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Chronicles of Belonging: The commencement

I’ve got earphones on because there’s a song I want to infiltrate every part of my brain and auditory canal. The Bella Ciao song (original version) is what has been on replay for half an hour so far. 253 more words



Say to me, say to me that you need help, you can’t do it alone, that there is something going on in your mind and it doesn’t want to quit. 62 more words


Magic Formula

An old friend said to me: accept what is going on at this moment. Accept it and say: Alright, thanks! Say to all things that are currently happening in your life: Alright, thanks! 117 more words


A message to all the judgemental people in my life. . .

I hate how you judge me

I hate how you resent me

For daring to be different

For detouring from the herd 135 more words

Recognizing Which Friendships Belong in Your Life

Just because someone wants to be in your life, doesn’t mean they should be there.

Sometimes it’s hard to recognize when someone in your life isn’t good for you.

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Working on Acceptance

So I’ve been working hard on a lot of stuff lately, though, if someone asked, I’d probably say I don’t. I tutor, I’m a face and body painter, I paint objects, dog/house sit… Occasionally I try to have a social life. 506 more words