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Seizure Disorders

Last night I was out tinkering with some uncooperative lights by our front door.  A neighbor came up and invited me to come over to a gathering around a wood fire in the driveway next door – a group was there and they wanted to “get to know the mysterious people in the gray house” (that’s us). 549 more words

Care Giving

Cliffy's Shots of Wit - #84

Click the link below to see Cliffy’s Shot of Wit #84, along with the back story of how it came to be (feel free to share with friends)… 362 more words

Helping a Loved One Who Has Been Raped

When someone you love has been violated in the worst possible way, for most people, the initial reaction is to protect them. There is a feeling of helplessness and uncertainty on how to handle the situation. 689 more words


On Accepting Help

“Would you like something to eat?”

No thanks, I’m good.

“Do you need a ride?”

No thanks, I’m good.

“Do you want to come with us to ?  354 more words

Black Lives Matter

A tale of two something somethings

Here’s our front walkway.  Yes, the same one where I go to photograph weeds to illustrate the futile feelings and fleeting successes of care giving. 183 more words

Care Giving

When You Feel More Emotions Than You Ever Knew Existed

This is going to be a tough blog for me to write. It requires me to become vulnerable in such a way that the memories of the rape live in the forefront of my mind. 363 more words


struggling with high expectations

This post may be triggering for its description of depression and ADHD.

I think that having a high expectation of myself is a positive attribute, though it’s when I don’t meet my expectations that I get into an unnecessary emotional turmoil. 474 more words

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