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Pain always lives in the past.

I was contemplating the other day about the oft repeated saying of “today is the present”, and how we are advised and its often advocated to move on from the past and not worry about the future to reduce the level of stress and anxiety and depression we have. 465 more words


The Greatest Enemy

Each of us carries our greatest enemy inside of ourselves. It manifests itself in a negative voice that continually questions our motives, actions and intentions. It… 99 more words


Life of a Creative-Part 8

“What’s it like to write? What goes through your mind when you’re writing? I mean, do you use people you know and places you’ve been to and then just think stuff up?” As a writer, I’m asked these questions. 679 more words



I am not afraid to walk alone.

Although it has never been done,

Not by these feet.

I am breaking through my old skin.

I need out. 94 more words


Solace In The Dark

This is her safe place. A room hidden deep inside the web of her mansion. Though beautiful on the outside, inside its cobwebs drape along the hallways as inside the soul of an old abandoned castle.   330 more words


Do you Need to Forgive Someone?

Someone may have hurt you, and of course you’re entitled to feel angry or upset, but by holding a grudge or carrying resentment, you continue to hurt yourself. 165 more words

Good Grief

I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday.

I discovered why I am so angry.

Mind you, I’ve been seeing him for over a year. 238 more words