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The Prayer of the Distressed and Depressed

Psalm 88 is up in my morning prayer cycle. If you’re not familiar with it (not surprising as it’s seldom read in church) have a look and understand that God himself breathed a prayer for those in the darkest, foulest moods. 508 more words

Care Giving

Care giving stinks but coffee smells good

Here’s a chance to have some fun and also support other caregivers.

Caregiving.com is a great site with lots of resources, including some chats and other forms of real time support for folks in all kinds of caregiving situations. 144 more words

Care Giving

How to ask for help

When it comes to asking for help there are two kinds of people: those that do and those that definitely do not.

I’m a “ 986 more words


Courage Produces An Effect On The Soul.

There are times when you can be strong all of your life. When your strength, courage, and persistence has enabled you to climb over insurmountable obstacles. 288 more words


A selfish couple's un-family celebration

Today is our 25th wedding anniversary. We are going out for sushi (which we love but isn’t in our son’s sensory palate), and we’re going out with friends instead of as a family. 158 more words

Care Giving

Strength to the weary

I have inherited through at least one of my bloodlines a strong dose of the “can do” mentality.

That’s often a good thing.

It’s the sort of attitude that allowed my grandfather to continue building, overseeing and supervising building sites well into his 80s, and the sort of tenacious disposition that allowed my father to become a successful academic in spite of a primary school report encouraging him to drop out early and “learn a trade”. 551 more words

Just Random

Draft Picks

No, not the NFL draft. As much of a football fan as I am, Melissa and I both wondered out loud how anyone can bear to watch that. 281 more words

Care Giving