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Lessons From the Fall: Saying Yes

The woman walked slowly across the parking lot, clearly not caring that her wrinkled blue scrubs were getting soaked with rain. She seemed bone tired, like she had just come off a twenty-four hour shift. 428 more words

Occasional Essays

Y como castigo (and as punishment...)

Our friend Mr. Monte came to the rescue once again. He’s our family IT guy, a critical emergency job with Joey’s ability to work voodoo on his old desktop and then be unhappy when mom and dad can’t fix it. 142 more words

Care Giving


On the porch in the early morning and the light all new, I lift my hand in the air, bending my fingers into the sign for love.   1,327 more words


Surrendering to my Allies

Today is D+2 since the attack on my heart and head commenced. The troops massed against me, my shoreline was being softened up by a constant barrage of heavy guns, the enemy parachuted in behind my defensive front – all of this was a full-scale attack, no, invasion of my homeland. 626 more words

Healing The Mind

St. Patrick the Caregiver

Yes, corned beef is boiling here, even though that’s likely an American adaptation and not originally Irish.

We are going to visit a possible residence for our son today, and I’ll wear a green shirt. 466 more words

Care Giving

Joey rescues dad

I think the “spring forward” time change messed with me more than it did with our son.

He’s rolled with it pretty well. I have to nudge him awake rather than rely upon his usual early self-start, but he’s OK with that this year (he hasn’t always been so nice with time changes). 141 more words

Care Giving

My, how time flies

We haven’t blogged in a few weeks. Meanwhile, our son and our family lived with autism for 21 years.

Yes, Joey turned 21. We took him to a “21 or over” pub in town. 400 more words

Care Giving