we paint each other

with regret? Lines have been crossed, there’s… 57 more words


Maybe St. Francis of Assisi offered absolutely everything to God. I don’t really know. I do know that when I first committed my life to Christ, I offered myself as a living sacrifice. 788 more words

Walking In Community

In honor of Zombie Awareness Month I am posting extra quotes from World War Z – Enjoy!

“I try not to be angry, bitter at the unfairness of it all.

72 more words

Carry Less

Pierce the heart

In all you do

May you pierce the heart

And peer

Into the very light of life that inhabits this form

That form… 335 more words


Grieving for the Afterthought (pt. 2) —Opus 8

Last week I took us on a sad ride through the first three stages of grief for the Afterthought’s closing. We all know grief isn’t complete without the full five stages (sure I know some sources list seven stages of grief, but writing about more than five is above my pay grade), so I’m going to continue my process of grief for you this week with the final two sages (depression and acceptance). 956 more words

Once A Week

So little time - but I got to move.

Life is but a journey and it has many stops, drops, and rolls. You should also do that if you ever get caught on fire… in case you didn’t know. 489 more words


Today Marks one extra year on your birth calendar.The BIG two to the Zero (I feel I have lived for centuries already :) )

I woke up with a kind of thrill, knowing that the little girl at last has the years to match her deeds. 309 more words