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Great News!

This is such an exciting time of year when I get to share in the success of my students. And what success they have had in this, a very difficult year for college admissions. 133 more words

In The News

The After: Decisions, Decisions

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I got my first acceptance the second week of February while heading to my second class of the day. I spent the 75 minutes in my class reading that acceptance letter over and over and trying to keep a smile off my face as the class went over Faulkner. 890 more words


Applying for universities and getting rejected like a loser that you are

nceI’ve reached that part in my life that all my siblings warned me about as I grew up. The part where you apply for universities with some dread and a good sizable amount of hope  and self esteem, enough to last a few months, which quickly fizzles out which each rejection feeling like someone has punched you in the gut…and stole your wallet/purse….and spat on your face as a lasting humiliation. 156 more words

Week One

I’m now one week into my Unbound campaign to fund my book. I’ve raised 13% of the target so far which I think is pretty good progress for a week. 436 more words

Spring-full news

It’s March, the best time of every year. Well, best and maybe worst. It starts pretty well and it could end either even better or downright awful. 494 more words

I am an Author Unbound

It was a Wednesday afternoon. Last Wednesday to be exact. My sister had just arrived for a visit. An e-mail came through to my smartphone and (rude though it was) I checked it. 486 more words

State of Affairs No. 1

Last week, I posted about my plan for this blog, my intention to write about my journey from aspiring to (hopefully) professional writer.

It seems only fair that I start by giving you a look at the current state of my efforts so I thought I would list all of the pieces that I have available for publication, tell you a bit about them and then tell you where they are in the process. 787 more words