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Taking to Giving

Chronic illness takes so much. I really don’t want to start of a laundry list of things it impacts and why. Many of us that are touched are impacted financially as well. 865 more words

Call the police...

…and say Thank You during National Police Week.

It is important that caregivers build a relationship with law enforcement, who are the first responders when those in our care wander or come into other situations that can be delicate at best and dangerous at worst. 56 more words

Care Giving

At Times We Must Let Go.

Not having written anything in while, I feel as though I have to invoke a flow of consciousness to get my creative juices going so to speak, so if this post comes off a little broken, sad, and uncoordinated; that will be because that’s where I am at the moment. 1,419 more words

Personally Me

There & Back: Living with Brain Injuries

It took acquiring and recovering from three concussions and a myriad of persistent complications for me to learn the value of loving myself.  And, even now, it’s still a daily struggle to remind myself I matter. 2,317 more words


Help in the Storm

Most of the folks I know either served in the military or have a relative who did. The Bible discusses several interesting military men and one often overlooked woman. 1,076 more words


Helpless and Hopeless No More

My wife took this picture one day during her run. If you look closely enough at the outline of the bird, you can tell it is a robin. 590 more words


Day 102 Challenge

Accept Help

Okay so this is a challenge I struggle with myself.  The idea for this challenge actually came from my 11 year old daughter who said she woke up with the challenge idea this morning but figured I already had one so she didn’t think I would use it.  172 more words

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