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Truth and fiction

Reading is one of my pleasures.  If you’re a caregiver, it is important to squeeze in times of refreshment.  Holidays, right?  Yeah, right.  Ha ha ha. 338 more words

Care Giving

Let's be clear

So Saturday I was grumbling and getting ready to clear heavy snow.  Not deep snow, but weighty.  Snow comes down fluffy when we’re lucky but dense when we are not (although the dense stuff is important to watering the earth so there’s that.) 226 more words

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High Fives All Around!

Just caught this on Twitter:

We have a month of our own!  Did you know that?  Now quit gloating and clean up some bodily wastes or go to an IEP or do some laundry or something, dang it. 58 more words

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Permanent Markers

After the death of her spouse, the woman who cared for him through his terminal illness wondered if she could still attend her caregiver support group. 247 more words

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You Are Not Alone

You are not alone.

Always keep fighting.

The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of them all.

Beauty is found within. 283 more words

No Trick

Don’t know what the publisher had in mind but today (Halloween) is the release date of our book.

If you go to the Amazon.com page… 93 more words

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Assessment with Social Services

A few weeks ago I took a massive step into the world of accepting my disability. The last few years have been getting progressively tougher as far as EDS/POTS go, and as ever, I have been stubbornly refusing to admit defeat. 953 more words

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome