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We'll leave the light off for ya

People with autism connect with the world through repetitive behaviors.  I mean, we all do, right?  None of us want to live in a town where red light means… 643 more words

Care Giving

Asking for help makes you weak? Lies! 

I write for metrolife234.com

This is my most recent article (You should visit the site)

I learnt something today.

I have always known its importance but you know how we learn about an aspect of life but never really let it sink, so we just live each day till something triggers that knowledge? 312 more words


The Hardest Thing I've Ever Done

I was recently playing a game with some of my closest friends in which we all simply answered whatever question was drawn from the bucket. The questions ranged from “what would your ultimate birthday party entail?” to “who would you delete from you life if you could? 429 more words

Heart, Light, Snow

You never know what a new morning will bring. I awakened with what can be all too familiar: that clutch of pain in my neck and head, but then as I moved across the room, an increased heart rate that gathered steam, then thundered its way through morning preparations. 1,256 more words

Party. Where you are.

This week features the Happy Holiday Progressive Blog Party at CareGiving.com.

The internet provides one way for tied up, tied down caregivers to “get out” and find fellowship, fun and support in the wider world.   68 more words

Care Giving

A Change of Direction

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen me post some goals there fairly recently – attempt to follow the Metabolic Effect plan and join the Runner’s World Run Streak. 438 more words



Family caregiver? You can jump into this online party in the coming week. Great blogs to discover, new friends to make, prizes to win… all from the “comfort” (yeah right) of your care giving location! 27 more words