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my failed marriage & the subsequent two years: part 1 • making peace with the unanswerable

Recently, a well-intentioned kind human mentioned I should stop dwelling on these bad points in my life and move on to my brighter future ( 1,758 more words


If given a pill to erase some portions of your past,will you take it?

Yesterday,while talking to my mum on phone about life and love,she told me one thing that struck a chord with me.She said, “Avoiding things just because you don’t like it or because you had a bad experience with it before,isn’t the solution.Sometimes,the best thing you can do is to Face your Fears.” And I know why the above statement touched my heart, because its TRUE,not just for me,but for everyone out there who is breathing.Yes I admit,I have had my share of bad experiences, which I am not really proud of, and if given a chance,I will surely LOVE to erase them from my memory.This WAS my thought process,UNTIL LAST NIGHT.I realized that the ONLY way to remain at peace is to come to terms with your Past.You cannot change it.You cannot undo it.You have to live with it.The choice is really yours,whether you want to accept it or keep on pushing it away from your mind.I can assure you of one thing,from personal experience,that the more you try to avoid it,the more you succumb to it.I know it sounds ironical,but one day it will come back to you to haunt you with such great force, that all these years of efforts and practice to avoid it wont stand a chance against it and you will fall down,HARD.Trust me,its true.I have tried it,and it didn’t give me anything but depression and I am sure you do not want to fall into that grey pit of sadness. 295 more words



When you say the title in your head, use a little voice. Like Disney maybe. Like a little toad, all toady looking, in a little mauve dress with oversized pearls on, standing guard over the great unwashed as they filter through her line,  815 more words

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