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NEW: Learn Autistic with Rosetta Stone?

You’ve seen the commercial, right? If you’re a caregiver, you’re probably sitting in a stupor when the infomercials come on in the wee hours.

Rosetta Stone… 169 more words

Care Giving

The Should-in-nator

“Get out of my kitchen!”

That is the characterization of many of us home cooks who make meals for a crowd.

It is also the way my mother is characterized by one of my in-law’s. 1,132 more words


Of mice and... uh... books?

A couple of short things.

First, more fun ‘n’ games with Joey’s old desktop.

The cursor was sitting in the middle of the screen, not moving. 313 more words

Care Giving

Surviving Tragedy

It happens to all of us at one time or another.

Tragedies strike.

Destruction of a home; Death of a loved one; Loss of a significant lawsuit; Unemployment and business downgrades. 228 more words

Day #310 - Do It Myself

That’s a commonly heard phrase from toddlers, “I’ll do it myself.”

First let me be VERY clear about something.  Autism itself does NOT cause challenging behaviors. 658 more words

Accepting the help

Let me set this scene. I have 30 minutes to pick up my oldest from dance camp. I have a toddler who has decided today she will only be napping for 15 minutes. 362 more words


The Prayer of the Distressed and Depressed

Psalm 88 is up in my morning prayer cycle. If you’re not familiar with it (not surprising as it’s seldom read in church) have a look and understand that God himself breathed a prayer for those in the darkest, foulest moods. 508 more words

Care Giving