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Grant Me the Serenity

They say acceptance is the final stage of grief. It is the goal, the endpoint, the last destination on the twisting journey you’re set upon when you’re in mourning. 1,948 more words


Get back on the horse that bucked you.

We are all too familiar with the phrase: “ Get back on the horse.”

Usually a rhetoric to finding out someone has had:

A failed attempt at learning a new skill… 328 more words


The sex I've had but what's the sex I want?

I haven’t had sex for a couple of months now and I find myself thinking about it frequently. I relive past experiences in as much detail as I cam recall and then adapt and change the scenarios to see how I feel. 362 more words

Practicing what we preach

Not practicing what we preach doesn’t necessarily make one pretentious or a fraud, for in numerous cases one speaks of what they know is right while knowing they themselves don’t poses it, be it a particular virtue or a trait. 499 more words



Gahhhh this is a super hard post to write about. I am shaking as I am typing on the keyboard and I can feel my heart beating faster and faster. 879 more words

Mental Health

When I Die

When I Die

Take my body
and bury me home
Find a place in the mountain
Let it overlook my wonderland-
the red-tile roofs
flowing river… 80 more words


From The Ground Up

Before I begin…this is not a post about a child who will not listen. It is not about a child who is troubled…or a child I should ‘cater less’ to. 714 more words